We know that travel is especially difficult right now. But alongside the latest COVID-19 travel advice and updates, we want to continue to inspire you with new travel content so that when the world opens its doors again, you’ll be ready.

International destinations are off the table for now, but that won’t be forever. In the meantime, do you love weird and wonderful travel facts? At Skyscanner Australia, we’ve put on our thinking caps and scoured the web for the best ones out there. Who knows, maybe some of these travel facts will get you excited for when it’s time to explore safely again.

Please note: Rules and restrictions around international and domestic travel can change without notice. Stay updated on your local state or territory information through the Australia Government website for the latest information regarding travel.

1. Travel makes you smarter

Travel fact: Travel makes you smarter. Woman sitting pensively on steps

We all know that travel broadens the mind, but did you know that travel can make you smarter? Problem solving on the road, communicating in different languages, and encountering of new smells, tastes, and sounds can create new synapses in the brain, encouraging neuroplasticity.

2. Travel may extend your lifespan

Did you know travel can help you live longer? Studies show that men in particular have a 20% higher risk of death if they don’t vacation at least once a year. If that’s not a good enough excuse to go on holiday, we don’t know what is. Keep this travel fact in your back pocket the next time your boss denies your holiday leave.

3. Holidays lower your stress

travel facts: holidays lower your stress. women laughing

Feeling stressed? Then you need a holiday, stat. One of our favourite travel facts is that a holiday – even one where someone steals your flip-flops at a beach party – can lower your stress levels. According to a 2018 study, even a four-day holiday has a “large, positive and immediate effect on perceived stress, recover, strain, and well-being.”

4. People love going to France

France is the most visited country in the world. A staggering 89 million people visit this country to tour Paris, Cannes, and Bordeaux. Though we all know the real reason is to eat all the croissants in the land. As a bonus travel fact, did you know that people obsessed with French culture are called Francophiles?

5. More people need to go to Tuvalu!

Tuvalu - travel facts: least visited country in the world

The least visited country in the world is Tuvalu, only 2000 people a year visit our South Pacific neighbours (though we’re pretty sure they don’t mind). Having a Tuvalu passport stamp is practically a collectors item.

So what about cities? Well, if you’re thinking Paris is a sure bet for the most visited city, you’re wrong, interestingly, Bangkok pipped the City of Light to first place in 2019 with 22.7 million visitors. Paris came second with 19.10 million and cosmopolitan London came in third with 19.01.

7. The longest flight is from Singapore to New Jersey

travel facts: longest flight in the world. person on flight.

It’s an official travel fact: the flight from Singapore to New York (well, technically Newark, New Jersey) is currently the longest in the world, coming in at a leg cramping 18 and a half hours long! Second place goes to the Auckland to Doha route, which is 18 hours and 5 minutes long. As a quick tip, be sure to download plenty of travel movies before departure.

8. The shortest flight in the world takes less than 2 minutes!

The shortest flight in the world is between Papa Westray and Westray in the Orkney Islands and takes 90 seconds, which is just enough time to grab a quick picture out of the window before you land.

9. Introverts love mountains, extroverts love beaches.

travel facts: introverts love mountains. man on mountain.

Apparently introvert personalities are more likely to pick mountainous locations for a holiday, whilst extroverts prefer a beach. So I guess that’s why there’s more parties on Koh Phangan than on Everest, though we think a rave-for-one would totally work up there.

10. Australia is wider than the moon

Australia is actually wider than the moon in terms of diameter. So, if you can travel across Oz, you might want to put your hand up for an astronaut job opening.

11. Russians time travel

travel fact: russia has 11 time zones. clock

Russia spans a whopping 11 timezones, so you can be in Vladivostok chatting to someone in Russia, and tell them secrets from the future. For party goers, you could theoretically celebrate New Year’s Eve multiple times within 24 hours if you simply start on Russia’s east coast and travel west.

12. Americans need more time off

The USA government does not guarantee at least one paid holiday per year. In comparison, Australians are entitled to 20 days of paid annual leave per year of service with their employer.

13. Spanish is the happiest language

Travel facts: Spanish is the happiest language! people eating dinner in Spain

There’s been some research on which languages rank as the happiest, and it turns out it is the ones that use the most positive words. Spanish is the happiest, followed by Portuguese, and then English. Que bueno.

14. The Trevi Fountain makes 1 million Euros a year

This was one of the most startling travel facts we came across. Did you know that the Trevi Fountain has roughly 1 million Euros worth of coins thrown into it every year? That’s a lot of wishes! Coin-throwers will be happy to know that each night the haul is collected and donated to charity.

15. We love taking pictures of the Eiffel Tower

travel facts: eiffel tower most photographed landmark in the world.

Sony Mobile actually counted, and the Eiffel Tower is the most photographed monument in the world on Instagram, with roughly 5 million snaps of it floating around.

16. Vatican City is the tiniest country

At 44 hectares, Vatican City is the smallest country in the world and has a whopping population of 825 residents.

17. Couples benefit from going on holiday

travel facts: couples benefit from going on holiday

Did you know that couples that travel together experience more intimacy? If that’s not the best excuse ever to book a holiday to somewhere exotic, we don’t know what is. 

If you’re single, you might be interested in a travel fact that reveals one in 50 people met their partner on a plane. Now that we think about it, this might make Skyscanner a de facto matchmaking company.

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