I’ll try to update this whenever something new comes along. If enough changes occur to warrant a brand new post then I’ll make a 3.0.0.

Anyways, folks.. Nickelodeon’s newer leadership isn’t as passionate about new animated Invader Zim ventures as the previous Nick execs were when Jhonen was working on Florpus. Even if we don’t get another movie, please help ensure that we keep getting neat stuff. It’s simple. Vote with your wallet.


How to read and collect Invader ZIM comics

Digital copies through Comixology

Print copies directly through Oni Press.

How can I buy new and unused Invader ZIM DVDs?

Amazon has a license contract to sell and manufacture DVD-r discs of the show on demand. There is also a DVD set compatible with any region DVD player. Keep in mind, folks, that this is not the Media Blasters DVD set with the commentary tracks, interviews, and other bonus features. That set is out of print and Media Blasters does not have an Invader Zim licensing deal presently.

Where can I digitally stream the show?

Invader ZIM: Enter the Florpus is a Netflix exclusive.

The original Invader ZIM animated series is streamed on CBS All Access (soon to be renamed ‘Paramount+’) and Amazon Prime Video’s NickHits

Where can I digitally buy episodes to keep?

Prime Video, Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, and Microsoft Store.

What if it’s pulled from any of those services?

ReelGood and JustWatch are services designed to help you find your favorite shows online. Sometimes they’re a little behind on information if a service is newer. So be nice! They’re doing their best.


Invader ZIM soundtrack?!

Yes. Well. Not exactly. Kevin Manthei had made efforts to get the soundtrack released. In fact, back in college, I tried to get in Nick’s ear about it, too. I guess they just don’t want to print money by lazily putting it on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google, and more. Womp womp.

However, what you can do is check out Invader ZIM composer Kevin Manthei’s YouTueb page. He has uploaded both the entire Enter the Florpus soundtrack as well as episode suites for FREE. More suites are on the way! I think that if more people listen then the more Nickelodeon can see that there is measurable evidence of a built in market for great Invader ZIM stuff! Show a demand! Show them it prints money and that they’re missing out.

Are there Invader ZIM books?

Yes. There’s an official one and a not so official one.
The Art of Invader ZIM by Chris McDonnell. Published by Abrams. There’s new interviews and never before seen production art.

The Medium-Sized Book of ZIM Scripts Vol. 1: Pigs ‘n’ Waffles The Stories and the Stories Behind the Stories of Your Favorite Invader by Eric Trueheart. A not-so-official, yet as-close-as-you-can-be-to-official book! Eric is hilarious and he gives an excellently transparent, yet kind, look into the ups and downs of working on the show. Don’t sleep on this one.



Will InvaderCON ever happen again?

Yes, but in a different way from the three events they’ve had before. There were plans for InvaderCON to “invade” a larger convention called Fan Expo Boston. This means that instead of you travelling to a hotel filled with nothing but Invader ZIM itinerary and Invader ZIM fans…. You can go to Invader ZIM panels and such at a larger event in a large convention center venue. It was slated for 2020, hoowever, the pandemic has delayed plans. Keep an eye on InvaderCON’s Twitter.

There’s going to be new Invader ZIM action figures?!

Yes! New Invader ZIM action figures were announced. I typed up a transcript for those who have a hard time discerning what the guy is saying. I’ll edit it in soon.

There’s going to be an Invader ZIM amusement park ride?!

Yes, and it’s a new innovative way of experiencing bumper cars! It’s called Invader ZIM’s Flip ‘N’ Spin… OF DOOM. It’ will be located at Nickelodeon Universe, an indoor amusement park at the American Dream in East Rutherford, NJ.

The ride was open briefly but it has been temporarily removed. A guest services team member was gracious enough to give an honest, clear, and optimistic answer. They clearly want this to succeed!

“We do hope to have it open again – but have had some challenges with the reliability as it is a prototype ride. We are working with the manufacturer on bringing it back online. With no firm date, we have decided to remove it from our advertising and delist it. When it is ready to reopen we will add it back online. I know this likely isn’t the answer you want to hear – but we want to be upfront with you on when it could resume. Hopefully sooner than later.

(also, can we give a round of applause to them for being honest yet optimistic and forward thinking? I seriously think he deserves a raise. They could have easily ignored us or given a safe non-answer. I’m deeply impressed.)

Will you list stuff that is not licensed?

Only if they were made by, or with the direct participation of, someone who has worked on the show. Examples include Eric’s script book or any Invader ZIM art by Jhonen, Rikki, Aaron, etc.

I saw some stuff on Amazon that might not be licensed. How do I know if it is?

Be sure to check if the item description says that it’s an officially licensed Nickelodeon item. If you can see who the vendor is, you likely can find out if they’re an unlicensed vendor. It might have a specific vendor listed, if not then it’s Nick directly through Amazon (or so I’m informed). You might want to check if that vendor is reselling items that people trade into collector shops when decluttering their basements.

What if I buy something that isn’t licensed? Is that okay?

I see no harm in buying art and home made crafts from fans on Etsy and at convention artist alleys. Copyright holders don’t often care either. This guide, however, is focused on informing fans of how they can vote with their wallets. In fact, I’d love to see avid Invader ZIM fanartists have opportunities to get licenses to sell their stuff….. I don’t know how to do it, but if it helps them change the landscape of the Invader ZIM franchise then let’s make history!

As for posting on r/InvaderZim how to buy them? We have a rule against it. Thank you for your understanding.

Okay enough FAQ… Give us that sweet sweet list of Invader ZIM vendors so we can GIVE OUR URTH MONIES TO ZIM!!

Of course! First, here’s some of the crew’s stuff

Honestly, everything a crew member works on is worthy of a fan’s support. I’m going to link to those who are selling some ZIM stuff (prints, autographs, etc), OR do commissioned requests, OR make convention appearances. Their success does not get brought to the attention of Nick’s number crunching service drones but your support of the ZIM staff is still a worthy cause. Show up for the ZIM stuff, and stay for the rest of the cool stuff they work on!

It bears repeating that Eric Truehart’s book THE MEDIUM-SIZED BOOK OF ZIM SCRIPTS VOL. 1: PIGS ‘N’ WAFFLES – THE STORIES AND THE STORIES BEHIND THE STORIES OF YOUR FAVORITE INVADER is available in paperback and digital download.

Jhonen has plenty of stuff based on JtHM, Squee, and whatnot. Can you spot the Dib print and the Bowels Will Release design from the rejected Florpus teaser? Don’t forget the “Grinning Space Jerk” mask

Vol. 7 of the Invader ZIM comic signed by K.C. Green is sold here

This list might expand but for now we’ve got delightful stuff from:
Rikki & Tavisha Simons

Aaron Alexovich

Richard Horvitz (he also does voice acting workshops!)


Outside of Amazon’s stock there’s also……………….

Hot Topic, of course! They have been the most prominent, longest running, and most loyal of vendors in ZIM’s twenty year history. Also, I have experienced first hand that they take polite, constructive, courtoues, forward thing feedback into consideration such as in regards to character depictions, design trends, available clothing types, etc… Please be chill if you fill out those feedback forms. I can’t emphasize enough to be courteous. Don’t let me regret telling you that.

Zen Monkey Studios is a small company that sells amazing Invader Zim enamel pins. Pick your favorite(s).

Diamond Select Toys has an Invader ZIM diorama figurine as well as Vinimates. They’ll be selling a brand new series of action figures, too!!

Dumbgood recently acquired a merch license. There’s designs featuring ZIM and robot GIR. Some argue that these design are a little bit on the pricier side due to manufacturing costs.

Funko’s catalog of Invader ZIM Pop Figures are out of print or were exclusively sold for limited time through select events and vendors. As of this writing, it currently doesn’t list Invader ZIM however keep in mind that the next time a new ZIM Pop arrives, your local stores buy out the figures and will take a loss when they don’t sell well. So keep an eye out in the future! Lately, Invader ZIM’s have been event exclusives or store exclusives.

The Nick Box had a GIR plush in their fall edition. There could be Invader ZIM stuff again in the future. What sort of stuff? You’ll see when you open it. Do keep in mind that it’s going to come with stuff based on other Nicktoons as well and there’s no guarantee that it’s an item that has never been released before.

Nickelodeon Universe get the most results when you search ‘ZIM’ and ‘GIR’ together

Newbury Comics doesn’t just have comics. Neither does Forbidden Planet

UCC Distributing handle these blind bag/box collectibles but if I understand right, they sell to vendors, not consumers. i don’t know how to find a participating store as of yet.

Aquarius has a puzzle and playing card set.

Seven Times Six has a shirt license.

FOCO’s Eekeez figures include some ZIM and GIR

IDW Games has an Invader ZIM dice game and a Nickelodeon board game featuring Invader ZIM.

My Party Shirt has playing cards.

Ikon Collectables has some Funko in stock and other collectibles.

Vision Toys

Giant Kids World sells the Invader ZIM lip gloss made by Boston America.

Invader ZIM Rock ‘Em Socks


Let me know of anything I’ve missed!

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