I’ll preface this with: 1. This is long, sorry and 2. I’m really enjoying the game (main/side story, driving, the visuals and shooting) despite this not really being the game that was promised to us.

After 70 hours in, there are some amazing facets to this game: the environment and city is visually stunning, the lighting is superb, the main and side quests are well made and the characters are full of life and beautifully crafted. The combat, although not perfect, is pretty satisfying, the driving feels good – although a bit slippery – and some of the character customisation (perks/cyberware) is pretty cool. However, this is where the things go down hill.

During the marketing of Cyberpunk, we were promised (and saw) a plethora of features that are no where to be seen at launch… Substantial/significant life paths, a breathing living world with AI that reacts to players, dynamic weather systems and a city with a gritty futuristic soul. The open world game has a lot of objective markers but, beyond the main and side stories, the formula gets old and the shallowness kicks in pretty quickly and besides car purchases it’s hard to find anything worth working towards, interacting with or immersing yourself in.

That said, besides the obvious bug and performance fixes, here’s a list of needed improvements/features over the coming months/years to take this game from a 6 or 7/10 to the 9/10 we were promised:


  • Police – First responders / Vehicle response / SWAT response / Air response / Active chase

  • Civilians – Varied reactions to player actions, not just crouch in terror or jump away from or in front of your moving vehicle

  • Gangs – More diverse reactions and behaviours. Distinct abilities from gang to gang / less standing still / gang chases, etc.

  • Vehicles – Cars should drive around obstacles, like the players car or other vehicles

  • Bikes – Let’s see motorbikes as well as cars. Just imagine gangs on motorcycles that you should either avoid or gun down

  • Medics – When a civilian is injured, a small chance for an ambulance to spawn


  • Barber/Hairdressers – Or at the very least, using your apartment mirror to edit hair/makeup

  • Car shops – Customise your vehicle and buy vehicle variants. Could be used as well as the random quest marker leading to a new car in the middle of nowhere

  • Travel options – What happened to the train line? Or taxi’s? The infrastructure is there but the feature’s gutted

  • Merchants – More interactive shops; there are tons of shop keepers with no interactivity. Even sitting/eating/drinking prompts would be an improvement here.

  • Mini-games – they aren’t the most important thing and we will probably only mess with them a few times, but just knowing “activities” exist somewhere adds to the immersion.

  • Weather – We were promised dynamic weather, rain, dust storms, fog, etc. but in 70+ hours of gameplay, I’ve seen rain twice and one scripted dust storm. Where’s the weather? And the acid rain? And NPC’s sheltering because of the rain?

  • Dynamic world events – There are shootouts and random voice lines here and there, but what about actual world events that briefly transform an area?

  • Map development – The city is big and beautiful but the Badlands is heavily under-developed


  • Life paths – A more in-depth story for each of the life paths? A 10-20 minute intro before divergence is not what was promised. Even tweaking the quest chain to encourage the player to do story missions in their life path area would be an improvement here. E.g. The Nomad life path begins with a chain of side quests in the Badlands prior to meeting Jackie. Something went very, very wrong in development here; uploaded only 4 months ago

  • Braindance – Let us use Braindance’s outside of the main story? Or create a whole new type of braindance side quest? Being a feature in this episode seems pointless in highsight

  • Cut characters – Deeper development of certain slimmed down characters, e.g. Meredith Stout


  • Show me, me – More opportunities to view your character in the open world; cut scenes or…

  • Mirrors – V is for Vampire? Let mirrors work in the open world (probably deactivated due to how derpy V looks in third person – see shadows)


  • Apartment progression – upgrade over time / acquire new apartments as you progress

  • Weapon wall – Display custom weapons – not just legendary’s – on the apartment wall

  • Wardrobe – A visual area in V’s apartment to try out new gear

  • Garage/storage area – To admire cars/bikes!


  • Preview clothing items – Before equipping/purchase

  • Hide items from view – E.g. Hat/mask/glasses/etc.

  • Select multiple items

  • Favourite items

  • More item stat variety

  • Item labels – Per gang/style?

  • Item sets – Something to work towards?

  • Improved weapon modding – Editing mods without needing to equip the weapon

  • Item limits/stacks – A limit on certain items (unlimited healing inhalers seems broken?)



  • More diverse weapons

  • Dismemberment – Properly implement dismemberment a la trailers of old? Perhaps I still haven’t found the right gun type to simulate this type of carnage? (Let me know!)

  • Vehicle combat Shoot weapons from vehicles outside of story/side quests






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