We’ve had some positive developments so far and some of you now know where you’ll be headed. Though in saying that, we understand that there are still many concerned incoming JETs with little to no information regarding the dates the placements will be released, or when they’ll be setting out this year. We’re also aware that due to the ongoing pandemic, new ALTs are not the only ones in the dark about when things might happen, as consulates across the world are facing uncertainty on when things will be safe enough for you all to get your placements, travel and get situated.

At the moment, not everybody has a set date or time when things will happen. That much is clear from the emails and the continuance of this coronavirus. So let’s be polite about each other’s circumstances, and be supportive during these uncertain times!

Hang in there just a little longer!

Ahem… Now onto the main program!!

♔ Welcome, to the sixth part of the marvelous placement results thread! Guess we had some good news after all (so far) about people departing in 2020, thus continuing the revival of the mega thread series! ♔

How’s it going? Hope you’re all doing ok?

Come down and vent the excitement of their next adventure! This post will be for both ED and also for general departure candidates to share on their news and connect with other ALTs about their placement results 🙂

There is a 200 comment limit before reddit starts to hide comments, and the mod team will do their best to open up a new thread as this happens.

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Keep all results in this thread. All other threads will be removed. This includes asking for more specific information about your prefecture/city/school, when you will find out more specific information (especially in relation to the pandemic), so on. If you made a new post and it was deleted, try again by commenting here!

We understand you may: want to commiserate about not getting your Top 3; be confused about having no idea where your placement is; or rejoice in having gotten your first pick. You may even want to talk about how COVID-19 is currently affecting the application process per country/state etc. Whatever the case… please keep griefing to a minimum, and try as best as you can to focus on the positives. This is a good chance to search through this mega thread and find others in a similar boat. Talk to each other, but for the love of God, don’t spread misinformation if you don’t know something.

We highly recommend you join your local AJET chapter’s Facebook page. These people are going to be your neighbors and your support over the next year or longer. Go make some friends and get the local information that Google can’t provide. Here is the Master list of JET Facebook Groups which should be your primary source of local information (Current JETs, please let me know if there are new groups that need to be added). Here’s the 2020 Incoming JET Group on Facebook!


☼ Where/What/HUH? exactly is my placement?? ☼

Japanese has a bunch of suffixes that they add to the end of names to tell you what they mean. In the case of placements that have ~ken, ~ken (eg. Shiga-ken, Ishikawa-ken), it means that you are a JET who will be employed by the Prefecture(likely High School). This means that your final placement likely hasn’t been decided yet but you know the Prefecture that you will be going to.

Here is a list of most of the suffixes you might run into and what they SHOULD mean (sometimes they use historic suffixes for places).

Suffix Kanji What it means
-ken for a prefecture; Hiroshima-ken, Iwate-ken, so on. If this is the most specific info you have, it is likely a SHS placement, and it may take some time before you know the exact city you will be in.
-to 都, lit. “capital” prefecture-level region name unique to the capital Tōkyō-to
-fu prefecture-level region (sometimes translated “urban prefecture”) named so for historical reasons. There are now only two: Ōsaka-fu and Kyōto-fu.
-dō modern administrative region of Japan (one “circuit”). Hokkaido is the only example that I know of that has this prefix.
-gun a district/county, usually rural
-shi a city +
-ku a ward of a city
-machi or -chō a town – this can be a local government or a non-governmental division of a larger city
-mura or -son a village; e.g., Kamikuishiki-mura – this can also be a local government or a nongovernmental division of a larger city or town
-Gakuen or -Gakkou 学園 or 学校 This is a school placement. This is literally a school name. Please be mindful of privacy concerns by not posting it here.

+Population must generally be over 50,000 to be named a city, but a city does not lose “city” status if the population drops below 50k. This should not be used as an indicator of relative “inaka-ness”

♠ My placement has the school name in it. Why is this different? ♠

Usually when you get a placement with a school name in it, it means that your contract will be with a private school. The majority of private school placements are in Tokyo, but there are going to be some outside of Tokyo. However, it is possible to have a private school placement without the school name being given to you immediately. Worry not, for either your successor/supervisor or someone else will eventually let you know where you are going.

♣ I don’t like my placement. Can I change it? ♣

Unfortunately, the nature of the programme doesn’t allow for people to change placements once they have been assigned. If your placement is a deal breaker, the only way to change it is to back out of the programme and face the consequences. This means you cannot apply next year, and for UK JETs it means being blacklisted from the programme. There is consideration for extenuating circumstances if you do back out due to something that may be out of your control, please contact your consulate.

Transfers are typically only granted if you require special medical care, are getting married, or wish to continue on JET although your current placement is being eliminated. Transfer paperwork begins in November for July/August transfers. On the whole, transfers are exceedingly rare; there have been cases of married couples being denied a transfer because it ultimately is up to the contracting organizations to approve.

♦ I wanted a city placement and I got a rural placement/tiny island 10 hours from anyone else placement. Should I still go? ♦

In the wise words of Life After the BOE…

♫ My consulate has already sent out the placements and I haven’t seen anything yet. What gives? ♫

It can take time before you’re actually placed, so please be patient. You might get a message next week, you might not know for another 2 months (or later given the current pandemic). Contact your consulate and please be courteous with them; they are trying very hard to get all of their ducks in a row, too. The waiting is hard, but it’ll come at some point!

♪ What should I do now that I know my placement? ♪

Master your Google Fu skills. Check out Wikipedia and relevant Facebook groups, try to get familiar with where you’re off to. Don’t forget to eat the food you like and see all the friends/family in the meantime, calling via social media (if they don’t live at home, practice appropriate social distancing while keeping in contact!). Most importantly, stay safe, keep informed, and practice safe hygiene procedures as best as possible.

❤ Can I contact my predecessor? ❤

Some positions have rules as to when the pred can officially contact their successor. Trust, everyone is eager to get in touch with everyone else, but also be respectful of the red tape. Maybe you’ll be in touch with “someone” from your prefecture/city with unofficial advice before you get the bonafide email. But its possible that you won’t either, and that you could be the first in your area! But ESID, right?

❄ Regarding COVID-19 and results / delays ❄

As all of you already are (painfully) aware of, COVID-19 has brought a lot of unprecedented changes in almost every area possible. As far as the moderators are aware of, for general applications going through, there are currently delays in the Tokyo office regarding acceptances/placements at this time.

We are unsure so far what further changes will bring for prospective candidates of the JET Programme, but as we receive further information regarding JET and CLAIR, we will put links below this section of text to keep everybody informed and up to date. I would greatly appreciate otherwise that COVID-19 discussions stick to the other megathread. Thanks in advance, take care and do whats best for you!

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