Alanya in Turkey

alanya in turkeyAlanya is one of the top resorts in Turkey, located on the magnificent Mediterranean coast. The city is located in the picturesque bay of Antalya and is renowned for its marvelous hotels, vast beaches and plenty of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Alanya will infect you with the diversity and failing to stop his momentum. During the day you expect exciting marine emotions – beach sports attractions, boat rides, water attractions in the waterpark and other marine surprises. Night the town becomes more attractive than ever – you expect a bunch of bars and restaurants offering superb local specialties and undying nightlife. Turkish resort will enchant you with its history. The town was founded in distant fourth century BC. During the Roman Empire was a famous pirate fleet base, named Korakesion. Pirates hiding loot in Seljuk fortress from XIII century, which today is one of the biggest attractions and famous seaside town. Other interesting attractions include the Red Tower and the beautiful Cleopatra.

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