Corrientes in Argentina

Corrientes CityCorrientes is a city in Argentina, which is located in northeast Argentina on the left bank of the river Parana. The city is capital of the homonymous province of Corrientes. It was founded in 1588 the railway junction and river port on the Parana.

The economy of the town include livestock, leather and woodworking. Growing tobacco, cotton, sugarcane and citrus fruits. The population of the city is 321 902 citizens, which makes the city not so big, but the interesting places there are quite attractive for all the visitors. One of the most popular festivals in the city is Fiesta Nacional del Surubí, which collects many people in one really interesting South American event. Also the really interesting place, which you may see is the Puente General Manuel Belgrano, which is one of the largest bridges in Argentina. The road bridge connects the Corrientes city and the Resistencia city, which is the capital of Chaco province. Together with these you can see the beautiful river, nice parks and of course for all the soccer fans is the stadium of Estadio José Antonio Romero Feris, on which started the careers of many famous players of the world. Really nice destination like Corrientes, should be seen in the winter.

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