NAME: Bernd Roediger
HOMETOWN:Ho’okipa, Maui, HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 06.10.1996
INSTAGRAM: @bernd_roediger

Bernd Roedinger has never set a world title as his goal. His dream came
true when he won the Aloha Classics: He first competed at Aloha when he
was 9, but for his dream he had to wait until the Aloha took place again 
after a break. He has learned windsurfing already at the age of 7 years.
Since then he has been truly passionate about windsurfing.


NAME: Bryan Metcalf-Perez
DATE OF BIRTH: 12.02.1987
INSTAGRAM: @bryan_us505

Bryan Metcalf-Perez is one of the most experienced windurfers in the US.
The fact that he grew up as a skier inland, made it a challenge to become 
a professional windsurfer. But therefore he appreciates the combination of
wind and water even more. He prefers to surf the Columbia River in
Gorge, where the windsurfing scene is flourishing.


NAME: Casey Hauser
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA
DATE OF BIRTH: 23.12.1985
INSTAGRAM: @gordito_surfs

The Californian Casey Hauser had his debut in the PWA World Tour in
2013. Previously, he competed in various contests. For example, in
2012 he became Gorge Cup Men’s Champion. In 2014, he qualified for
the PWA Aloha Classics and finished 17th. Together with his wife Sarah
Hauser, who is alos a successful windsurfer, he lives in Maui.


NAME: Fiona Wylde
HOMETOWN: Hood River, OR
DATE OF BIRTH: 17.02.1997 

Fiona Wylde has an astounding number of titles in her ealry 20s: SUP 
Racing World Champion 2016, US Windsurfer of the Year, top 3 in the
World Paddle League, and more. Wylde says she does not try to force
success, because in her opinion, that’s how she becomes more
successful. Nevertheless, she works hard on her goals.


NAME: Florian Jung
HOMETOWN: Saarbrücken, Germany
DATE OF BIRTH: 12.12.1983
INSTAGRAM: @flojungdotcom

Florian Jung first stood on a board in Strasbourg on his uncle’s old board.
In an exchange stay on Maui, Jung learned to love windsurfing. After
graduation, he received a professional contract from a German sponsor
and since then he has been traveling ten months a year to compete in 
various contests.


NAME: Graham Ezzy
HOMETOWN: Haiku, Maui, HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 04.10.1989 
INSTAGRAM: @grahamezzy

Graham Ezzys greatest role model is his father and former windsurf pro
David Ezzy. He taught him how to windsurf. At Princeton, Ezzy also
studied economics to gain an acadmic degree. He wants to remain true
to his surf style (to make moves in the line of the wave) . 


NAME: Ingrid Larouche
HOMETOWN: Hood River, OR
DATE OF BIRTH: 24.10.1976
INSTAGRAM: @ingridlarouche

Although Ingrid Larouche took part in competitions only at the age of 30,
she could already win some titles. Windsurfing is not popular in her 
home country Canada, so she first discovered windsurfing in the US.
Competitions push her motivation, because then she has a concrete goal
in mind to work for.


NAME: Jeyug “Jay” Lee
HOMETOWN: Jeju Island, South Korea
DATE OF BIRTH: 17.10.1984

Jay Lee celebrated his debut in the PWA 2015 at the Aloha Classics. His 
best result was 28th. The native Korean has meanwhile moved to the US.


NAME: Junko Nagoshi
HOMETOWN: Hyogo, Japan

Junko Nagoshi was born and raised in Japan. In the meantime, she lives
on Maui. She is one of the most comitted windsurfers. No matter whether
it is calm water or high waves, Nagoshi always gives her best. She
already has a lot of experience. This is reflected in her thought-out surfing.


NAME: Kai Katchadourian
HOMETOWN: Bödö, Finland
INSTAGRAM: @flykatcher

Kai Katchadourian is windsurfing for more than 3 decades. However, 
Katchadourian is also captain of the Simmer Style and drummer in a
band. If he is not windsurfing, the Fin likes to snowboard. Katchadourian
has been traveling to Maui for 32 years. First time he surfed at Pe’ahi
was in 1993.


NAME: Kevin Pritchard
DATE OF BIRTH: 30.01.1976
INSTAGRAM: @pritchdog

Kevin Pritchard is a multiple world champion and former professional 
windsurfer. His biggest role model, then and now, is his big brother Matt.
Now, Pritchard says, he does not have to prove himself anymore, he just
enjoys surfing.


NAME: Levi Siver
HOMETOWN: Haiku, Maui, HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 23.12.1980
INSTAGRAM: @levi_siver

Siver offers coaching and experience camps in various locations, e.g.
on Maui. He says he loves sports more than ever now and tries to 
improve his level every day. For him, windsurfing has more to do with 
creativity than competition.


NAME: Peter Garzke
HOMETOWN: Kleve, Germany
DATE OF BIRTH: 09.08.1968

Peter Garzke had his debut in 1991, although the first time he stood on a 
board was in 1979. He already has over 30 years of surfing experience.
Today Garzke is a university lecturer at the University of Kleve. He 
organizes and directs sports classes for students there.


NAME: Philip Soltysiak
DATE OF BIRTH: 31.05.1987
INSTAGRAM: @philipsoltysiak

Philip Soltysiak is a multiple windsurfing champion. His parents first took 
him to windsurfing at a young age. However, training was always 
important to him. Therefore, he enrolled at the University of London in 
order to combine studying and his windsurfing career.


NAME: Sarah Hauser
HOMETOWN: Noumea, New Caledonia
INSTAGRAM: @hauserlifestyle

Sarah Hauser is one of the few women who has the courage to surf at 
Jaws. In 2016, she released her film ‘Girl on Wave’ to get more attention
for windsurfing. Hauser is married to windsurfing pro Casey Hauser. They
live together on Maui.


NAME: Tatiana Howard
HOMETOWN: Haiku, Maui, HI
INSTAGRAM: @tatianahowardmaffei

At the age of 16, Tatiana Howard traveled around the world on the 
Professional Windsurfing Tour. She makes it her goal to share her passion
for water sports and is therefore often seen in magazines. Howard is the 
founder of ‘The Butterfly Effect’, a worldwide women’s water movement. In
keeping with the motto ‘community instead of competition’, she regularly
organizes events for this purpose.


NAME: Tyson Poor
DATE OF BIRTH: 17.01.1983
INSTAGRAM: @poor_tyson

If Tyson Poor does not travel the world, he prefers to spend his sommer
months in Gorge and the winter time in Baja. His favorite windsurfing trick
is the Tweaked Pushloop. Besides windsurfing, Poor likes to ride dirt and
mountain bikes. The Californian also loves to fish.


NAME: Uli Hoelzl
HOMETOWN: Innsbruck, Austria
DATE OF BIRTH: 03.02.1975
INSTAGRAM: @uli_hoelzl

Uli Hölzl is not only a professional windsurfer, but also a professional 
Snowboarder. In addition to snowboarding and windsurfing, she has 
completed two study programs (Pharmacy and Medicine) and is now a 
doctor. After a serious knee injury, Hölzl gave up her snowboarding
career and focused on windsurfing.


NAME: Wyatt Miller
HOMETOWN: Berkeley, CA
INSTAGRAM: @wyattmiller525

Wyatt Miller has been on the most US freestyle podiums. He started a 
non-profit organization ‘Beyond Boardsports’ and is now manager of 
‘Slingshot Windsurfing’. Recently he is very passionate about windfoiling.


NAME: Morgan Noireaux
HOMETOWN: Haiku, Maui HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 22.10.1994
INSTAGRAM: @morganoireaux

Morgan Noireaux’s biggest motivation is to windsurf in as many places as
possible and to be able to develop further. Among the World Cup 
participants, it is said, that Noireaux always gets the best waves. This is 
probably due to his ability to observe and his good timing. After his first 
win at Aloha Classics, Noireaux has paused his studies to devote himself
fully to windsurfing.

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