International Travel Security

In an increasingly globalized and dangerous world, you may find yourself traveling internationally and need to address potential risk factors such as: security risk; medical risk; and intellectual property risk. If you are sending employees abroad, there are also legal and reputational risks associated with putting them in harm’s way without appropriate attention to your Duty of Care responsibilities.

The World Protection Group, a full-service international executive protection and threat management firm, has extremely robust capabilities in international travel security. Founded by CEO Kent Moyer, one of the world’s most respected security experts, the World Protection Group has developed a gold standard international travel security program for corporate clients, high-net worth individuals and their families, and celebrities.

International Travel and Security Risk

Our philosophy is the same whether the client is in the United States or traveling internationally: proactive and preventative security, based on the principles of the U.S. Secret Service. Most attacks – even overseas – are preventable. The World Protection Group specializes in avoiding and deterring attacks; although our executive protection agents are extremely highly-trained and able to respond to virtually any kind of threat, the use of force is a last resort.

If your travel plans are known in advance, our security teams will thoroughly research each location and travel route on your itinerary.  They will access protective intelligence, note potential vulnerabilities, and develop plans to mitigate associated risks. We also work with the U.S. embassy, the State Department, local law enforcement (if not corrupt), and our local intelligence contacts, and we keep security advances/intelligence on file for every location our clients have visited for future reference.

Of course, time doesn’t always allow for full and thorough advance work, when travel plans are often developed or changed with little notice. Operating with short notice is a key strength of the World Protection Group and is possible only because of our deep experience in international travel security. If it is not possible to do full advance preparation for a location ahead of time, our executive protection agents are trained and experienced in performing crucial advance work before you arrive there, e.g., locating entrances and exits, restrooms, meeting locations, identifying potential safe rooms, and determining the most effective route to an appropriate hospital or trauma center.

To learn more about our philosophy about international travel security, or if you have a trip coming up and would like to schedule a free, private consultation with an international travel executive protection expert at the World Protection Group, please contact us.

International Travel: Medical Risk

International travel security also includes an assessment and mitigation of medical risk. The World Protection Group pre-vets medical providers and associated services in the locations where you are traveling, including private ambulances, hospitals, doctors, and trauma centers, and medical evacuation, with backups and contingencies for each. Our advance work also determines the fastest routes to these objectives, along with backup options if necessary. In addition, all executive protection agents are trained and certified in CPR, First Aid and AED, and a medical kit will always be on the protection detail. We also have a strategic partnership with Penn Passport through Penn Medicine: a high-end health care portfolio service that provides expert medical guidance to all our high net worth families.  This is part of our 001 gold standard service.

International Travel and Intellectual Property Risk

The World Protection Group can assist you and your company evaluate and mitigate the intellectual property risks of traveling to countries. We can consult with you on identifying potentially high-risk areas for intellectual property as well as the most common types of attack and appropriate countermeasures. A small amount of planning, especially around your electronic devices, can go a long way to mitigating risk. The World Protection Group also provides genuinely unbreakable communication protocols (via one-time pads) for encrypted communication while traveling internationally.

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