On September 3rd I notice Camping World of Syracuse has an Adventurer 116DS truck camper listed on their own website and on RV Trader for $20,995. Not a bad price for a truck camper with 2 slides. But they only include pictures of the outside, so I look it up on Adventurer Manufacturing’s own website.

I’m definitely interested. I call them. I get a man named Roger. I ask him some very basic questions like whether its a wet bath or a dry bath and whether it has a generator.

Roger has no idea. He suggests I come in and take a look. I tell him I’m in Chicago and I have cash in hand. He tells me he’ll take a video and have it over to me in 15 minutes. I say, still photos will be fine.

He does tell me that it’s $22,999. I mention that I see it listed for less.

15 minutes later I receive two emails, a blank email, no subject, no contents, and a second email that says it is $22,999.

So I write him back and tell him I received a blank email, the video was probably too big, and still photos are fine. I also link to the listing on Camping World Syracuse own site listing it at $20,995.

No response for an hour, so I click “I’m interested – send me your lowest price” on their website. I realize I didn’t include a message. So I include a little message that I’m a cash buyer, cash in hand, and click again.

I receive several boilerplate emails back from 3 entirely different salespersons: “Thank you for reaching out Camping World of Syracuse about our 2015 ADVENTURER 116DS. I have great news! This RV is still available and ready to view.” and a price, $20,799. So I pick one. The email address is a woman named Elizabeth, but the signature says Samantha.

I write them, “I had spoken to Roger about getting some pictures. He tried to send a video, but so far has been unsuccessful. I’d love to get a look at the interior of this unit, it doesn’t have to be a video, some photos would be fine. Also, from Adventurer Manufacturing’s own website, I see there were some options that year. Do you know which options this unit has?”

I include the link to Adventurer Manufacturing’s own brochure for the camper.

I decide maybe email isn’t Camping World of Syracuse preferred way to communicate. I call Samantha’s number. I ask about options. She tells me to come in and take a look. I tell her I’m in Chicago, I mention I had been working with Roger. I repeat my question about options, wet bath or dry bath. I mention the brochure suggests it has a king size bed.

She asks if she can send me a brochure. I ask, “you mean the one I linked in my email? The factory brochure? I’ve already seen it. *I* sent it to *you,* or your manager or whoever reads these emails.”

She says she or Roger will get back to me.

About 1/2 hour later I get an email back from Samantha – this time from her own email account.

She tells me “On the Adventurer brochure our unit is on the third page and it’s the bottom right unit. The 116DS! It does have the king bed. I will still look for more information for you!”

Yes, that’s her referring me to the brochure I sent them, the brochure I referenced when asking about the options. According to the brochure, the 116DS is *only* available with a King Bed, so her answer tells me nothing I didn’t already know.

So Roger finally writes back and says “Ok looks like they just marked it down no problem I will send some pics of the inside tomorrow.”

The following day, the 4th, he sends me all of 4 pictures. Turns out it’s a wet bath, so for $20,799 I’m not particularly interested.

He tells me which options it has. No generator. Also he writes: “.I am here today and tomorrow then off on Sunday back on Monday. The unit has been here most of the summer and that its why it has been marked down accordingly. I am told if it doesn’t sell by Labor Day we are sending it to auctionJ” (sic)

I write back “A wet bath is a deal breaker for me. At least at ~$20,800!
You say its going to auction. Is the auction open to the public?
Perhaps I would bid on it.”

Monday he responds:

“Hi its Roger at Camping World sorry it sounds like this unit isn’t going to work for u as I mentioned it was just recently marked down to the sale price of $20995 I can’t go any lower. The auction is a closed bid and u would need a dealers license to bid on it do u have that? “

After being quoted $20799 by three sales people? That’s what you write me? Well let me answer you. No, Roger, I don’t have a dealers license. But I do have a nice yelp review for you.

My impression: from the start, 2x listings showing only poor exterior pictures, an inability to answer *BASIC* questions about options without going out and looking at it, and their overall lack of concern about answering the questions of an out of state buyer with cash in hand? No wonder it hasn’t sold! Total waste of my time, but better than driving 700 miles to get treated the same way – or worse – in person.

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