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Luggage talk can read like foreign language. Try visiting a travel bag specialty shop and chances are, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by terms you’ve never heard of before.

So if you are about to explore or even just browse through travel luggage, be ready to journey into an entirely different universe. Styles are referred to in more than a dozen ways. Same goes for the type of casings. Even details as basic as the handles or the kind of wheels command an entire lexicon of its own.

And while firsthand experience will always be the best measure for discovering which brand, size, and style will suit you most, you can begin your search with this roundup of the best tried-and-tested brands.


It’s almost always the first name that comes to mind when we talk about finding good, reliable, and durable luggage. Since it was founded in 1910, Samsonite has consistently pioneered several firsts in the travel industry. New shapes, material for cases, and locking systems were just a few of the innovations introduced by today’s largest travel luggage company throughout the years. Its more recent luggage features four-wheel spinners and Curv woven technology and reinforced design—enhancing the experience of traveling light without having to worry about wear and tear. Samsonite’s wide range of styles, numerous design breakthroughs, and reputation for building luggage that last make it one of the most trusted in the travel industry today.

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Business travel and Tumi go hand-in-hand. The company, which first made its presence felt in the travel world through the introduction of black-on-black ballistic nylon bags, crafts luggage with a mindset for giving users solutions to all possible travel situations. They are at least two steps ahead where anticipated travel woes are concerned. This philosophy is evident through innovations such as the signature FXT Ballistic Nylon Fabrics, the Omega closure system, and integrated wheel feature. Interiors of Tumi bags also are done with an exceptional eye for detail, such that users almost feel like configurations were done following their very specific needs.

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Photo courtesy of Delsey

Sense and style are at the core of Delsey’s brand identity. As the leading French luggage company that consistently draws from architecture, Delsey integrates understated elegance and timelessness into its suitcases through fresh proportions, streamlined silhouettes, and polished finishes. Beyond aesthetics, the maker of chic suitcases has also introduced several breakthroughs, including an unbreakable amper-free double zipper called the Zip Securitech. This distinguishing detail found in Delsey luggage addresses the need for secure, sturdy, and safe enclosures. An overweight red indicator attached to handles of Delsey bags provide a fast and easy way for travelers to know if they have overpacked. A small, nondescript heart emblem on every Delsey piece indicates the brand’s commitment to crafting luggage with passion.

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Photo courtesy of TravelPro

You can rely on someone who has lived out of a suitcase to create luggage that will truly address your travel needs. This is the design philosophy that informs creators at Travelpro. A company that prides itself for making bags that are “ready to handle anything you want to put it through,” Travelpro is the mastermind behind game-changing carryon suitcases with wheels. (Its founder, Roberth Plath, was a Northwest Airlines pilot.) Known as the Rollaboard, this innovation set the tone for traveling with ease and in style. Its series of expandable Rollaboard carryons and check-in luggage are preferred by many experienced travelers, more specifically those working in the aviation industry.

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Photo courtesy of Seat Maestro

In more recent years, the hipster set has been associating luxury travel with Rimowa’s trademark silver aluminum luggage. Beyond its influence over the style community, however, lies heritage that dates back to 1898 when the German label was first established. Innovation from the Rimowa workshops are anchored on a staunch commitment for providing real travel solutions for real travel professionals. When makers at Rimowa crafted suitcases made of aluminum and later upgraded them with high technology polycarbonate, they meant to create items that would protect expensive, highly sensitive equipment. The signature grooves on the outer shell, for instance, was a design idea taken from the body of aircrafts in the ’50s. It was integrated onto design to ensure that items packed in Rimowa suitcases arrive at their destinations intact. It also eventually became the design element that would distinguish the brand’s luggage.

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Victorinox was first recognized for its widely-famous high-quality Swiss knives and cutlery. It was only in 1999 when the company from the town of Ibach in Switzerland decided to expand to the manufacturing of travel suitcases. The main focus of creating pieces was addressing the needs of the end user. Features of every piece of luggage bearing the striking Victorinox label comes packed with functionality—as seen in styles like Spectra, Werk, and Avolve. And while most products are closely associated with adventure and extreme travel conditions, designs for luggage remain versatile. Use a trusty Victorinox for exploring new terrains, to a business trip, or for a leisurely flight to your favorite getaway.

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Briggs and Riley

Photo courtesy of Briggs and Riley

The one unique proposition that distinguishes Briggs and Riley is unparalleled lifetime warranty. Whereas other travel luggage brands set certain parameters or limitations when it comes to applying warranties, Briggs and Riley applies a no-questions-asked principle. So whether damage is caused by the airline, nature, or a series of unfortunate events, you can rest assured that the company has your back. That they would enforce this heightened standard for warranties speaks volumes on how confident they are about the quality and workmanship of their product. Impressive after-sales service aside, the company has also introduced several innovations that have truly made a different in the travel experience. The patented Outsider handle design places handle bars outside the luggage so that there is an absolute flat packing surface inside of your suitcase. Other smart innovations include the checkpoint-friendly SpeedThru laptop sleeves, as well as the CX expansion compression system.

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Arlo Skye

Most brands in the travel luggage category have decades—centuries, even—of history to harp about. Arlo Skye, however, is the newest kid on the block. Despite it being a relatively new label launched in 2016, Arlo Skye has already made an impression even on those who have gone through every single luggage brand in the book. Styles conceived by Arlo Skye are intended to appeal to individuals who are “design-obsessed.” In terms of quality, the standard is set pretty high with preference for using only aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, Makrolon virgin polycarbonate, and soundless run wheels. Other details integrated by the travel industry’s rising star include antimicrobial interior linings and full grain leather hides.

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Photo courtesy of Globe Trotter

To travel like a royal, start by investing in luggage labels rooted on heritage. For the past 120 years, Globe-Trotter has subscribed to “uncompromising integrity of craftsmanship.” The company strictly follows traditional productions methods and machinery anchored on the golden Victorian age. And while history is a strong point of reference for the label’s aesthetic, Globe-Trotter keeps up with the times through product innovations that make every suitcase sturdy, lightweight, and functional. The company’s stellar list of clients will speak volumes about the brand’s leadership in the luxury category: Sir Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II.

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Fabrica Pelleterie Milano

Photo courtesy of Fabrica Pelleterie Milano

Photo courtesy of Fabrica Pelleterie Milano

When it comes to premium bags and fine leather accessories, one cannot deny the influence and dominance of Italian design and craftsmanship. This also applies to the creation of modern, luxury luggage as best embodied by pieces bearing the FPM initials. Also known as Fabrica Pelletterie Milano, the 73-year-old label takes its design direction from vintage trunks, reworking smaller details of a classic to come up with luggage designs that are highly distinctive yet discreet. Its Bank series of suitcases, done in collaboration with designer Marc Sadler, brings together elements of refinement from the Old World and “avant-garde” technologies. To make a strong case of the label’s claim over exceptional design innovation, check out the Bank Pilates Station.

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