Caracas in Venezuela

Caracas VenezuelaWith a population of about 4 million people, Caracas is not only capital but also the most densely populated city in Venezuela. Cosmopolitan city enjoys a unique climate due to its great location – nestled in a narrow valley, about 800 m altitude, Caracas is located near the Caribbean coast from which it separates only high Avila mountain range. The name of the capital comes from its founder Diego de Losada, who in 1567 established the city of Santiago de Leon de Caracas. Today, except that it is economic and commercial center, Caracas is a great cultural center in Venezuela. Nowhere else will you find this great cultural diversity and world-class museums. Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the most famous throughout South America – there you can enjoy a rich collection of beautiful high quality works. Each year the city is proud to host the International Theatre Festival, which involved groups from around the world. In addition to cultural life, the capital boasts superb cuisine and first class restaurants where one can enjoy not only local dishes, but an incredible array of international dishes. Modern and luxurious shopping centers easily attract lovers of shopping. If you love night adventures, Caracas will offer plenty of bars, clubs and discos lust, where it will merge with the rhythm of the local nightlife, enjoying the most stunning parties in town. During the day, do not forget to go sightseeing in the capital. Venezuela is blessed with some wonderful gardens and green parks, the largest among them is the National Park Avila.

It is located in the high mountains Avila, whose policy is nestled in the city. The most popular attraction among tourists is climbing a hill of 400 meters, which is a breathtaking view over the city. Among the most wonderful places for jogging and recreation is east park called Parque del Este. Here you can enjoy the relax, enjoying the wonderful mountain views, beautiful ponds and interesting creatures in the small zoo in the park. Plug in the tour and the beautiful botanical garden “Jardin Botanico”, located near the park “Los Caobos”. Belonging to the Central University of Venezuela, the garden is a great place for a nice walk in the abundance of unique plant species. No less beautiful are the gardens of the University Simon Bolivar, a zoo Cuaricuao Zoo visitors enjoy a variety of African and American species. Residents of Caracas were really lucky not only because of all these advantages of the capital, but also because the biggest advantage – they can enjoy throughout the year as the sunny beaches, located just half an hour and a pleasantly cool weather in mountain, located at the same distance from the city. One of the most popular tours among tourists is the tour to the German colonial mountain town “Colonia Tovar”, which strongly recommend you to try.

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