First time i fell in love with ios was when i used the first ipod touch. It was magical. When apple announced the ipad, i knew with all my heart, this was where the future of computing and UI would stem off of.

I first bought an ipad for college. It was the ipad air 2. I started using it for digital textbooks that i may or may not have gotten illegally or legally through websites.

This was the start of it.

Reading slides and ebooks was very easy on the ipad, as well as researching topics using safari or watching math tutorials on youtube. The ipad was slowly taking over the work my macbook was doing except for one task, typing.

I didnt mind typing on the ipad and i even enjoyed the sound my fingers made when they hit the screen. One day i thought i would give it a shot. While it wasn’t entirely pleasant, i was able to type my essays. The keyboard took up much of the screen realstate and i couldnt as accurately type without looking. It was still useable though.

This was before some adjustments to ios and the only real issue i had was trying to upload the essays to my online classes. The work around was save the file to dropbox and use the schools computers. This worked just fine.

Once the ipad pro 10.5 in and all the nessassary ios updates came out, my ipad could do everything i needed it to. The only time i used another computer was in my circuits class but laptops were offered with the necessary software.

The last year was when i went all in. The only thing in my backpack was my ipad, smart keyboard, apple pencil, and backpack notebook and pencil. Notes were taken on the ipad as well as every other task. This setup was ok. I had to cram an ebook and note taking app in one 10.5in screen but besides that it worked.

While getting through college i was also working as a QC technician and engineering intern at a small engineering firm. Even though i only had two job titles, my responsible went beyond these positions. We all had desktop computers at work so while their the only time i used my ipad was to taking notes in meetings or sketching out ideas.

One job i had was inputting information into our system. I did this at home by remote desktoping into my work computer and accessing the software. I didn’t do this directly from the ipad not because the software wasn’t available for ios, which is wasn’t anyway, but because the software required a large data file to be pulled from the server which would take hours on a laptop.

At work i would use it to access drawing for parts so i could check them on the factory floor. I didn’t like doing this only because i didn’t want a part to land on my ipad and break it. If i needed to, i could quickly RDP to my comp and look something up. The ipad was a great tool in the shop/factory floor.

As a photographer, i never did anything crazy big. Baptisms, rehearsal dinners, portraits, etc. low volume shoots can easily be edited on the ipad. With new software coming out, i hope this changes.

I have a blog that me and my SO edit. Before i switched to the ipad pro i wouldn’t have been able run this website, but the website was created late in my college years around the time squarespace started to release their apps.

At first the squarespace site was bloaty and my ipad would slowly chug along as i copied pasted from pages to the site. As the app started to come out it completely changed the way I interacted with the site only needing to jump in through the web portal to do more complicated things. now the site has been revamped to work very well on the ipad and the app is very comprehensive.

I use the ipad for writing articles, editing pictures, making graphic designs, planning out ideas, editing video, etc. My ipad is the foundation of my site.

Using Squarespace i create websites for people, friends, family, and small businesses. The ipad is critical to selling the idea of a website as i can show a customer everything i want them to see just from my ipad. Its a great device.

Lastly, i decided to presue getting a job as a firefighter, and just like in college, im using my ipad to take notes. Now, there is not digital book avaliable, but iv been using a scanning app to scan in pages from the physical pages of the book.

My ipad is used for everything. I use my ipad more often than i use my tv and on par with my phone. Im writing, studying, editing, creating, planning all on my ipad. If i have an idea i need to work out, i just take out my ipad. Have to research for a project i want to start, get my ipad. Check my schedule for studying or posting articles, get my ipad. I dont need a laptop nor do i need a mouse to do anything thing on my ipad (though external touch support is making me think they will expand on external monitor support and make the ipad something you can plug in and get a full desktop-work environment).

When people asked me if the ipad will replace their laptop my answer was and still is “unless you need a specific app that runs on a specific OS, than yes it can replace your device. You just might need to change a little how you do things.“

You cant move in any direction, let alone forward, unless you change from standing still.

Edit: for clarity

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