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The idea behind the monthly community map is to share a map exchange string at the beginning of every month, and get as many people as we can to start a new world with it. Then at the end of the month (or even periodically if you’d prefer!) we share screenshots and saves of our factories so that we can see how different people approach the same spawn; how they set up their base, how they deal with aliens, and how they arrange their science, power, and everything else.

I hope it can highlight how many different ways there are to do things, inspire some new designs, and maybe seeing how veteran factorio players tackle problems will help out new players facing the exact same problems. (Of course, there’s also the fact that it’ll just be plain cool to see all of the different possible factories – the good, the bad, and the ugly.)

The Community Map

Hey guys, how’re you all doing this time around? We’re approaching the holiday season (or have already jumped right into the middle of it, depending on where you shop), and as such, I’ve been giving the November/December maps some thought. Lots of people will be traveling, planning, shopping, or just, you know, not being on the their computers as often. I’ve come to the conclusion that, for November at least, I’ll be allowing quick-start mods. Namely:

Peppe Bot Start and Arumba’s Accelerated Start.

If you had a different quick-start mod in mind, let me know below. I’ll either add it here, or explain why I’d rather not use it.

Aaaand with that all out of the way, I think it’s finally string time.

The exchange string is here:


Here's what your starting area should look like:

Spawning location

I thought that crescent lake right at spawn was pretty interesting, and the resources were about what I was looking for, so this map seemed just about perfect. Hope you all enjoy!

(Please remember that most mods change world generation or add items that change gameplay. If you like to play with mods, please see the About Mods section below.)

Exchange String Help

If anyone isn't sure how to use an exchange string, just go to new game like you're going to generate a new world, and at the menu where you select ore density/size/rarity, at the bottom there's a text field labelled "Exchange String". Just copy the exchange string above and paste it into that box. That's it! You're good to go. Just generate the world and come back in a month to show us how your factory turned out!

If you paste the exchange string in and the text turns red, check to make sure that you copied the whole string, including the three greater than/lesser than signs at the beginning and end, and make sure that your Factorio is up to date with the most recent version installed. (As of the time of this post, the most recent version is 0.14.17.)

Let's Players

Also, if you're a streamer/let's player who will be recording yourself building a new factory on a community map, I'd be happy to add a link to your channel here!

Let's Players:

About Mods

Since mods can affect how a world spawns and ores are distributed, as well as add or change items and functionality, it's important to make sure that we're all playing the same game by the same rules. There are a few select mods that either don't add any new items or change terrain, or that simply don't change the base game in a significant way, and I've decided to put together a list of these "Optional Mods" that I think are ok to use on any map.

These will likely all be nothing more than convenience mods. The RSO Radar mod, for example, does add a new item, and it has 4 times the coverage of a normal radar, but it also requires 4 times the power. In other words, it doesn't actually change the way the game is played so I think it's fine.

Of course this list is by no means complete, so if you think you know of a mod that fits this criteria, please suggest it. Likewise, if you think I've added something that I shouldn't have, please let me know why.

Optional Mods

Note: I can't conceive of any situation where this could be an issue, but if you're the author of one of the mods listed here (and can offer me some proof of this) and for whatever reason would like me to remove your mod from this post, I'd be happy to comply.

It's entirely possible some of these mods either don't work with the current version of Factorio, conflict with each other, or in some manner just don't work. I can't test them all, let alone every configuration of them, so you might wanna back up your world before adding one of these.

Arumba Lights

Auto Deconstruct


Better Icons

Better Vehicle Control

Blueprint String


Chem Flip

Color Coding


Deforestation Planner

Enhanced Map Colors


Factorio Timelapse


Filtered Deconstruction Planner


Google Maps Factorio Style


Killkrog's Blueprint Manager

Laser Beam Turret

Loaded Gun Turrets

Module Inserter

Natural Tree Expansion


RadarPlus For RSO

Red Alerts

Research Queue

The FAT Controller

Underground Belt Spotter

Upgrade Planner

Useful Map Colors



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