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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Title Update 1.0.4

Hey everyone,

We will be deploying Title Update 1.0.4 on the Xbox family of consoles, PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5, Ubisoft Connect, Epic Games Store, Stadia, and Amazon Luna tomorrow: November 26, 2020.

Patch Sizes and Deployment Timing:

  • Xbox Series X|S: ~5.3 GB @ 1pm CET | 7am EDT | 4am PDT | 11pm AEDT

  • Xbox One: ~4.9 GB @ 1pm CET | 7am EDT | 4am PDT | 11pm AEDT

  • PlayStation®5: ~2.5 GB @ 1pm CET | 7am EDT | 4am PDT | 11pm AEDT

  • PlayStation®4: ~4.1 GB @ 1pm CET | 7am EDT | 4am PDT | 11pm AEDT

  • PC: ~4.3 GB @ 1pm CET | 7am EDT | 4am PDT | 11pm AEDT

Please note that these timings are estimates and subject to change.

Check out the most notable changes with 1.0.4 below.


Graphics/Performance Mode Introduction

Added an option to the game that allows players to choose between Performance or Visual Quality.

Feature breakdown:

  • This option is available for Xbox Series X|S & PlayStation®5.

  • Choosing Performance allows the game to adapt the resolution and graphic settings to maintain 60 FPS.

  • Choosing Quality enables the game to run maximum resolution and graphic settings while maintaining 30 FPS.

  • Default values since the launch of the game are as follows:

  • Xbox Series X / PlayStation®5: Performance

  • Xbox Series S: Quality


  • Added a new background image to the title screen.

  • Added various VFX to enhance visuals.

  • Added an option to automatically assign unspent skill points. This option is available from the centre of the skill tree / Fate. (*)

  • Added “Weapon Runes” and “Armor Runes” as titles to their respective sections. (*)

  • Added a warning when switching from a language that supports TTS to one that doesn’t.

  • Sliders can now be moved with left/right arrows on M&K and controllers.

  • Increased fabric limit to 82.

  • Added fabric to traders once the settlement has reached Level 6.

  • Added offering altar requirements to the world map.


  • Updated gear quality and gear to their correct values.

  • Added Assassination damage stats on the character stats page.

  • Removed duplicate gear from inventory.

  • Heavy and light attack stats will now adjust correctly based on acquired skill nodes.

  • Heavy attack modifiers will no longer be applied to range attacks.

Game improvements

Performance and Stability

  • Improved stability and performance.

  • (Xbox Series) Improved experience on Xbox Series S | X consoles including screen tearing

  • (PC) Addressed a VRAM/RAM leakage issue when alt tabbing to desktop.

Save Games

  • Corrected some instances where Load Game would not display save games correctly.

  • Renamed Cloud saves to make them more distinguishable from regular saves.

    • Previously the cloud save was only highlighted with a Cloud icon. Now they’ll be called, for example, “Manual Save Cloud”

  • Removed Cloud saves from the Save menu. This will ensure that it cannot be overwritten unintentionally.

  • Added a notification when a cloud save retrieval has failed.

Graphics, Audio, Animation

  • Addressed various graphical issues across the board.

  • Addressed various FX issues.

  • Addressed various instances of clipping issues.

  • Addressed various visual issues with Eivor’s cloak.

  • Addressed various instances of player or NPC animation issues.

  • Addressed various audio issues.

  • Addressed various lighting issues.

  • Shadow resolution on High will now use correct values.


  • Addressed various texture or object placement issues.

  • Addressed some instances where the player could become stuck in specific locations.

  • Fish in Norway will now spawn in bad weather. Yeah, we had to read this one twice too.

  • Crows will no longer randomly fall from the sky in Asgard. *Bad omens, huh?*

Gameplay, Combat, AI

  • Addressed various bow-aiming issues.

  • Improved NPC and Boss behavior across the board.

  • NPCs will now react to the player stealing*…so think twice before stealing!*

  • Addressed an issue where dogs would start levitating when Eivor starts to pet them.

  • Blocking Springald projectiles will now consume stamina, as intended.

  • Addressed an issue where hitting a Zealot’s last weak point with a sleep dart (Thorn of Slumber) didn’t allow players to stun attack. Sleep tight. (*)

  • Zealots will no longer instantly regenerate to full health when the player is considered out of conflict but still in the Zealot’s vicinity (*)

  • Guards who clearly saw Eivor shoot their ally will now turn hostile. *presses emergency button*

  • Guards will now hear the impact of dead bodies dropping to the ground.

  • Improved guard reactions to whistling.

  • Improved disguise behavior in distrust zones.

  • Shooting bows from the Longship while not commanding it now consumes arrows. (*)

  • Players will now be able to air-assassinate sleeping NPCs. *Savage…*

  • Improved fish-reeling behavior.

  • Addressed an issue where the horse wouldn’t use the gallop animation in combat.

  • The crowd will now cheer during drinking games. You better.

  • Reworked sliding mechanic.

Quests, World Events, Side Activities

  • Addressed an issue where the assassination sequence wouldn’t play for some targets.

  • Addressed various texture issues during cutscenes.

  • Addressed various issues with quests or world events that prevented players from completing them.

  • Players can no longer use the fishing tool or the horn during the drunk walk with Tewdr – *you’re drunk, go home.*

  • Sub quests will now display the correct “Part of” parent quest.

  • The memory stream can now be chosen when starting a New Game if Hold Alternative option is set to ON.

  • Increased frequency of experienced travelers.

User Interface / HUD

  • Addressed various issues with the User Interface/HUD.

  • Addressed various localization issues.

  • Addressed various Mouse- and Keyboard-related input issues

  • Secrets will now be discovered when synchronizing a Viewpoint. (This does not apply to Pathfinder difficulty)

  • Experienced travelers are now highlighted on the world map and on the compass when in proximity.

  • Addressed an issue where the map wouldn’t update once players got intel from an experienced traveler.

  • Increased Odin’s Sight radius and enemies will now be highlighted for longer. 👁️👄👁️

  • Improved radius in which Synin reveals keys.

  • Reduced Synin’s view distance of materials.

  • Improved the objective beam behavior.

  • Settlement building beams can now be seen using Odin’s Sight.

  • Improved enemy target-lock mechanic.

  • “Sell all trinkets” will now be greyed out after all trinkets were sold. *Cha-ching! *

  • Bosses’ power levels will now be displayed on their health gauge. This does not apply to regular enemies.

  • Regular brightness settings will no longer apply to HDR exposure settings.

  • The Codex will no longer foreshadow or spoil some events.

  • (A11y) Desktop entries and content on Layla’s laptop are now narrated when Menu Narration is ON.

  • (A11y) Colorblind filters are now applied correctly to mini-quest log and raid tutorial.

Abilities and Skills

  • Addressed an issue where players couldn’t use any abilities anymore when the Dive of the Valkyries ability was interrupted.

  • Ally NPCs or horses can no longer trigger body traps. *Some people just want to see the world burn, huh?*

  • Addressed a display issue where the poisonous powder trap could become invisible after using Synin.

  • Adjusted chain-assassination behavior. Players will no longer be able to assassinate a target who was tackled to the ground.

  • The Secondary hand slot will no longer be available when a two-handed weapon is equipped (pre-heavy dual-wield skill).

  • Flaming powder traps will now explode when walking over the arrow.


  • “Force Open” will now be displayed correctly even if nearby allies are in combat.

  • Addressed an issue where allies would not help Eivor to open a door during Raids.

  • Allies will now return to the longship once a raid is complete.

  • Added a timer until players can restart a raid that was just completed.

Photo Mode

  • Effect values can now be adjusted with arrow keys or WASD.

  • The no-filter option will now work correctly.

  • The Territory panel is no longer displayed in Photo Mode.

  • Changing filters will now work as intended.

  • Addressed an issue where an Online Service Error could occur temporarily when looking at photos on the world map.

  • Snow FX will now center to the camera instead of the player in Photo Mode.


  • (PC) Updated readme files to show correct PC specifications.

  • Added additional checkpoints to some boss fights.

  • Addressed an issue that led controllers to vibrate constantly.

  • Addressed an issue where players could become stuck in a black screen after closing the menu with start.

  • (PC) Updated the autodetect config for Nvidia Geforce 1650 S.

(*) – Starred items have been edited for clarity after initial publish

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