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As travellers, we’re always seeking to bring a slice of our adventures, experiences, and ultimately our memories home.  We do it by collecting things like magnets and pins, and we also trinkets small  and large to display proudly at home.  One way of bringing the world home is by putting up a large world map with pins as a great way to visualize everywhere that you’ve been and everywhere that you still want to go.

While you’d think that there are many options out there, they’re more elusive than you think.  To make your choice easier, I’ve organized the top world map with pins products out on the market today.

Why pins?  You might be wondering why pins specifically?  Yes, I recognize that there are regular maps that you can purchase and the ones that you can scratch off as you travel.  These are a fun way to start but I think ultimately they’re not the display piece you ultimately want to display at home.  With regular maps, you can’t pin anything on it unless you’re fine with a cluster of holes on your wall.  With the Scratch the World Travel Map, it’s actually more difficult to scratch the map cleanly and you’re kind of limited to scratching out countries as opposed to marking somewhere specific or perhaps marking places differently based on where you’ve been and where you want to go.

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Here’s what we’re covering:

Top 7 World Map with Pins You Can Buy

world maps with pins pinworld wall travel diary

The two best market places to find these are either in a commercial market place such as Amazon or in the artisan space of Etsy.  I’ll provide examples of high quality products from both sides and a few others vendors that are a bit more difficult to find.

Water Colour Hand Drawn World Map

hand drawn water color world map with pins
Product images via BalticClub on Etsy

This is a beautiful printing of a hand-drawn rendition of the world map that has a gentle water color quality to it.  Printed on smooth matte paper and mounted onto a thick cork backing, this is the kind of world map with pin that you’d be proud to display at home.  You can either frame them or hang them as they are.

These are handmade from Montreal, Canada by the Etsy vendor BalticClub.  The also come with 50 black pins and a few colored ones.


Price: Small $56.22 USD, Regular $104.95 USD, Large $172.41 USD

Sizes:  Small (18″ x 12″ / 45.7cm x 30.5cm), Regular (24″ x 16″ / 61 cm x 40.6 cm), Large (36″ x 24″ / 91.5 cm x 61 cm)

Other options:  Comes in English or French

Material and process:  Matte Cardstock 142 lbs and dense cork sheet 1/8″ / 3mm., inkjet-printed


  • Thick stock paper and durable
  • Uses standard pins that can be purchased easily as needed
  • Cork backing which means you can push the pins straight through


  • Paper
  • No alternative colorways


  • They also have a PinCountry product that is country-specific


Palomar PinWorld

palomar pinworld wall world map with pins

This one is elusively difficult to buy especially in North America.  I ended up purchasing this in the Netherlands in one of those fun art gallery stores that you can find in Europe.

palomar pinworld close upThe Palomar PinWorld is designed specifically to be a wall map diary.  When I saw this tag-line, I knew immediately that this was the one I was looking for.  This is a screen-printed map on coloured felt.  It has a simple and modern aesthetic that I know many of you will like.

I have this mounted with double-sided tape in my office and have since purchased additional pins as well.  I love the look of this map because they use a felt material instead of cork which gives it a different look.  I also love Palomar’s custom pins which actually resemble destination pin markers that you find on say, Google Maps, and other mapping tools.

They have many authorized resellers around the world but chances are you’re not close to one.  Your best bet is to pick this up from a reseller on Amazon.   Another store that sells this is A Touch of Modern.  You can also search for the term “Palomar – Pin World Map” for more targeted results.

For additional pins, I oddly had luck at a local art store so definitely search around.


Price: $98.58 USD Standard, $44.50 USD Mini

Sizes:  Standard (124 cm x66 cm / 29″x 26″), Mini (77 cm x 48 cm / 30″ x 19″), XL (198 cm x 124 cm / 78″ x 49″)

Other options:  Comes in Black or Light Blue

Material and process:  Felt, screen-printed


  • Unique design that has not been replicated by any other companies or Etsy creators
  • Beautiful pins and simply screen-printed design
  • Felt material means that you don’t need to be that careful pinning because they don’t leave visible holes afterwards


  • Limited colours (Black and blue)
  • Pins are difficult find when you need more


  • They also have a PinCountry product that is country-specific
  • Felt backing means that you need to insert the pins on an angle


Customizable Canvas World Map

canvasvows world map with pins on canvas
Product image by CanvasVows on Etsy

The beauty with purchasing from vendors from Etsy is that you have much more customization and personalization options than if you were to buy it from a store.  This product is by CanvasVows and they offer a canvas-based world map with pins.  While the base map remains the same, you have the opportunity to change:

  • Text that appears on the map (names and/or quotes)
  • Background color
  • Map type – world or country
  • Push pin colors

The product comes with 100 pins and is ready to mount.  They also create two digital proofs for approval.


Price: $98.58 USD Standard, $44.50 USD Mini

Sizes:  Small (40.6 cm x 76.2 cm / 16″x30″),  Medium (50.8 cm x 101.6 cm / 20″x40″),  Large (61 cm x 122 cm / 24″x48″, Extra Large (76.2 cm x 152.4 cm / 30″x60″)

Material and process:  Canvas printed


  • Many customization options
  • Standard push pins are used and easily obtained if you need more
  • As a canvas, there are many sizes available including larger formats
  • Canvas provides a premium textured feel
  • Durable print


  • There are customization limitations including the font and size of country names
  • Canvas mount means that there won’t be a solid backing for the pins to go on
  • Pin holes created are permanent so you will need to do this carefully


  • Digital files for the customization
  • Paper prints (not mounted on canvas)


Framed Push Pin Travel Maps Canvas

push pin travel world map on canvas

If you’re looking for a framed look, this is an excellent option to give it that polished look in whichever room you decide to hang this in.  This takes advantage of the canvas print but takes it to the next step of mounting it in a wooden frame.  Another thing to pay attention to this map is that it is a more accurate and detailed map compared to the others.  Where others aren’t very detailed, this is one that looks to be straight from the atlas

push pin travel maps canvas with backgroundDespite this being a product sold on Amazon, they also offer customization options.  You can choose what type of wood frame you want and you can design the map with an option pin legend and personalized text.

The map comes with 100 push pins (a mix of red, white, and black).   It also comes with wire hanging kit so it is wall-ready


Price: $189.99 USD

Sizes: 100.3 cm x 69.9 cm / 39.5″ x 27.5″ (width x height)

Other options:  Wood frame colour (6 colours to choose from)

Material and process:  Canvas printed and dry mounted to foamcore board


  • High quality and durable printing on Canvas
  • Detailed map


  • Pin holes created are permanent so you will need to do this carefully
  • Lacking of different map designs to choose from
  • One size only



World Map Cork Board Kit

world map with pins cork board kit

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive kit, this cork board world map with pins is an excellent choice.  From a style perspective simple with a screen-printed map on a cork board but what I like about it is that it’s framed so it’s easy to mount on the wall and it comes with a collection of custom pins that allows you to tell your own story when it comes to your world map diary of your travels.  There are 3 packs of flags that you stick around metal pins – one for flags, a second one for monuments, and another foods of the world.

The World Map Cork Board Kit comes in either black or white and two large-format sizes.  The pin kit includes 194 different country flags with 100 sticks, 64 food stickers, and double-sided tape hangers for an easy installation.


Price: XL $87.97 USD, L $44.97

Sizes: XL (60 cm x 90 cm / 23.6″ x 35.4″), L (45 cm x 60cm / 17.7″ x 23.6″)

Other options:  Black or white color, and framed or not framed (framed option only for XL size)

Material and process:   Map screen printed on sustainable cork oak forest from Portugal


  • Screen printing on cork is more forgiving allowing you to pin around without worry of leaving holes behind
  • Lots of space on the cork for creative pinning to be able to tell your travel story


  • Print on cork may not be as durable
  • The adhesive provided for mounting non-framed map is not recommended
  • There will naturally be a limitation of the number of pins in the kit so once you run out, you’ll have to use alternative pins
  • Not customizable



Burlap World Map with Mini Pins

burlap world map with mini pins on etsy
Product images via EmmaAndTheBean on Etsy

Looking for something a little bit smaller or perhaps use at a wedding?  This cute framed, world map printed on burlap is an awesome way to highlight all of the places you’ve been to around the world.

burlap world map close up with red pinsThe barnwood frame is naturally weathered and enhances the rustic feel of the push pin travel map.

The world map is mounted on 1/4″ cork and is ready to hang on your wall.  It also comes with 50 red small push pins.

You can get a 15% off coupon if you sign up to their mailing list.


Price: $72.25 USD except for the barnwood frame which is $76.50 USD

Sizes: 28 cm x 36 cm / 11″ x 14″

Other options:  There are 6 templated phrases but this can be fully customized and there are 6 different frame colors to choose from

Material and process:   Screen printed on burlap with laminated backing and mounted on 1/4″ corkwood backing


  • With the burlap material, you won’t have to worry about leaving leaving permanent holes on the pin
  • Customization possibilities in the text
  • Most cute and rustic out of the whole group


  • This is a small map compared to the others here
  • Due to the smaller size, smaller pins are required and may look very clustered if you have travelled to many destinations
  • Map is missing Antarctica
  • Burlap material is laminated but over time may show some wear and fraying of fabric if manipulated frequently



Wooden World Map

wood world map with pins in living room

For the last one in this list of world maps with pins, I present to you a map that’s not constrained to paper.  This world map is constructed by wood and creates a 3D jigsaw of countries where you can insert your own airplane pins for all the places that you’ve been.

wood wall map with pins close upIf you’re looking for a travel statement piece at home, this is it.  This vendor on Etsy makes this completely out of birchwood plywood and is so serious about it that they even have a patent for its design.

Depending on where you want to put this in the house or office, you’ll have plenty of sizes to choose from including your choice of a map without names and borders, capitals identified or without.

At first, I thought there’d be no ways that pins could be involved but due to the softness of the wood, they’re actually designed with them in mind.  That’s why you can order these with your choice of either 30 airplanes, 60 airplanes, or country flag pins.  Double-sided tape is included to help mount the wooden map onto your wall.

If you’re interested in buying this wooden world map, make sure to sign up to their mailing list to get a 15% off coupon.


Price: Medium starts at $96.50 USD, Large starts at $197.50 USD, XL starts at $298.50 USD, and XXL starts at $497.50 USD.

Sizes: Medium (100 cm x 60 cm / 39″ x 24″), Large (150 cm x 90 cm / 59″ x 35″), XL (200 cm x 120 cm / 79″ x 47″), XXL (300 cm x 175 cm / 118″ x 69″)

Other options:  Beyond the sizes you can choose the 3 different styles of map (completely not labelled, country labelled, or country labelled with capitals identified).  You can also choose what pin package you want (30 airplanes, 60 airplanes, or country flags).  Languages can be customized as well

Material and process:  Wood carved and engraved


  • Wood material is durable and strong
  • Natural 3D effect that really makes the map pop especially with the different depths and colored wood
  • A WOW item to display in any room


  • Since this is a large product, you do have to be careful about customs and duties but the sellers are very transparent about this
  • Pins on the wooden map are permanent so you do have to be careful about your choices
  • Lots of double-sided tape required to mount onto the wall
  • More installation work required since you have to install pieces one at a time like a puzzle



Tips on pinning your world map

These are my top 5 tips for pinning your map based on my experience with the Palomar PinWorld.

  1. Think carefully about where you want to mount/hang your world map
  2. Before you start, have a plan for how you want to pin the map – Will you have a different pin colour to identify which family member has been where?  Will you differentiate between where you have been and where you want to go? Will you mark cities, or just countries?
  3. For the maps with materials where pins are more permanent, make sure you pin carefully
  4. Stay up to date!  It’s easy to forget to do this once it’s up on the wall.  Every once in awhile, find out where you’re able to add more pins
  5. Get creative with your map.  You’ll be using a ton of push pins but what about using other types of pins or perhaps creating something on your own?

Looking for more pins?

The more you travel, the faster you’ll run out of pins.  When that happens, you’ll want to have these handy links ready so you can stock up.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with world maps with pins.  Have you find a different one not on this list that you’re really happy with? How have you creatively set them up?  Leave a comment below to share.

Best World Map with Pins for Travellers at Home
Best World Map with Pins for Travellers at Home
Best World Map with Pins for Travellers at Home
Best World Map with Pins for Travellers at Home
Best World Map with Pins for Travellers at Home

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