1,2,3… – Main locations on the map

Points of interest on the map

Road signs

Strong enemies

Important NPC characters on the map

1 – Inn by the Crossroads
This area is visited primarily because of “The Nilfgaardian Connection” main quest. You can check the notice boards and trade with the person who is managing the inn.

2 – Mulbrydale
This small village doesn’t offer much except for the notice board.

3 – Abandoned site, Hidden treasure
Killing nearby drowners (lvl 4) will allow a group of peasants to show up in the port.
There’s a corpse near the port. Examining it and taking a letter will unlock the “An Unfortunate Turn of Events” treasure hunt quest.

4 – Hidden treasure
Kill a foglet (lvl 4) and check the corpse found near the carriage. Taking a letter from the corpse will unlock the “Tough Luck” treasure hunt quest.

5 – Monster den
Nekkers (lvl 6) have their own den here and they appear in their standard form and as stronger warriors. Once you’ve cleared the area around the nest enter the cave and deal with the rest of the monsters. Check the cave and the area near the entrance when it’s safe. You will find plenty of treasure chests. Some of the best valuables are rare Vrihedd and Disglair swords and diagrams of upgraded armor elements from the Witcher’s Bear school gear.

6 – Farmhouse
Get rid of wild dogs (lvl 4) found in front of the hut and talk to the child. You can give the child some food or gold. In exchange you will receive experience points, a doll, a torn-out page and a “In Beast’s Clothing” book which will unlock new bestiary entries.

7 – Tied-up man
Deal with the drowners (lvl 4) found near a tied-up man – John Verdun. You can then set him free or leave him as it is. If you decide to save Verdun then you will encounter him later on in a campsite to the north (closer to Novigrad).

8 – Border post
Guards are stationed here and they don’t allow the refugees to cross to the other side. You can get past them by obtaining a pass as a part of the “Thou Shalt Not Pass” side quest, by receiving a letter of safe conduct from the baron as a part of the “Family Matters” main quest or use one of many alternative ways of travel (swimming to the other side, using a boat etc.).

9 – Abandoned site
Killing nearby drowners (lvl 9) will result in a group of peasants showing up in this location. A merchant will be among them.

10 – Hidden treasure
Deal with the wolves (lvl 5) and wargs (8 lvl) found in the area. Once the fighting is over collect a note found by the corpse to unlock the “Lost Goods” treasure hunt quest.

11 – Abandoned site
Killing a group of ghouls and a single alghoul (lvl 9) will result in a group of peasants showing up in this area. A merchant will be among them.

12 – Hidden treasure
The treasure is guarded by a very powerful bilge hag (lvl 18). Once you’ve defeated the monster locate a corpse and check it to find a key and a document. These objects unlock the “Battlefield Loot” treasure hunt quest.

13 – Hidden treasure
Deal with a group of drowners (lvl 4). Once the fighting is over locate a corpse and check it to find a key and a document. These objects unlock the “Blood Gold” treasure hunt quest.

14 – Hidden treasure
The treasure is guarded by a powerful basilisk. Once the beast is defeated locate a corpse and check it to find a key and a document. These objects unlock the “Dowry” treasure hunt quest.

15 – Codgers’ Quarry
You will trigger a cut-scene after entering the main part of the quarry. The conversation with the workers will be interrupted by a group of alghouls (lvl 6). It doesn’t matter if you manage to save the workers or not, because you’ll receive xp either way.

16 – Convoy
In this point you’ll find assaulted convoy. Help the owner to defeat the thugs (lvl 5), to get some reward.

17 – Diagram
Part of Treasure hunting quest “Cat School Gear Upgrade Diagrams – Part 2” – diagram for gauntlets.

18 – Hindhold
Endragas are guarding the entrance to the ruins – most of them are on lvl 9, however the warrior is on lvl 11. There’s a monster nest in Hindhold and it’s defended by harpies (lvl 7).
You can also find a diagram of a steel sword that is connected to the “Griffin School Gear” treasure hunting quest.

19 – Troll’s lair
You can help a friendly rock troll Boris in getting rid of nekkers. You will be rewarded with experience, gold, herbs and oils. You can also take additional items from the lair (you’ll find a rare sword, a manuscript page and a repair kit).

20 – White Eagle Fort
A stone troll resides in this location and the creature is connected to the “Volunteer” side quest – you can attack the troll (careful – he’s strong!) or you can help him. Make sure to explore the fort while you’re there, because you can find an armor schematic for the griffin school Witcher gear.

21 – Ruins
You can find a schematic in these ruins. It’s an upgrade for the boots from the Witcher’s griffin school gear.

Marchant(1) – he appears after you’ve secured the abandoned site. He’s selling mostly repair kits, diagrams, crafting components and melee weapons.

Merchant (2) – This person appears after you’ve secured the abandoned site. He’s selling alchemy ingredients among other things.

Innkeep – He’s selling Gwent cards and food.

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