How to plan a trip to Malaga

Malaga SpainThe sixth biggest city and the oldest city of Spain, Malaga is the one destination one should never miss out from their vacation list. Malaga happens to be one of the most popular destinations that tourists flock to due to the essence and beauty of its culture, history and the best every semi-tropical warm climate that makes the stay very comfortable. Moreover the calm and serene beachside with very pleasant winters definitely makes it a hot spot destination for families and especially couples. Considering how popular the city is in Europe, hence travelling to this destination spot is not a big deal. There are several means of going there and the best is to plan your flights.

In order to reach the Malaga city it is required to book flights to any of those big European countries like a London , Paris or Heathrow. These big cities in Europe have many flights operating to go to Malaga. However it is only Toronto and New York that have direct flights available to fly to Malaga from North América. But do not go in for any random flights. Make sure that you book your seats on reputable airlines like British Airways or Lufthansa. A total of 3.5 hours is all that is required to fly to Malaga from a place like London or Heathrow but that’s only if the flight is on schedule and does not delay which is why the need to fly on reputable airlines arises. During winters flights are bound to get cancelled due to the fog, hence it is essential for you to keep time in hand and be prepared for any uncalled delay.

After you reach the Malaga airport you could hire a taxi or cab to reach the main city of Malaga. In case you do not want to avail taxis because of the high prices, you could take the bus or train service also. The best part about Malaga city is that the public transportation there is very cost effective and easy and it is open throughout the day and starts as early as 7a.m. in the morning. While you plan your flights at ensure that you check out all the airline rates and choose the one that suits your budget the best. There are also train services that directly go to Malaga from any major city in Europe. You can also explore the route by road but the only disadvantage is that the time taken to reach Malaga by road is usually double that by the flight.

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