This article is about the travel mates and provide you infromation, like how many types of travel mates you can find out from the world.


If you are a traveler, you might have traveled with different kinds of people; some of them might be your friends, spouse, parents, colleagues, and friends you made on your solo trip. It is, of course, interesting to meet and know different kinds of people on a vacation because a holiday is a time when you live together for a long time with someone. You may become better buddies after the vacation or never want to see each other forever; it all depends on how well your trip goes. Some people appear different when you meet them in the city, and the same people may turn out to be diverse beings when you go out of the city with them. Let us see if you have met with any of the kinds of travel buddies mentioned below:

The go-getters

These are the travelers who want to see everything at the place they are visiting; they have their to-do list well prepared before they leave home and they want to check every item on the list. The list may include places they want to visit, things they want to do, and cuisines they want to try.

The carefree souls

Among the go-getters, several people are the carefree souls who do not care whether they have company to accomplish their goals or not; they would just get out of the hotel room whenever they want and explore around places. Most of these people are early birds during vacations, no matter how lazy they are in their city. You will find them waking up early in the morning when everyone is sleeping. They might ask people in the group to join them but may leave all alone if no one is willing. Some of the carefree souls may not even ask anyone to join them; they enjoy their own space even when they are in a group.

The compulsive friends

This is another category of people who like to take everyone along wherever they go. They would never want to go alone, even for using washroom! They are in constant need of company, no matter what they do. They would compel everyone around them to accompany them for everything they do; you might find them slightly dominating or bossy when they push you for things. Most people enjoy the company of such travelers.

The talkative ones

Most of the compulsive friendly people like to talk a lot, and they like to have good listeners around them or people who can communicate with them on the same level. Not every talkative person is a relentless or mindless talker; many of the friendly travelers are intelligent people who like to have sensible talks with people around them.

The silent folks

You would find these people as the most introvert people on earth. You may take months to make friends with them, and it is a hard decision to travel with them as you may think that they may bore you. However, the fact is that once you get friendly with the silent folks, they will turn out to be the most interesting people in your company.

The hygiene freak 

You would find at least one hygiene freak person in your travel group who would create a fuss over almost everything because of its level of sanitation. They would refuse to use the public restrooms, would not eat at roadside stalls, and create an endless fuss over almost everything you can think of. Still, these travelers may prove the best when it comes to making efforts to clean the room, pack the bags, have an argument with someone to get the best facilities, and even cook food.

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