Although we may all dream of travelling constantly in bright, warm sunshine just like in the movies, the reality is we’re more than likely to need a jacket at some point during our travels. Parts of Europe can get chilly at pretty much any time of year, while a short rain shower is possible almost anywhere at any time. And that’s before we’ve even mentioned destinations known for their cold climes like the Rockies or Russia in winter!

So you’re definitely going to need a travel jacket. But how do you go about finding the best travel jacket for you? Simple! Read on. We’ve done all the hard work for you, identifying the very best of travel jackets from some of the globe’s top brands, whatever your specific requirements!

Overall best travel jacket

Baubax Travel Jacket
Baubax Travel Jacket is our pick for the Overall best travel jacket

Available in four different styles, for both men and women, the team behind the Baubax travel jacket have managed to incorporate a whole series of unique features that make it our overall recommendation of best travel jacket.

Forget having detachable hoods marked out as a huge leap forward (and available in the blazer and bomber jacket styles of the Baubax), this jacket is ergonomic and cleverly designed yet includes such innovative ideas as a built-in inflatable neck pillow that is perfect for frequent travelers.

There are also earphone holders, stretchy neoprene drinks pocket, another pocket for that fits a 10” tablet, eye-mask, gloves, and hand-warming pockets lined with a great feeling fleece!


  • For men and women
  • Multiple designs and colors
  • Incorporation of 15 features
  • Perfect for travel

  • Hood only on blazer and bomber designs
  • Small-running sizes
  • No zipper shield
  • No packing pouch

Is the Baubax travel jacket for you?

This is the travel jacket every traveler has been waiting for. Now there’s no need to stuff the pockets of your current travel jacket with all you need while out and about – because the Baubax’s 15 unique and incorporated features mean they are already there!

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Best travel jacket for men

Columbia Mighty Lite Hybrid
Columbia Mighty Lite Hybrid is our pick for the best travel jacket for men

This men’s travel jacket by Columbia has a number of phenomenal advantages as a travel jacket. Like the North Face Thermoball, it is both lightweight and packs down to an almost unbelievable size, two factors that obviously can’t be overstated in importance when traveling.

But the Mighty Lite Hybrid also boasts omni-heat reflective thermal insulation that will bounce your body heat right back at you to keep you snug and warm.

The Mighty Lite Hybrid also has both outer and inner pockets, both sets of which are zippered for extra security and are large enough to fit a passport, cellphone and smaller valuables or other important items you don’t want to leave in baggage.


  • Lightweight
  • Small when packed
  • Reflective thermal insulation
  • Inner and outer zippered pockets

  • For men only
  • Limited color range
  • High neck line
  • No zipper shield

Is the Columbia Mighty Lite Hybrid for you?

A great all-round travel jacket, the Columbia Mighty Lite Hybrid ensures it will keep you warm with its reflective thermal insulation technology while still managing to be lightweight and packing down to a really small size. The zippered outer and inner pockets also mean small valuables will remain out of harm’s way throughout.

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Best travel jacket for women

Columbia Kruser Ridge
Columbia Kruser Ridge is our pick for the best travel jacket for women

The Kruser Ridge is a dedicated women’s travel jacket from Columbia, meaning you can be sure its been specifically designed with the female form and needs in mind. The svelte and slimline look is not only stylish enough to get you through a day’s travel without looking out of place, but it is also water and wind resistant.

What’s more, the Kruser Ridge contains stain repelling technology to make sure this jacket remains looking its best for as long as possible while on the road. Whether you’re traveling on a city break, or out into some of the world’s wilder places, you’ll be glad to have chosen the Columbia Kruser Ridge!


  • Lightweight
  • Great look
  • Stain repellent
  • Water and wind resistant

  • For women only
  • Not as insulating as other jackets
  • No zipper sheild
  • Smaller pockets

Is the Columbia Kruser Ridge for you?

If you’re a woman searching for a travel jacket with not just a fine look and style, but one that will also protect you from the wind and rain, then the Columbia Kruser Ridge is definitely the travel jacket for you. Specifically designed to the female form, this jacket will see you right wherever in the world you may find yourself.

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Best travel jacket for Europe


Fjallraven Greenland
Fjallraven Greenland is our pick for the best travel jacket for Europe

The Swedish brand of Fjallraven (best known perhaps for their uber cool backpacks) is no stranger from the somewhat temperamental nature of European weather. As a result, the Greenland jacket has rightly become a classic!

The fully updated versions on the market today are treated with long-lasting repellants to keep rain and wind at bay while being made with recycled, ethically-sourced cotton and polyester.

There’s a hood that stows neatly into the collar for when it rains, and a flat over the main zipper to stop heating escaping from this point. The Greenland also includes four popper closing exterior pockets and an internal pocket – more than enough room for most travelers.


  • Pack away hood
  • Zipper cover
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Wind resistant

  • Cotton and polyester materials
  • Water resistant rather than water proof
  • Non-adjustable cuffs
  • Bulky

Is the Fjallraven Greenland for you?

The Greenland by Fjallraven offers a great blend of practically and style for anyone in need of a travel jacket for Europe. A brand ever-conscious of its global footprint, the materials in this jacket are ethically sourced and recycled wherever possible, but this doesn’t take away from its classic looks. The four large front pockets are also a really useful feature for anyone traveling to Europe.

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Best men’s lightweight travel jacket


Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer
Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer is our pick for the best men’s lightweight travel jacket

Claiming to be the lightest fully featured down jacket in the world, how could we not opt for Mountain Hardware’s Ghost Whisperer as our best men’s lightweight travel jacket? With a look that reminds us of motorcycle leathers, it has a useful high neck to keep the wind and rain out.

Despite being incredibly lightweight, the Ghost Whisperer is still waterproof and windproof, and even manages to pack down into its own zippered pocket! Another feature that makes this the best men’s lightweight travel jacket is the addition of a loop so it can be attached to a bag super easily when not required.


  • Just 7.2 oz
  • The lightest travel jacket around
  • High neck
  • Loop for easy attachment

  • Some may not like the style
  • Integrated hood can’t be adjusted
  • Synthetic
  • Cuffs aren’t adjustable

Is the Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer for you?

Why wouldn’t this fine choice for a lightweight men’s travel jacket be for you? It has everything we think you need to stay warm and dry when traveling, but at just a little over 7 oz in weight. The ability to pack the jacket into its own zippered pocket is a very helpful feature, as is the loop that allows for simple attachment to backpacks, daypacks, or belts.

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The Best Travel Backpack EVER MADE!?!

We are obsessed with backpacks – we’ve tried them all! And our favourite carry on backpack in the WORLD is the Nomatic Travel Backpack. This backpack has revolutionized the backpack industry and will change the way you travel forever 🙂 Check it out here!


Best women’s lightweight travel jacket

North Face Aconcagua
North Face Aconcagua is our pick for the best women’s lightweight travel jacket

Needless to say given the category, the North Face Aconcagua is a very lightweight travel jacket that we think women will really appreciate. Like the Mountain Hardware’s Ghost Whisperer, the Aconcagua has a nice high neck to prevent water and cold air from entering the protective shield of warmth the jacket creates despite its minimal weight.

But the Aconcagua also includes elasticated sleeve cuffs to prevent the same thing happening via your arms. The pockets are zippered, making sure what kit or valuables you need to carry on your person are as snug as you are.


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • High neck
  • Elasticated wrists
  • Zippered pockets

  • Doesn’t pack down
  • No chest pocket (women’s version)
  • No zipper shield
  • Bulky

Is the North Face Aconcagua for you?

The North Face’s Aconcagua is a great lightweight women’s travel jacket, and there’s nothing that would stop us buying this jacket ourselves! Not only does the high neck protect from wind and rain, but the arms are protected in a similar way thanks to elasticated cuffs, while zippered pockets clinch the deal.

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Best cheap travel jacket

Columbia Pike Lake
Columbia Pike Lake is our pick for the best cheap travel jacket

The Columbia Pike Lake jacket manages to combine great functionality and decent looks with an affordable and budget-friendly pricing. This is no half-hearted travel jacket since it’s construction not only includes the protection of a polyester shell, but also a Microtex Light lining, and a panel aimed at reinforcing the shoulder area for extra strength.

It has the ability to be used as an extra layering of clothing even at altitude thanks to its wide sections full of synthetic insulation and a thermally-reflective lining.


  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Zippered pockets
  • Microtex Lining

  • Synthetic insulation
  • Polyester rather than natural shell
  • Not fully waterproof
  • Limited insulation compared to other brands and models

Is the Columbia Pike Lake for you?

With versions for both men and women, the Columbia Pike Lake jacket is a very good option at the lower end of the market. However, the Pike Lake will suit more than just those people with a limited budget to hand, and would be a great first or replacement travel jacket given its heat insulating properties and well thought out design!

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Best multipocket travel jacket

Columbia Bugaboo Interchange
Columbia Bugaboo Interchange is our pick for the best multipocket travel jacket

It may be another travel jacket from the team at Columbia, but we’re just loving what they’re creating at the moment! The Bugaboo is not just a multipocket travel jacket, it’s a 3-in-1 multipocket travel jacket. What does this mean? The Bugaboo is made up of three different layers that can be used in combination or separately depending on weather conditions.

Firstly, there’s the polyester fleece liner and then a nylon liner, which provides warmth while still being breathable. These are then followed by the weather-proof nylon shell. There are not only zippered hand pockets but exterior chest pockets too, as well as an interior pocket for valuables and a media pocket, making it really easy for you to stay connected despite traveling.


  • 3-in-1 layering
  • Zippered external pockets
  • Chest pockets
  • Internal secure pocket

  • Extra layers to carry if not wearing
  • Higher end price
  • Quite bulky
  • Doesn’t pack down

Is the Columbia Bugaboo Interchange for you?

With its separable three-layer design, the Columbia Bugaboo Interchange is just about the only travel jacket you’ll ever need. And with more pockets than most other travel jackets out there on the market, covering both the external and internal face of the jacket, there are plenty of options for those who like to have smaller items of kit and valuables close to hand.

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Best travel waterproof jacket

Arc’teryx Beta LT Hybrid
Arc’teryx Beta LT Hybrid is our pick for the best travel waterproof jacket

Like the majority of travel jackets on our list, the Arc’teryx Beta LT Hybrid is available in models for both men and women. Not only is the shaped classic styling attractive to look at, but the Beta LT Hybrid also boasts a shell that is not just water resistant, but waterproof, keeping you dry whatever the weather!

The attached hood keeps your head dry without reducing visibility, while velcro cuff straps help you keep water from running up your sleeve whatever activity you’re undertaking. Flexible enough so that it doesn’t inhibit movement, the Beta LT Hybrid is also breathable, windproof, and will last and last.


  • Waterproof
  • Integrated hood
  • Breathable
  • Flexible

  • Fewer pockets than the Bugaboo
  • No packing pouch
  • No zipper shield
  • Limited colors for men

Is the Arc’teryx Beta LT Hybrid for you?

If you’re looking for a travel jacket that is the best in its field at keeping you warm and dry, you should look no further than the Arc’teryx Beta LT Hybrid. Amazingly breathable and flexible enough that there’s little movement constraint, it is also waterproof and windproof, with an integrated hood that won’t stop you seeing what’s up ahead.

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Best travel jacket for winter

Patagonia Nano Puff
Patagonia Nano Puff is our pick for the best travel jacket for winter

The small insulated sections that build to form the Patagonia Nano Puff are great at keeping heat in, and the cold weather out, making it an ideal choice as a winter travel jacket. The high neck keeps wind, rain, and cold temperatures from slipping in and heat from leaking out, while the waist also includes a hem which is adjustable for the same purpose.

Heavy duty zippers on the pockets and opening stop the loss of heat by this means, while the whole jacket comes in at a very impressive 12 oz, so if the winter weather does turn unusually warm you’re not left lugging a heavy jacket around with you! Luckily, we’ve compiled this guide of the best Travel Daypacks to help you before traveling!


  • Men’s and women’s versions
  • Adjustable hem
  • Zippered pockets
  • Just 12 oz

  • High neck line
  • No zipper shielding
  • Less contemporary look
  • No packing pouch

Is the Patagonia Nano Puff for you?

If you’re after a solid and trustworthy travel jacket for winter that isn’t going to weigh you down the Patagonia Nano Puff is definitely for you. The high neck, zippers, and adjustable waist all ensure you’re as protected from the winter cold as possible, thereby maintaining that snug feeling brought about by the insulation for as long as possible.

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Best of the rest

Outdoor Research Helium II
Outdoor Research Helium II

If weight is an important prerequisite in choosing a travel jacket than the Outdoor Research Helium II is another worthy contender. Weighing under six and a half ounces, it is incredibly light and capable of being packed down to smaller than a paperback book inside its own pouch/internal pocket.

It has a layered laminate form with seam-taped joins to ensure its as waterproof as can be. Its zippers are also specifically included for their resistivity to water, making the Helium II additionally watertight.


  • Lightweight
  • Packable
  • Fully waterproof
  • Several color options

  • Hood blocks visibility a little
  • Limited insulation properties
  • Single internal pocket
  • Low neck line

Is the Outdoor Research Helium II for you?

Those seeking a lightweight travel jacket that packs down really small will really appreciate the existence of the Helium II! Small enough inside its own pouch to fit into a trouser pocket or be forgotten about in a daypack until it’s called upon, this jacket will keep you dry in even the heaviest of downpours.

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Final thoughts!

It’s pretty much guaranteed that wherever in the world your future travels take you, within state boundaries or halfway across the globe, in all likelihood you’re going to need a travel jacket.

With so much to consider – weight, insulation, water resistivity and so on – its extremely important to have a good understanding of what each travel jacket can and can’t do. Here we’ve set out that information for you in a (hopefully!) simple and easy to understand way, so that you can purchase the travel jacket that’s perfect for you and your needs both now and in the future!

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