r/FalloutMods - Male hair glitch [Fo4]
r/FalloutMods - Male hair glitch [Fo4]

As you can see the colour in male hairstyles is darker than what it normally should be. Nate is completely default with no changes btw.

Load order:


“0000”,”+”,”DLC: Wasteland Workshop”

“0001”,”+”,”DLC: Vault-Tec Workshop”

“0002”,”+”,”DLC: Nuka-World”

“0003”,”+”,”DLC: Far Harbor”

“0004”,”+”,”DLC: Contraptions Workshop”

“0005”,”+”,”DLC: Automatron”

“0006”,”+”,”Insignificant Object Remover”

“0007”,”+”,”Boston FPS Fix – aka BostonDT PreVis-PreCombine”

“0008”,”+”,”FAR – Faraway Area Reform”

“0009”,”+”,”Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch”

“0010”,”+”,”Boston FPS Fix – HOTFIX for UF4P 2.1.1a”


“0012”,”+”,”BodySlide and Outfit Studio”

“0013”,”+”,”ZaZ -Extended-Skeleton (ZeX)”

“0014”,”+”,”Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-“

“0015”,”+”,”Just a hairy male body”


“0017”,”+”,”Extended Dialogue Interface”

“0018”,”+”,”Wasteland Imports – Goodies from all across the Wasteland”

“0020”,”+”,”Backpacks of the Commonwealth”

“0021”,”+”,”West Tek Tactical Optics – Night Vision Thermal Vision Goggles and More”

“0022”,”+”,”Pack Attack NPC Edition (PANPC) – Gangs With Group Combat Tactics”

“0023”,”+”,”Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)”

“0024”,”+”,”West Tek Tactical Optics – Night Vision Thermal Vision Goggles and More (AWKCR)”


“0026”,”+”,”CROSS_Courser Strigidae”

“0027”,”+”,”CROSS Armor Integration – Courser Strigidae and Expeditionary Suit”


“0029”,”+”,”CROSS_BrotherhoodRecon Update”

“0030”,”+”,”Brotherhood Scribes Recon”

“0031”,”+”,”Courser Crusher”

“0032”,”+”,”Consistent Power Armor Overhaul”

“0033”,”+”,”Power Armor Materials AND Paints (PAMAP)”

“0034”,”+”,”Consistent Power Armor Overhaul PAMAP Patch”

“0035”,”+”,”Brotherhood Power Armor Overhaul”

“0036”,”+”,”Brotherhood Power Armor Overhaul PAMAP Patch”

“0037”,”+”,”Brotherhood Power Armor Overhaul PAMAP and Automaton Patch”

“0038”,”+”,”Some Assembly Required (Power Armor Overhaul)”

“0039”,”+”,”Some Assembly Required (Power Armor Overhaul) Atom Cats”

“0040”,”+”,”Eli’s Armour Compendium”

“0041”,”+”,”NPCs Travel”

“0042”,”+”,”Everyone’s Best Friend (Dogmeat and Companion At Same Time – No Console – No Hack)”

“0043”,”+”,”Church of Atom Overhaul”

“0044”,”+”,”Super Mutant Redux 2.0″

“0046”,”+”,”Better The Third Rail Update”

“0047”,”+”,”Better Goodneighbor”

“0048”,”+”,”Diamond City Expansion”

“0049”,”+”,”Service Rifle”

“0050”,”+”,”Wattz Laser Gun”

“0051”,”+”,”Hunting Shotgun”

“0052”,”+”,”Miniguns Standalone”

“0053”,”+”,”China Lake and Holorifle -2K”

“0054”,”+”,”Handmade Anti-Materiel Rifle (REDUX) -2K”


“0056”,”+”,”Survival Mode Console Enabler”

“0057”,”+”,”Survival Options”

“0058”,”+”,”SURVIVAL QUICK SAVE – No Sleep Till Bedtime”

“0059”,”+”,”Realistic Survival Damage”

“0060”,”+”,”AKM – Assault Rifle”

“0061”,”+”,”Raider Overhaul WIP”

“0062”,”+”,”Raider Overhaul WIP Hotfix”

“0063”,”+”,”M2045 Magnum Revolver Rifle”

“0064”,”+”,”B-35C Heavy Brotherhood of Steel armor”

“0065”,”+”,”Heavy Institute Armor Corpus Praesidium”

“0066”,”+”,”Useful Crank – Laser Musket doesn’t require ammo”

“0067”,”+”,”Minutemen Supply Caches”

“0068”,”+”,”Minuteman Watchtowers”

“0069”,”+”,”Immersive HUD – iHUD”


“0071”,”+”,”Mod Configuration Menu”

“0072”,”+”,”Improved Map with Visible Roads”

“0073”,”+”,”Improved Map with Visible Roads Nuka-World”

“0074”,”+”,”Improved Map with Visible Roads Far Harbor”

“0075”,”+”,”The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Kaleidoscope Edition – All-in-One”

“0076”,”+”,”Enhanced Blood Textures”

“0077”,”+”,”Lowered Weapons”

“0078”,”+”,”Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2.5a”

“0079”,”+”,”Better Settlers”

“0080”,”+”,”Commonwealth Cuts – KS Hairdos – ApachiiSkyHair”

“0081”,”+”,”Sim Settlements”

“0082”,”+”,”Looks Menu Customization Compendium”

“0083”,”+”,”Looks Menu Customization Compendium Fix”

“0084”,”+”,”Pip-Boy Flashlight”

“0085”,”+”,”More Where That Came From – Diamond City Radio Edition”

“0086”,”+”,”Diamond City Expansion – Female Body Replacer”

“0087”,”+”,”Proto Vault Suit”

“0088”,”+”,”LOOKUP FAILED – Full Dialogue Interface and Creation Club Fix”

“0089”,”+”,”Better Female Walk”

“0090”,”+”,”Female Sexy Sitting and Standing Animation Replacer”

“0091”,”+”,”GET DIRTY (take a bath)”

“0092”,”+”,”GET DIRTY (take a bath) additional effects”

“0093”,”+”,”Player Comments and Head Tracking”

“0094”,”+”,”Player Comments and Head Tracking UOP Patch”

“0095”,”+”,”CWSS Redux v3 – Craftable Working Showers Sinks Baths Toilets Urinals Kitchens etc”

“0096”,”+”,”Universal Working Bathroom Fixtures”

“0097”,”+”,”Immersive Vendors”

“0098”,”+”,”Diamond City Auto Close Gate”

“0099”,”+”,”Immersive Footsteps Overhaul – Clanking Clothes and Deep footstep”

“0100”,”+”,”Vivid Fallout – All in One”

“0101”,”+”,”Publick Occurrences Expanded”

“0102”,”+”,”Immersive Fallout”

“0103”,”+”,”Immersive Squeaky Doors”

“0104”,”+”,”Streetlight Radius Fix”

“0105”,”+”,”Immersive Burning Molotovs and Flamers!”

“0106”,”+”,”Vault-Tec Historical Preservation Initiative”

“0107”,”+”,”Immersive Mouth and Teeth – 6.0″

“0108”,”+”,”Fallout Texture Overhaul PipBoy (Pip-Boy) UHD 4K”

“0109”,”+”,”D.E.C.A.Y – Better Ghouls”

“0110”,”+”,”Ghastly – Ghoul Eyes Texture”

“0111”,”+”,”Fallout Texture Overhaul Power Armors UHD 4K Frame”

“0112”,”+”,”Fallout Texture Overhaul Power Armors UHD 2K T-60″

“0113”,”+”,”Fallout Texture Overhaul Power Armors UHD 2K T-45″

“0114”,”+”,”Eyewear and mask retexture”

“0115”,”+”,”Realistic Roads”

“0116”,”+”,”Chem Redux”

“0117”,”+”,”FO4 RAIN”

“0118”,”+”,”FO4 RIPPLES”

“0119”,”+”,”Ultimate HD Flag Replacer – BOS”

“0120”,”+”,”Ultimate HD Flag Replacer – Institute”

“0121”,”+”,”Ultimate HD Flag Replacer – Minutemen”

“0122”,”+”,”Ultimate HD Flag Replacer – USA”

“0123”,”+”,”Shack Floors Re-Done 2K”

“0124”,”+”,”Rickety Restored Sanctuary Bridge”

“0125”,”+”,”Improved Shack Bridges”

“0126”,”+”,”Ammo Retexture”

“0127”,”+”,”Bottles’ Label Overhaul”

“0128”,”+”,”Detailed deathclaws”

“0129”,”+”,”Fallout 4 HD Reworked Project Revised”

“0130”,”+”,”Jesters Better Destroyed Vehicles”

“0131”,”+”,”Gravel Redone 1K”

“0132”,”+”,”Better Computer Terminals – 2K”

“0133”,”+”,”Protectron HD – 2K”

“0134”,”+”,”Valentine REBORN – Nick Face Retexture”

“0135”,”+”,”Valentine REBORN – HD Synth Eyes and Teeth”

“0136”,”+”,”Valentine REBORN – Gen1 Metal Skeleton”

“0137”,”+”,”A Sensible Prydwen Overhaul”

“0138”,”+”,”A Sensible Prydwen Overhaul – Patch”

“0139”,”+”,”Prydwen 2K Textures”

“0140”,”+”,”CC’s UHD Radscorpions”

“0141”,”+”,”CC’s Improved Hair Colors – 3.0″

“0142”,”+”,”CC’s HQ Diamond City Textures”

“0143”,”+”,”CC’s Improved Roadsigns – 2K – 1.3″

“0144”,”+”,”CC’s HQ Quarry Textures”

“0145”,”+”,”CC’s FUHD Sentry Bots”

“0146”,”+”,”CC’s UHD Bloatflies”

“0147”,”+”,”CC’s Enhanced Vanilla Mirelurks”

“0148”,”+”,”CC’s FUHD Power Armor Stations”

“0149”,”+”,”CC’s UHD Aliens”

“0150”,”+”,”CC’s UHD Fog Crawlers”

“0151”,”+”,”Assaultron HD”

“0152”,”+”,”Eyes of Mr Handy and Codsworth”

“0153”,”+”,”Detailed Urban Food”

“0154”,”+”,”Real Troughs – New Brahmin Feeders (standalone)”

“0155”,”+”,”Retextured Super Mutants”

“0156”,”+”,”Better Piper Outfit”

“0157”,”+”,”Robot Armor Retextured (4K and 2K)”

“0158”,”+”,”HQIDR – High Quality Impact Decal Re-texture”

“0159”,”+”,”AS Synth Armor Redone”

“0160”,”+”,”Better Crates”

“0161”,”+”,”Bobby Pin Box Retexture”

“0162”,”+”,”HD LockPick Interface”

“0163”,”+”,”A trifle from Hiro – Refrigerators 2k”

“0164”,”+”,”HD Raider Armor”

“0165”,”+”,”Duffle Bag”

“0166”,”+”,”Weathered First Aid Kit”

“0167”,”+”,”Genetical Father”

“0168”,”+”,”Improved Wood Textures”

“0169”,”+”,”True Vertibird 4K HD”

“0170”,”+”,”Brotherhood of Steel Kit”

“0171”,”+”,”Metal Barrel Retexture”

“0172”,”+”,”KG’s Chain Link Fences”

“0173”,”+”,”2287 – Billboards and Posters”

“0174”,”+”,”2287 – Billboards and Posters Far Harbor”

“0175”,”+”,”Burnt Books are actually BURNT”

“0176”,”+”,”Burnt Magazines are actually BURNT”

“0177”,”+”,”Burnt Comics are actually BURNT”

“0178”,”+”,”Mechanist Armor Retextured”

“0179”,”+”,”Industrial Objects Retexture”

“0180”,”+”,”SavrenX Super Mutant HD Armor”

“0181”,”+”,”All Weapons HD (A.W.H.D.)”

“0182”,”+”,”Real HD Face Textures”

“0183”,”+”,”Real HD Face Textures Reality”

“0184”,”+”,”Real HD Face Textures Missing Files”

“0185”,”+”,”Real HD Face Textures Far Harbor”

“0186”,”+”,”Piper Interview Restored”

“0187”,”+”,”deLuxe Makeup”

“0188”,”+”,”deLuxe Makeup Mask”

“0189”,”+”,”Appealing Moles”

“0190”,”+”,”Platinum Curie – The Return”

“0191”,”+”,”K-9 Harness — Tactical Body Armor and Backpack for Dogmeat”

“0192”,”+”,”More Natural Dogmeat Eyes”

“0193”,”+”,”Cait Makeover”

“0194”,”+”,”Lots More Facial Hair”

“0195”,”+”,”Lots More Female Hairstyles”

“0196”,”+”,”Lots More Male Hairstyles”

“0197”,”+”,”Looney Longfellow”

“0198”,”+”,”Chems and Alcohol Visual FX”

“0199”,”+”,”Better Locational Damage”

“0200”,”+”,”Better Locational Damage AI”

“0201”,”+”,”Better Locational Damage Aim Models”

“0202”,”+”,”Better Locational Damage LooksMenu Compendium Patch”

“0203”,”+”,”JOURNEY – Survival Settlement Fast travel”

“0204”,”+”,”Better Weapon Scrap”

“0205”,”+”,”Eye Normal Map Fix Fallout 4 Edition High Contrast”

“0206”,”+”,”Snappable Junk Fences”

“0207”,”+”,”Campsite – Simple Wasteland Camping (and HD Sleeping Bags)”

“0208”,”+”,”Campsite – Simple Wasteland Camping (and HD Sleeping Bags) Survival Fix”

“0209”,”+”,”Realistic Ragdoll Force”

“0210”,”+”,”Vivid Weathers”

“0211”,”+”,”Vivid Weathers Update”

“0212”,”+”,”Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction”

“0213”,”+”,”Fr4nsson’s Light Tweaks”

“0214”,”+”,”Enhanced Lights and FX”

“0215”,”+”,”Interiors Enhanced – Darker Ambient Light and Fog”

“0216”,”+”,”Ultra Interior Lighting”

“0217”,”+”,”Ultra Interior Lighting – Darker”

“0218”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Angler”

“0219”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Animatronic Alien”

“0220”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Bloodbug”

“0221”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Brahmiluff”

“0222”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Wild Brahmin”

“0223”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Cave Cricket”

“0224”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – FEV Hound”

“0225”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Ghoulrilla”

“0226”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Synth Gorilla”

“0227”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Gulper”

“0228”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Hermit Crab”

“0229”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Mutated Wolf”

“0230”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Rad-Rat”

“0231”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Rad-Rabbit”

“0232”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – RadRoach”

“0233”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Radstag”

“0234”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Wounded Raider Dog”

“0235”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Savannah Cat”

“0236”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Seagull”

“0237”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Stingwing”

“0238”,”+”,”Crows And Creatures – Vicious Dog”

“0239”,”+”,”Gatorclaws Revamped”

“0240”,”+”,”Vault-Tec Workshop Overhaul”

“0241”,”+”,”Determined Desdemona”

“0242”,”+”,”Kellogg Face Overhaul”

“0243”,”+”,”Nuka World HD Texture Pack”

“0244”,”+”,”Dogmeat 4k”

“0245”,”+”,”USS Constitution HD”

“0246”,”+”,”Delightful Ivy – HD Vine Retexture – a natural and realistic green and brown plant overhaul”

“0247”,”+”,”APC HD”

“0248”,”+”,”Enhanced Power Generators HD”

“0249”,”+”,”Water Towers HD Railroad and Concord”

“0250”,”+”,”Mannequins HD”

“0251”,”+”,”Gravestones HD”

“0252”,”+”,”Airplane 4k”

“0253”,”+”,”Steam Locomotive HD”

“0254”,”+”,”Immersive Drumlin Diner”

“0255”,”+”,”Better UFO Crash Site”

“0256”,”+”,”UFO 4k”

“0257”,”+”,”Killable Children”

“0258”,”+”,”Liberty Prime HD”

“0259”,”+”,”Yangtze-31 HD”

“0260”,”+”,”Statues HD”


“0262”,”+”,”Glowing Animals Emit Light”

“0263”,”+”,”Fallout Texture Overhaul Mole rat 4K”

“0264”,”+”,”Boats HD”

“0265”,”+”,”Swinging Animated Meat Bags”

“0266”,”+”,”Lowered Weapons – DLC Addon”

“0267”,”+”,”See You Sleep – Common Wealth Editon animated sleeping”

“0268”,”+”,”Build Your Own Pool”

“0269”,”+”,”Sit Anywhere”

“0270”,”+”,”Smokeable Cigars – Cigarettes – Joints – With HardCore Auto Save”

“0271”,”+”,”Delightful Dead Fish – HD Retextures for the Commonwealth and Far Harbor DLC”

“0272”,”+”,”Better Skylanes Flight 1665 (Glowing Sea)”

“0273”,”+”,”FCOM – Fallout Commander”

“0274”,”+”,”Commonwealth Chickens and Rabbits”

“0275”,”+”,”Glamorous Magnolia”

“0276”,”+”,”FO4Edit Cache”

“0277”,”+”,”FO4Edit Backups”

“0278”,”+”,”Bodyslide Lost Meshes”

“0279”,”+”,”EBF UFO4P compatibility fix”

“0280”,”+”,”Rad-Ban Eyewear Inc”

“0281”,”+”,”Better Atom Cats Garage”

“0282”,”+”,”Randomized Diamond City Guard Outfits”

“0283”,”+”,”Military MREs – Meal Ready to Eat – New Food”

“0284”,”+”,”Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul”

“0285”,”+”,”Radio Reverb Fix”

“0286”,”+”,”F4SE Extra”

“0287”,”+”,”Boat To Spectacle Island”

“0288”,”+”,”Better Boston Airport”

“0289”,”+”,”Vendors have Mods”

“0291”,”+”,”Institute Centaurs”

“0292”,”+”,”Compatibility patch for Institute Centaurs and Super Mutant Redux plus bonus Classic Behemoth Patch”

“0293”,”+”,”Settler Sandbox Expansion”

“0294”,”+”,”Institute EXO Suit”

“0295”,”+”,”All Settlements Extended”

“0296”,”+”,”All Settlements Extended – Far Harbor”

“0297”,”+”,”ASE – Performance Patch”

“0298”,”+”,”Better Cooking Stations”

“0299”,”+”,”Better Cooking Stations – DLC”

“0300”,”+”,”Vault 88 – More Vault Rooms”

“0301”,”+”,”Modular Vault 88 Rooms”

“0302”,”+”,”Modular Vault 88 Rooms for More Vault Rooms”

“0303”,”+”,”Modular Vault 88 Rooms Railings”

“0304”,”+”,”SMR Mutation Club – Strong Skins Pack”

“0305”,”+”,”Craftable Animation Marker (Relaxation Furniture)”

“0306”,”+”,”Elevator Buttons Fix (Contraptions)”

“0307”,”+”,”Craftable Vault Elevator for DLC”

“0308”,”+”,”Welcome to Fallon’s”

“0309”,”+”,”Animated Chems Redone”


“0311”,”+”,”Immersive Lovers Embrace Remastered”

“0312”,”+”,”Fixed Alpha Maps”

“0313”,”+”,”Diamond City Expansion Red Seat District Music Replacer”

“0314”,”+”,”Videos of the Wasteland 2.6″

“0315”,”+”,”Videos of the Wasteland 2.6 – Starlight Drive-In”

“0316”,”+”,”Prepare for the Future holotapes”

“0317”,”+”,”PULL THE PIN”

“0318”,”+”,”Water Enhanced”

“0319”,”+”,”CROSS_Courser Strigidae – CBBE 1st Person Arm Fix”

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