Dining In The Culinary Capital Of Lima

Anyone who has heard the word “Ceviche”, definitely know its origin. After considering sushi as the only recipe that is made of raw fish, chefs from Peru marked the presence of ceviche as the number one raw fish dish. It is fish marinated in lemon juice or vinegar and tossed with peppers, red onions and tomatoes. In these times, chefs have started using sea-food as well to prepare ceviche of their own kind. Let’s see what Lima restaurants offer people in terms of good food.

  1. La Lucha: After visiting the Huaca Pucllana ruins and roaming around the most congested area of Miraflores, popularly known as the Parque Kennedy, La Lucha is a great option for having sandwiches and snacks. The Panini Atun sandwich is the yummiest of all with a thick slice of tuna is placed on crumb-less bread toasted with cheese that melts in your mouth. The La Lucha sandwich is also a great try; sirloin cut placed with Edam cheese and toasted bread. A pint of cerveza will go well with the sandwiches. Try the cherimoya drink which is made from Peruvian soursop fruit. The place is good for a midnight meal and takeaway too.
  2. Chez Wong: A small restaurant nicely tucked in a residential area of Garcia Street, offers lunch with prior reservations only. One might think it is too hard to find and can be disappointed if reservations are not made. However a trip to this place is mandate if you call yourself a gourmand. The place is run by the owner who is also the only chef who prepared delicious ceviches in the entire Lima. Only ceviche is served here with two varieties. Either hot/cold or sour/sweet. With only 30-35 seats placed on a terrace like place, eating here is a great experience.
  3. Amaz: Be ready for an exciting and extravagant food experience at the La Paz Avenue of Miraflores. A perfect place for lunch after a tired day of exploring Miraflores. Empanadas (meat pie), lomo saltado (jumping meat), chorizo (sausages) and pescado empañado (steamed fish) are the popular items served. Fishes are wrapped in banana leaf and steamed, and served with rice soaked in coconut. Bundles of rice are wrapped in leaf too and served hot. There is a special jungle menu dedicated to the ancient times. The forgotten recipes of the Amazon are prepared here with ease and offered at higher rates.
  4. Maido Restaurant Japanese peru: A restaurant that claimed quick fame by offering some amazingly delectable recipes. Maido restaurant is located at San Martin road of Miraflores. The owner has Japanese and Peruvian cuisines to proffer to his customers. The must-try recipes from the menu are North Tiradito (rockfish, reduced tiger milk, weed and coriander), Lechuguitas (pork chops sautéed in spicy vinegar), Teba Gyoza (chicken wings stuffed with shrimps and salsa dip), Japanese Anticuchitos (mix of chicken sausage and leg with salmon belly and cod). Everything will be paired with a Chandon.

Most of the restaurants, small or big, will ask for reservations. It is always a good idea to reserve or else disappointment will follow. The Peruvians are friendly and hospitable. The experience of dining in these restaurants will be a lifetime experience.

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