Canberra is the capital of Australia

Canberra AustraliaCanberra is often determined by Australians themselves (who never visit it) as a boring town full of politicians and bureaucrats. But those who visit Canberra will encounter beautiful galleries and museums clustered around an amazing lake and nestled in the bosom of the beautiful and lush vegetation.

Canberra is the capital of Australia and one of the largest cities across the island of the Republic of Austria. Its population amounts to 334,000 people. The city is located in north-eastern part of Australia. Canberra was chosen as the capital city to end the rivalry between the two largest cities in the continent, Sydney and Melbourne, as the capital of the state (often people think that Sydney is Australia’s Capital).

The climate is not very flattering to become accustomed to relatively high temperatures. The weather is generally colder. Summer months can boast with predominantly sunny days, but in spring and autumn is very wet and cold. In winter temperatures drop well and is very cold.

In Canberra has many attractions. The essence of Australian culture, history and way of life is deeply reflected in architecture and in many national monuments and cultural festivals organized. Many public institutions are open to visitors: Parliament, Justice and others. The Australian Parliament is one of the most striking buildings in the world that impresses with its impressive architecture, gardens and collections of contemporary Australian art. When flows parliamentary gathering, everyone is welcome to attend.

The Australian War Memorial is a monument erected in memory of the fallen men and women during the Second World War in stage peaceful; activities. National Gallery of Australia is home to over 100 000 Hood work. The National Science and Technology Centre – Questakon is a place that must be visited. There could fall from 6 feet, take a walk around the virtual space to see the flash directly in front of your eyes. Other areas of concern are: National Portrait Gallery, National Library, National Museum, National Zoo, the National aquarium and the National Museum of the dinosaurs. Canberra tolerate extremely artistic. Organize frequent events live music and theater. The most commonly presented in the Canberra Theatre, Street Theatre, Albert Hall and others. The stonefest at the University of Canberra is a spectacular music festival. Our in Canberra are national icons with which Australians are proud, because they reproduce and share the treasures of the nation, offering an intriguing insight into the nature of the country and its smooth transition from indigenous continent to a modern state. Canberra is a city that rarely have incited our exotic flair for tourist trips. But surely, it will fascinate you if you visit. It is one of two capitals in the world whose design is pre-planned. This makes it extremely symmetrical and unique to it. The main administrative bodies are proportional, among winding streets.

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