Traveling is one of the favorite hobbies of almost everyone. Do you like traveling? Do you like to know about the different places in the world? If yes then this post is for you because this post contains all famous and most popular questions and their answers. This post covers all world traveling places information which also increases your knowledge about traveling and tourism.

Travel Trivia Questions



1. What is travel?

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The movement of people between different geographical places

2. What are the sources through which we can travel?

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Bicycle, car, foot, airplane, ship, train, bus, etc.

3. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, when the word “travel” was first used?

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In the 14th century

4. What are the main purposes of traveling?

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Tourism, vacationing, research travel, business travel, trade, visiting people and to obtain better health services, etc.

5. Why the Greeks and Romans travel in ancient times?

6. What makes travel easier, more accessible and safe?

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Cultural and technological advances

7. How was travel in the middle ages?

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Hard and challenging

8. What is the Grand Tour?

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The traveling of the young European aristocrats and upper-class people to significant European cities for education purpose

9. Which countries were included in the Grand Tour?

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London, Paris, Venice, Florence, and Rome

10. What ends the Grand Tour?

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French Revolution

Travel Trivia Questions while Driving

11. What safety measure peoples should consider while traveling abroad?

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Avoid being a target of crime and leaving passport etc.

12. Which is the highly advisable law for safety travel?

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Seatbelt Law (wearing a seatbelt during driving)

13. What are the main statistics used to measure safety travel?

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Journey, kilometers and hours

14. What are the scientific landmarks included in science tourism?

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Museums, laboratories, observatories, and universities

15. What are recreational travels?

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Which involves travel for pleasure and recreation

16. What are the modes of transports?

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Air, Water, and Land

17. Each mode has its own _________.

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Infrastructure, vehicles, and operations

18. Which part of the airplane generates lift?

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The special geometry of the wing

19. Which is the fastest mode of transport?

20. What is the speed of piston-powered general aviation aircraft?

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555 kilometers per hour

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21. What is IPCC?

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Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

22. What is human-powered transport?

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Transport of people or goods using human muscle-power in the form of walking, running and swimming

23. In which countries human-powered transports are common?

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In underdeveloped and developing countries

24. Which mode of transport plays an important role in linking communities?

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Land transport

25. What are the two kinds of land transport?

26. According to a survey in 2002, how many automobiles are worldwide?

27. What is the main source of noise and air pollution in cities?

28. When the first steamboats were developed?

29. What id displacement in water transport?

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When boat floats on the water the hull of the boat pushes aside water where the hull now is, this is called displacement

30. How the steam was produced in the steamboats?

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Steam was produced using wood or coal

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31. What is Micro mobility?

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It is the collective name for small electric-powered vehicles

32. Which is the type of transport out of the earth’s atmosphere?

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Space transport by the means of spacecraft

33. Which is the most mountainous country in Europe?

34. The Hellenic Republic is another name of which country?


35. Which tunnel connects England and France?

36. What is the height of Eiffel Tower?

37. Which country has the most number of volcanos?

38. What is the Tivoli Garden?

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Tivoli garden is is an amusement park and pleasure garden in Copenhagen Denmark.

39. How much was the estimated number of visitors in Tivoli Park in 2017?

4.6 million

40. For which thing the garden is best known as?

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The wooden Roller Coaster

Travel Challenge Questions and Answers

travel trivia questions

41. Which is the most visited theme park in Scandinavia?

42. Which country was the top tourist destination in the world in 1999?

43. Where is the longest subway system?

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London’s Subway system

44. When you travel at the bottom of the Amazon River which countries pass through it?

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Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela

45. Which state is the Easternmost point of the United States?

46. In which country the black forest is?

47. In 1999, the majority of which country’s citizens traveled to the United States?

48. In which countries you should drive on the left side of the road?

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India, Ireland, and Japan

49. Which is the largest city in South America?

50. Which is the most-visited paid monument in the world?

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Hard Travel Trivia Questions

52. How many steps are there from the ground level to the first level of the Eiffel tower?

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Over 300 steps

52. Who designed the Eiffel tower?

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Two engineers, Maurine Koechlin, and Emile Nouguier

53. What is Uber?

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Uber is an American multinational transportation network company

54. How many Uber users are estimated as on 2019?

55. The Uber Company is based in which country?

56. When the company was founded?

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March 2009 as Uber Cab

57. Which is the largest Airline?

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American Airlines Group

58. Where is the Oakland International Airport located?

59. What is Stealth Technology?

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A method that makes an aircraft hard to detect

60. Augusta Airline belongs to which country?


Travel Trivia Multiple Choice Questions

61. Frankfurt is the main airport in ________.

A) Germany                                           B) Australia

C) America                                             D) France

62. Which is the most affordable picnic place in the U.S?

A) Phoenix                                             B)  Daytona

C) Salt Lake City                                   D) Central Park

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C) Salt Lake City

63. Which country has the best cuisine?

A) Greece                                               B) Spain

C) France                                               D) America

64. Where is the Golden Gate Park?

A) Austin, Texas                                   B) San Francisco, California

C) Malibu, California                           D) Morrison Colorado

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B) San Francisco, California

65. Blue Mountain is a picnic place.

A) Yes                                                      B) No

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