Warsaw in Poland

warsaw polandPoland is certainly an interesting destination in Europe, providing beautiful architecture, interesting attractions and rich history.

Poland’s capital Warsaw is the largest city in the country, situated on the Vistula River approximately 350 km from the Baltic Sea and the Carpathians. The population of Warsaw was almost 2 million inhabitants, the city was formed as a center for Mazovskoto Voivodeship. The city has well-developed economy, with almost no unemployment. It offers an attractive business environment with a full range of services and well trained professionals familiar with western standards. It is the financial center in this part of Europe and an important consumer market. She became the focal point for foreign investment and supporting force in the economic development of the whole strana.Gradat is amazing place for business, offering many opportunities and has links to almost the whole world.
warsaw polandIn addition, however, architecture and ancient character of Warsaw provide thousands of places to walk and relax. Mandatory for all tourists place is so-called historic center. Otherwise, place or Staruvka Stare. This is the largest set of landmarks in the city, which together with the old market was a major part of the capital. And all this is just the beginning because Warsaw is one of the most remarkable cities in Europe.

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