This guide won’t be updated anymore with me actually seeking out info. Regardless, if anyone comments on something they found and want it added I will likely do that still. Too much has changed with all the DLCs and newer tiers that came out eventually. Not to mention we are TWO games removed from BL2 now, although TPS doesn’t really count, and that Epic exclusive stuff keeps us playing this for now…lol

Weapon Parts Charts (images). Use these to find the best combination of parts for each GUN type and their impact on your weapons. It’s not just about the weapon color, or the weapon level! It’s about the barrel, scope, grip, body, and special accessories from each manufacturer as well to build your ultimate gun. Having the weapon parts all from one manufacturer offers additional bonuses.

For example: On an Assault Rifle the Vladof stock increases Recoil Recovery, but at the same time it has the negative of increased recoil in general so certain parts may have a tradeoff. Sometimes it does nothing at all in the case of a Bandit Stock, which will have no effect on the overall gun stats, or mechanics. Bandit in general sucks. xD

NOTE: While we have gotten some helpful images and links for Shield stats, we can always use more right!? So I will leave this section here for now. If anyone has information about shield parts that I can add to the guide please let me know in the comments. Videos, and/or images are preferred so they can be added directly to the guide. Many have asked for it, but I have yet to find anything easy to read and use for it. I will give you full credit for recommending it, and of course the original creator(s) if it wasn’t you. Thanks for any help! 😀

***NEW*** Doesn’t look like there are any proper SMG charts around with the stocks listed on them, BUT the user loomynartylenny provided some SMG STOCK info they found found in this video ( ) from channel ‘Admiral Bahroo’ on Youtube, which made similar videos for all the other weapons too! The text is listed below the image chart in the SMG section now. Thanks! 😀 ***NEW***

<><><><>NEWEST<><><><>SHIELD CHART from @threePwnyPlease give myself and @threePwny some feedback on his Shields chart he made recently and I will add it to the guide proper when I get som more time. You can find it in his last comment from Feb 13, 2018, or just read it here, but check his previous comments for more context on his thoughts as well please 🙂

Originally posted by threePwny:

Feb 13 @ 12:27pm
So I got a new, [hopefully] more accurate and useful chart here[]

While I probably could make 9 charts with exact values for each shield type, I figured it was easier to go the route of ranking the bonuses by factors of the base increment. So, for example, Bandit has the smallest capacity bonus, so its rank is 1. Pangolin’s capacity bonus is 8 times larger, so its rank is 8. Vladof has the same number as Bandit, but as a penalty, so its rank is -1. And so on, and so on.

I also decided to keep bonuses green and penalties red, because I think it’s more readable than trying to color code by magnitude, especially since each stats’ ranks range from -8 to 8, and I don’t want to pick out 16 colors.

Previous SHIELD CHART *still in guide* (Note: @threePwny’s chart above is likely more useful, but leaving this all in until i can get more time to fix everything and you guys give me some more feedback) we got this earlier recommendation for a shield chart from Joey Bouncer in the comments.

Also, posted earlier, which I never got around to posting in the guide either (oops), is a Reddit chart about Shields and and general sttats that Meruzmi told me about as well.

Thanks to you all for all of us! Cheers!

These shield charts provide images of each part for each manufacturer and how they upgrade, or in some cases downgrade the weapon stats and mechanics. It allows you to see what manufacturers give you the best bonuses for your playstyle. threePwny’s are more updated and accurate though it appears thus far. Let me know what you guys think works best!


All gun chart images and content created by Zikel from Reddit. You can thank him for this awesome contribution to the Borderlands 2 community, and other contributors in the thread here: Borderlands 2 Weapon Parts Charts

Note: If anyone else deserves to be mentioned as a source here let me know and I will add them. 🙂

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