Jamie Srubis

Host of World Spas on Travel XP Jamie Srubis is a stunning model, actor and influencer who loves to travel and stay fit. Let’s check out her exclusive interview below.

Namita Nayyar:

You have presented for TravelXp in Thailand, Fear Factor India and are now presenting a news show in South Africa. Walk us through your fantastic professional journey and tell us how it all began?

Jamie Srubis:

While I was a student, I started modelling and hostessing during my spare time. While with a modelling agency, I was offered the chance to audition for Fear Factor India. I had never really considered presenting – I was always more of a nerd in high school, participating in the math olympiad, rather than being the lead in the school play! Luckily, the casting director loved me and I was offered the role. I spent a month on set and realised I really enjoyed what I was doing. I met a lot of really interesting people and got to try things I never thought I would do (like being shot out of a canon into Cape Town harbour as one of the stunts!).

After the show finished filming, I continued with my studies, but always felt this desire to get back into presenting. Unfortunately, when you’re studying Chemical Engineering full time, it’s difficult to go to castings during the day or even work during the day. At that point I thought I would have to put my presenting dreams on hold while I finished my degree. But in 2011 I was offered a position hosting a fun, online news show called Zoopy! The best part (and worst part!) about the show was that it was an early morning news show, so I could film it before going to class. I continued that for a few months, while juggling studying.

Once I graduated from university, I took a year to travel and see the world. During this time, I saw an ad for a lead anchor for a travel show. After sending Travel XP a casting video, they invited me to host their new show, World Spas. I couldn’t believe my luck, being able to combine my favourite hobbies – presenting, travelling and visiting luxury spas! I was able to travel all over Asia, filming 13 episodes for the channel and visiting some of the most beautiful destinations all over the world.

However, as much as I enjoyed the fast paced lifestyle and travel, I did start to miss home, so after we finished the season, I decided to come back to South Africa and start presenting an entertainment show on a local news network. I’ve also started working full time as an Engineer again, so once again it’s about finding time and a balance between the two.  

Jamie Srubis
Namita Nayyar:

You are a model, hostess and entertainer. Introduce us to a day in your remarkable multi-dimensional lifestyle.

Jamie Srubis:

Well as I mentioned above, a lot of my life is about trying to find time to get everything done and still have time for family and friends. When I was shooting world spas, I would usually shoot for 3 weeks, come back home for 3 weeks and then be back on a plane and in spas for another 3 weeks! When we shoot the show, our schedule is very tight! We usually have about 3 days to shoot everything so we often have to work late nights to make sure we get everything we want. 

On a typical day during World Spas, I’d wake up, put my wardrobe for the day together, get dressed and do my hair and make up. Then I head down to breakfast – which would usually be filmed! After breakfast, it’s usually a wardrobe change and then straight into my first spa treatment. The rest of the day is either spent in the spa filming more treatments or doing a cool activity (diving in Malaysia was one of my favourites), and then finally filming dinner at night. After 3 days, we’re back on a plane and off to the next destination. 

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