There are Vault Symbols hidden all over Pandora. Finding all of them in a certain area will grant you extra Badass Points. They unveil the fact that there’s more than one Vault.

DLC Vault Symbols

Images can be clicked on to view larger versions. Be sure to check out the Interactive Maps for the exact locations of each Vault Symbol.

Arid Nexus – Boneyard
Symbol Location


Bloodshot Ramparts
Symbol Location
After fighting your way 3/4 of the way through this location the map starts to curve around like a backwards “C”. There is a big metal beam that stretches across the opening to this part of the map. Back up a little from this opening and you will see a ramp to your left. The symbol is under the ramp on the wall behind it.


Bloodshot Stronghold
Symbol Location
Just before you get to Roland’s location toward the end of the map there is a security room on the second level (there are a bunch of jail cells in this room).  You will see a ladder going up to the catwalk above just to the left of the New-U station (save point).  Jump from the catwalk onto the red pipes and work your way over to the security room.  The symbol is on the wall inside the room.
This symbol can be found during the Splinter Group Optional Mission.  Don’t jump into the hole right away after talking to one of the guys in the Splinter Group and they buzz you in.  Instead look on the wall right next to the hole to find the symbol. If you have already completed this quest, you are able to go back to the area just before jumping into the hole to discover the symbol.


Caustic Caverns
Symbol Location
In a narrow corridor near the top of the ladder leading back to the area entrance from the Southeaster corner; it is opposite the ladder, you have to jump from the top while holding [forward]
Around the back of a stack of blocks, follow the edge of the cliff from the North. Map shows player facing it.


End of the Line
Symbol Location

Find the first complete bridge with a train on it and it is located on the left hand side pillar.


Eridium Blight
Symbol Location

Along the eastern side of a container in the bandit camp in the north of the map, just before Lover’s Leap.

At the exit to Hero’s Pass, on the south wall of the small bunker outside the gate.


Along the northern wall at ground level in the Eridium Extraction Plant near the center of the map.



Fink’s Slaughter House
Symbol Location
Behind a large upper level pillar along the southwestern wall.  The symbol is on the back of the pillar.


Friendship Gulag
Symbol Location

Fight / work your way to the northern most part of the area.  You will see a large Hyperion container.  The symbol is on the back side of the container.


Frostburn Canyon
Symbol Location
Just south / southeast of the Blisterpus Camp there is a small, narrow cave that goes to the east.  Go up the ledge and you will see the symbol on the ground next to a chest.

Right after the Ashworth Camp you will come to a fork in the road with a save point on the left path just as you enter.  Don’t go left yet, go down the right path and you will see an open room area with a ladder leading down into it.  Jump / climb down and walk around the right a little.  The symbol is on the wall.


In a small nook just around the corner to the left of the shops near the area’s beginning.


Second one is near the end of the level. While facing towards the start of the level go under a bridge and you will need to jump across to the second pillar where the vault symbol will be on the up right part.



Symbol Location

This symbol is on the roof closest to the cliff. easily gotten by going up stairs, and jumping across the roof.

The second symbol is easiest to get to from above. Turn off the breaker in the shack, go up the elevator, jump on top of the gun chest, and drop down onto the roofs.


Natural Selection Annex (1)

In the arena, the symbol can be found on the ceiling of the decrepit Hyperion supply unit.


Symbol Location


Ore Chasm (1)

On the bottom of the elevator. Once at the bottom of the elevator exit to the west side and turn around.  You will notice a small switch to send the elevator back to the top.  As the elevator moves up, notice the Vault Symbol on the bottom.  Once the elevator is at the top hit the switch again and move around to the left side (north) and click on the vault symbol as it decends.  You do not have to stand under the elevator, otherwise you will die.


Sanctuary Hole
Symbol Location

Just Look for the “Motel” sign early in the zone, then just walk underneath the stairs on the middle level and the symbol should be hidden there.


Sawtooth Cauldron
Symbol Location
To get to this one you have to jump from the top and get to the third steel beam form the bottom.


Southern Shelf
Symbol Location

You have to do the optional mission “Shielded Favors” to find this symbol.  On the back side of the second floor of the shop you can walk up an angled piece of the building.  Jump over to the lift support beam and then jump back to the arched roof of the building.  Walk to the backside of the building and drop down onto the balcony.

After fighting your way through the freighter, walk back to where the crane controls are.  Look for the toilets and you should see a spot above them that you can jump to.  Run and jump across the platforms to work your way around to a larger area that also has a chest.

Southern Shelf Bay
Symbol Location

In the southwest corner of the map look for a ship stuck out in the ice.  Jump on and work your way to the back side of the ship.

Travel to the northern most building in the area.  The building is up on four round posts.  Run in between the posts to get to the back of the building and then turn around.  The symbol is up on the back side of the building and all you need to do is jump at the vault symbol.

Before fighting Terramorphous, go down to just left of the lift to get the first Vault Symbol.

For the second Vault Symbol, there are two different methods of obtaining it. After dropping down to fight Terramorphous, you’ll find the second symbol by looking directly up. The hard method to discover this symbol is to have Terramorphous knock you up into the symbol. The easy method is to have another player assist you by jumping into the drop first. Wait three seconds after they land, then jump in after them and spam the jump and use keys while running forward and looking slightly up.


Secondary method:


The Bunker (1)

when you go around the ring, you will come to the mid point, water fall on one side( coming from above) and chest inside a room on the other, look at the chest, go right till there is nothing above you, then looking at the wall to your left, its just behind the plants there


The Fridge
Symbol Location
It is across the street to the northeast from where you fight Lanny and her 7 midgets (walk east and then north from the Three Horns Valley entrance). Look directly across from where the Supplies sign is. You should be able to climb the rocks beside the shed to reach the roof where the symbol is located.
Go directly west from the first vault symbol location. There is a raised platform looking above the frozen lake and bridge with a wooden a wall under it.  You can get behind the wooden wall by jumping over some small rocks at lake level.  The symbol is on the back of the wall.


The Highlands
Symbol Location
Head to the Aggregate Acquisition Hyperion facility to the east of the map, just north from where you originally enter The Highlands from The Highlands – Outwash. Make your way through the facility, up the path along the cliffside to the north, and across the bridge heading west which usually has a Constructor waiting at the other end. Once across, turn right, past the small garage and along the side of the building ledge to the corner. On the wall at the corner is the symbol. It can be easily spotted from the town of Overlook on the nearest Hyperion tower.


The Holy Spirits
Symbol Location
This one is very small and easy to miss. Go to the bathroom just to the right of the bar area and go to the second stall. Look at the posters on the wall to the right and you will see the symbol about half way up right at the edge of the posters.



Thousand Cuts
Symbol Location


Tundra Express
Symbol Location
Climb the ladder which takes you up to the second level of the Varkid Ranch Observatory.  Walk around to the opposite side and you will see the symbol on the floor.
Go north from Tiny Tina’s workshop to the building right by the fork in the train tracks.  The symbol is on the north side of the building.

once you come to the bottem of the elevator, looking toward the warriors location, look to the right and jump down to the small ledge, its on the left side of the wall there


Wildlife Exploitation Preserve
Symbol Location

OK….this one really sucks to get to and it took a while to figure out where it was and how to get to it.  WARNING: You can die really easily trying to get to this symbol by the crane crushing you!  In the southwestern corner of the Preserve Dockyard you will see a giant crane that is picking up containers from within a ship and swinging them over to a building at the edge of the water.  What you have to do is wait for the crane to start to pick up a container from within the ship and then jump on top of the crane.  You have to keep your balance and stay away from the center part of where the crane is holding onto the container (or you will die).  The only way I managed to do this is by ever so slightly tapping the analog sticks constantly so as to balance myself on the outer edge while the crane swings over to the building.  Jump on top of the building and the symbol is on the back wall on the roof of the building.

There is an upper level road that goes and circles around in the southern part of the area (looks like a sideways question mark on the map).  Shortly after fighting / working your way out of the Preserve Dockyard area you will see a small hill and some rocks that will allow you to get up to the road.  Follow the road around up to where it almost stops and the symbol is on the ground.


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