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When it comes to travel I think most people would agree that being organised not only saves you time but also reduces stress along the way! And at no time is this more apparent to me than during long haul trips; where you have to not only worry about making your flight and connections but also ensuring you have all the information you need at the ready. Being an Aussie who adores travelling to Europe, I’ve discovered a few key items over the years which really do make my travels much easier and more enjoyable along the way, which I’d love to share with you. So let’s take a look at what I think every traveller must have for their adventures, from one of my favourite brands, Kikki K.

Passport wallet & travel organizer

Arguably the most important document you’ll ever have and one you want to keep protected at all costs, your passport is not only your identification but your key to travelling the world! And whilst there’s an abundance of passport wallets out there, my personal favourite is the travel wallet & organizer from Kikki K. Always available from this shop and released in a variety of different colours throughout the seasons, it’s not only pretty but also super practical.

Close up of the inside of my Kikki K travel organizer
My passport wallet & travel organizer from Kikki K

Not only has it got room for your passport, there’s also a heap of compartments to store your flight/train tickets, tour vouchers, travel insurance documentation, itinerary details and much more. One of the best parts of this multi-functional wallet /organizer for me is also the zippered currency section which is designed to store all your cash, in case you need to whip some out quickly. There’s also a pen holder in the centre of the organizer, a wrist loop and a few sleeves to store your cards in.

I purchased mine back in 2017 and have no idea how I would ever do without it now. Using my organizer makes things so much easier for me because all my travel related documents, passport & cash are stored and accessible in the one handy place. This means I’m not groping around inside my handbag or suitcase searching for something when I’m in a rush! The hardest thing will be choosing between the colour range – currently in store they have these in black, grey, pink, mint green and beige.

Clear cosmetics bag

A must-have for any woman travelling internationally and especially on long-haul flights, a clear cosmetics pouch will be your lifesaver in the airport bathrooms, mid-flight and whilst going through customs! Much more practical than a clear zip-lock freezer bag (as the pouch won’t break or split apart), this will ensure you can see your cosmetics & skincare easily. It will also ensure your makeup & cosmetics are protected if the bottles are made of glass. I always use this one from Kikki K, which has lasted me through over 20 flights and is still going strong now a few years later!

Kikki K navy blue clear cosmetics pouch
Kikki K cosmetics pouch has lasted me through many flights overseas

I bought this clear travel pouch at the same time as I got my travel wallet, so if you notice a navy blue theme going on here, now you know why! It easily fits all my in-flight necessities such as moisturiser, serum, face mist, toothbrush & toothpaste, foundation and contact lenses. The great thing about this item is that you aren’t caught out at customs having to sort through your beauty items & makeup in your carry on luggage, especially if you’re rushing to make a connecting flight.

Luggage Tags

An item which may seem non-essential to some people, however I really believe this will not only save you time but it might also save your luggage as well! I picked up a few luggage tags from Kikki K in 2017 before travelling to Finland & Russia, and it made identifying my suitcase at the airport bag carousel so much easier. When everyone’s luggage rolling around on the carousels appears to be like a sea of black, grey & blue, having a luggage tag on your suitcase will ensure you can easily identify your bags.

Close up of the blue & white striped Kikki K luggage tag
This luggage tag has been on so many trips with me!

I’ve noticed my suitcases have been picked up by strangers then placed back on the carousel once they noticed my luggage tag was attached, so these really do work! Plus there’s the added benefit that you can insert your contact details, home address and destination address details inside the tag. I picked up a couple in identifiable patterns (like polka dots and stripes) and Kikki K are always coming out with fresh designs for their range.

Travel journal

Kikki K Travel Journal photo
My Kikki K travel journal from 2015!

Whether you’re on a flight, waiting around in the airport or just on the go, having a notebook is handy to jot down any thoughts or ideas, plus it’s also useful for pre-planning your holiday. I picked up a Kikki K “Travel Notes” planner a few years ago which has been brilliant as it has separate sections dedicated to planning focused on different topics such as budgeting, a destination “wish list”, luggage & holiday packing list, notes area, vision board section and more. It’s also been really fun to open this up and look back on trips that I’ve completed across the years to see how I’ve been able to tick off visiting some of my dream travel destinations!

Map of the world inside my Kikki K travel notes journal
Map of the world inside the Kikki k Travel Notes journal


This probably seems like such a simple suggestion but it’s definitely worth mentioning because there’s been so many times that I haven’t had a pen with me when I’ve needed to write something down! In the digital age, we’re so used to writing things down in the notes section on our mobiles & tablets that it’s easy to forget this item. But whether you’re on a plane and need to complete a customs card or your phone is flat and you need to write something down, having a pen handy is definitely going to come in use! Plus they fit easily into the travel passport planner’s mentioned above as well!

Pack of 4 ballpoint pens from Kikki K
Pretty ballpoint pens in the giveaway!


Giveaway pack from the blog including the organizer, pens, luggage tag and gift bag from Kikki K
Giveaway pack – Kikki K organizer, pens, luggage tag & gift bag

To celebrate my upcoming holiday to Europe next month, I’m giving away some of the must have items I’ve mentioned here to one lucky person! Up for grabs is:

  • mint-green coloured passport wallet organizer
  • pack of 4 ballpoint pens
  • grey coloured “Bon Voyage” luggage tag
  • Kikki K gift bag

The giveaway pack is valued at AUD $99. The giveaway is open worldwide and the winner will be announced here on my blog and on my Instagram account on Sunday 1st September 2019 by 9pm AEDT.

To enter the giveaway, here are the rules:

  • 1. Follow my Instagram @lauren.grace.harding and like the giveaway post on Instagram
  • 2. Make sure you are subscribed to my blog – – you can subscribe to my blog by entering your email address on the home page
  • 3. Leave a comment under this blog post here on my website and let me know which dream destination you would love to visit next. Also be sure to mention your Instagram account when you leave the comment too!

If you want to discover more of the wonderful range of Kikki K products, you can visit their website, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest

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I hope you have enjoyed this article on what I think the must have travel accessories are from Kikki K! It’s important for me to note that this post is not sponsored by or endorsed by the Kikki K brand. I just really love their product range so much and I also love to share things I adore with others too! Wishing everyone good luck for the giveaway!

UPDATE – Congratulations to the winner of the giveaway: Marcel @marcel_richter_in_vienna – I will contact you via Instagram DM tonight!

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