Jobs That Allow You To Travel: Travel Agent

3. Travel Agent

For many years, the travel agency industry declined as people started going online to book their own flights and vacation packages. However, in the last few years, the travel industry has made a comeback thanks to its reputation and expertise.

With so many travel websites offering user feedback and reviews, it’s hard to differentiate between opinions of seasoned travelers and one-time visitors. Travel agents, on the other hand, are experts in their industry and can easily tell a client if a certain hotel or locale will be a good fit for their preferences.

To be a travel agent, you need to have extensive experience travelling the world. You do not have to have a certification or license to be a home-based travel agent, but some states or municipalities require agents to complete a registration. For this position, skills and experience are more valuable than education degrees. You need to possess good attention to detail to avoid booking mistakes, and you must also be a great communicator in order to understand and meet client requests.

Jobs That Allow You To Travel: Customer Service Representative

4. Customer Service Agent

Many companies are taking their customer support departments digital, making this a sector that is seeing high growth in work-from-home positions. Customer service agents ensure a high-quality customer service experience and address any issues that customers may encounter.

To qualify for these positions, you need to be friendly and level-headed as you will be the first point of contact for disgruntled or upset customers. You’ll need to be able to guide customers through a resolution process. Skills required to be successful as a work-from-home customer service agent include fast typing, fast Internet speeds, acute listening skills and a calm demeanor.

Jobs That Allow You To Travel: Aid Worker

5. International Aid Worker

If you want to make a difference while you travel, consider being a Peace Corps Volunteer or an aid worker for an international organization such as the Red Cross or USAID.

In these positions, you’ll visit countries across the globe that are in dire need of assistance during wars, famines and in the aftermath of natural disasters. Many of these organizations offer a full salary, housing, and student loan deferment and the experience will stand out on your resume.

Having a background in health, social services, agriculture and international relations is helpful when working with international aid groups. You may also be required to undergo medical evaluations or to get special vaccines and immunizations before you’re allowed to travel to certain areas.

Working for international aid organizations can be taxing emotionally and physically and you’ll regularly spend weeks at a time in remote locations without access to basic necessities. The work you will accomplish will make a huge difference in the lives of locals and you’ll see parts of the world most people don’t have access to.

6. Foreign Service Officer

If you love your country as much as you love to travel, you can combine your two passions into one rewarding career as a Foreign Service officer. Just like diplomats, these individuals travel the globe working on complex issues such as immigration, refugee flows, and disaster aid while representing the interests of the United States. Many employees interact directly with foreign governments and are assigned to new places every few years.

To qualify for these positions, you must pass the Foreign Service Officer Test and select a career track within the department. Positions are posted at the Department of State website along with guidelines on how to become involved with the Foreign Service and how to pick the right career path within the department.

Jobs That Allow You To Travel: Consultant

7. Consultant

Companies regularly hire consultants to offer insight and advice on how to fix complex problems in their business and industry. The main skill required for consulting is to have specialized knowledge in a particular field. Since this knowledge is so exclusive, a consultant is likely to have clients dispersed across the country, and often across the globe.

Travel is integral to this job since close relationships with clients are important for maintaining working partnerships. For people who are social and love to travel, this job is an ideal way to see the globe while earning a great income.

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