Negril in Jamaica

Negril JamaicaLocated 84 miles west from Montego Bay, Negril enjoys a great tropical charm, the longest beach of the island (targets 11 km) and countless wonderful hotels and lively nightlife.

With a population of only 4200 people, Negril is the fastest growing resort in the country of reggae music and is a wonderful place for summer vacation in the Caribbean. Among the most interesting sports attractions in the resort are golf, tennis and horse riding. Connoisseurs of maritime adventures will enjoy a boat trip to Booby Cay or adventure by canoe to the protected natural area Great Morass, rich royal palms, exotic rare birds and crocodiles.

The beautiful coral reefs and calm clear waters are a paradise for divers and turned Negril is one of the most popular Caribbean destinations for scuba diving. Shopping maniacs can indulge in their favorite hobby disastrous local craft markets and duty free shops. At night, tourists can enjoy the fun taste of Jamaican nightlife, merging with the rhythm of reggae music. The resort offers hotels and other accommodation options for every budget. Here you will find both first-class hotel chain RIU, Couples and Superclubs and luxury hotels like Jamaica Rockhouse Hotel, Hidden Paradise Hotel, Legends Hotel, Samsara Hotel and Negril Inn, and hostels, private rooms or small houses – they all suitable for every taste and guaranteeing an unforgettable exotic vacation.

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