Five Ways You could solve Air Travel Problems


[caption id="attachment_1599" align="aligncenter" width="640"] copyright[/caption] Modern people are having love and hate relationships with air travel. We need airplanes to go from one place to another faster and safer. However, we also have concerns about air travel and this isn’t an overstatement. Consumers are still frustrated by different aspects of flying and how it can affect their wallets....

top ten destination for kids in 2015 within the USA

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Kids love adventure and there’s nothing as memorable as an adventure-filled trip or journey away from home. Are you looking forward to surprising your kids, rewarding them for an excellent performance, or just family fun time, these ten kid-friendly attractions will prove to be grandeurs of all vacations. Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Resort, Florida Every child love cartoons and Magic Kingdom Park is one of those places for your child...

Ancient Civilization of the Mexico’s natural wonders

game of light

  [caption id="attachment_1565" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] by game of light[/caption] Mexico’s Natural Wonders: Mexico is a place of natural wonders, archaeological sites, historical spots, beautiful beaches and majestic mountains. It is not possible to do all sites at one go or in a single trip. If one is tight on budget or visits with less time, they will have to re-visit. The history of Mexico is vast and to experience...

Meet The Taste of Mexico Cuisine

by heac photo

Mexican Cuisine by heac photo  Home to over thirty sovereign states like Oaxaca, Pueblo, Baja California, Jalisco and more; Mexico has a wide selection of cuisines. The Mexican cuisine is a mix of Asian and Arabic tastes. Use of chilies is prominent in all the parts and the assortment of salsa that one can relish here is no comparison with anywhere else. Corn and Chile peppers are staple items in all the recipes.  Let’s see what...

Machu Picchu: The Many Routes To Follow


Inca Empire built a mythic citadel on the top of the mountains around 1450. Not knowing that this archaeological site would once be the wonder of the world, Machu Picchu was believed to be a sacred site of Inca leaders. The existence of this site was only known to the peasants in the coming hundred years, when the citadel was abandoned. Machu Picchu was also used as a connection to travel to the Andes Mountains from the jungle and vice versa....

Dining In The Culinary Capital Of Lima

ceviche Japanese Peruvian dish

[caption id="attachment_1556" align="aligncenter" width="640"] ceviche Japanese Peruvian dish[/caption] Anyone who has heard the word “Ceviche”, definitely know its origin. After considering sushi as the only recipe that is made of raw fish, chefs from Peru marked the presence of ceviche as the number one raw fish dish. It is fish marinated in lemon juice or vinegar and tossed with peppers, red onions and tomatoes. In these times, chefs...

Discover The City Of Kings

by dongyuan

Known as the “City of Kings” by Francisco Pizzaro, Lima is a treasure box of history and archaeological sites. This city also sees the hustle bustle of downtown Lima as well as peaceful walk around the towns. Let’s see the must-visit places of Lima. [caption id="attachment_1551" align="alignright" width="300"] by dongyuan[/caption] 1. Plaza de Armas: This town square is a spot where the founder of Lima, discovered the city. This...

Living in Lima: Best of Bed and Breakfasts

by escamillo

[caption id="attachment_1547" align="alignright" width="640"] by escamillo[/caption] When one decides to take a vacation to any place, it is obvious to take a break from routine or just to relax. However most of us spend more money on travelling and transportation than to stay, which is obvious. We all adjust to whatever is available to us to fit our budget. What is observed is that many people are still not aware of the bed and breakfast...

Haunted Castles in Ireland

by  lisa photography

[caption id="attachment_1519" align="alignright" width="200"] by lisa photography[/caption] What would be more exciting than walking in a castle that is haunted? From castle doors that slam shut to swift winds tearing through guest rooms these haunted castles can be terrifying fun. Many spirits have been said to have been haunting castles for hundreds of years and if you happen to be brave enough you should definitely check one out on...

Off-Season Ireland Travel


[caption id="attachment_1508" align="alignleft" width="300"] by photoByKS [/caption] When you are planning your next trip you definitely need to check out everything that Ireland has to offer you. There is a world fully of unexpected surprises awaiting you and you can even enjoy the great sights and sounds of Ireland in the off-season.   If you have set your sights on going to Ireland then you shouldn’t be put off with the opinions...

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