1 – Poseidon Reservoir – Abandoned pumping building controlled by ghouls. You will find many medicines, weapon and ammo here.

2 – Roadside Pines Motel – Ruined motel controlled by raiders. You will find Raider II power armor here. There is a dead Brotherhood of Steel soldier on the roof of the building. You can take almost every part of T-60b power armor from him.

3 – Lake Cochituate – Strongly irradiated lake.

4 – Natick Banks – This place is occupied by super mutants or death claw. In the buildings around you will find many valuable items.

5 – Natick Police Department – Extremely ruined police building. There is nothing inside and outside what is worth your attention.

6 – Mass Fusion Disposal Site – Small super mutants camp (one legendary). You will find several valuable items here.

7 – Electrical Hobbyist’s Club – Heavy irradiated, small factory. Watch out for traps and robots in the cellar. You will find some ammo and food here.

8 – WRVR Broadcast Station – Small, still working broadcast station. You will meet two persons here and can take “Curtain call” side quest from them. There is also Live & Love magazine here.

9 – Robotics Pioneer Park – Ruined and abandoned park with 2-3 buildings around occupied by ghouls and glowing death claw. You will find nothing especially valuable here.

10 – Scrap Palace – Big junkyard occupied by super mutants. There is safe (advanced) on the first floor one of the buildings.

11 – Edge of the Glowing Sea – The Glowing Sea starts from here. On the highway above you will find much cash and ammo.

12 – Waypoint Echo – Brotherhood of Steel outpost.

13 – Somerville Place – Small corn farm, where you can get “Raider Troubles at Somerville Place” side quest. When you will complete it the farm become your settlement.

14 – Vault 95 – Big Vault occupied by tens of gunners. You will find huge amount of weapons, ammunition and medicines here. There is also Big Guns Bobblehead in one of the rooms.

15 – Relay Tower 0DB-521 – You can activate it by using the terminal.

16 – Vertibird Wreckage – Brotherhood of Steel vertibird’s wreckage. There is nothing interesting here.

17 – Hopesmarch Pentecostal Church – Ruined and buried church occupied by big group of ghouls. You will find many valuable items and safe (master) here.

18 – Cave – You will find full power armor with fusion core here.

19 – Skylines Flight 1665 – Destroyed aircraft. There is death claw nearby.

20 – O’Neill Family Manufacturing – Kill two radscorpions and find a hole in the ground. Enter the cellar, kill very strong ghoul and using the terminal open the door in the building on the surface. Kill another ghouls (one glowing legendary ghoul) and take ammo and weapon from the chest.

21 – Sentinel Site – You visit this place at completing one of Brotherhood of Steel main quests. This place is occupied by big group of ghouls, but you can find several valuable items here, Astoundingly Awesome Tales magazine for example.

22 – Rocky Cave – Virgil’s Laboratory – a super mutant scientist, which is friendly to you. There is several main quests connected with him. Inside the cave you will find Tesla Science magazine and many other valuable items.

23 – Decrepit Factory – Ruined, heavy irradiated factory. You will find some high-tech stuff here.

24 – Crater of Atom – Small village of Atom’s worshippers . You will meet several people here, but from can’t take quest or trade with anybody. In the Mother Isolde’s house you can find Astoundingly Awesome Tales magazine.

25 – Decayed Reactor Site – You will find nothing more here than several insects and glowing death claw.

26 – Forgotten Church – Ruined, buried church. You will find only one chest with ammo and weapon inside. There is death claw walking around.

27 – Federal Surveillance Center K-21B – Big Iinstitute’s laboratory. To go in you have to take the key from the suitcase and open the hatch. Inside the complex you will meet several synths and find X-01 power armor and U.S. Cover Operations Manual.

28 – Atlantic Offices – Ruined building occupied by ghouls (one glowing legendary). You will find here some valuable stuff, fusion core and safe with ammo (advanced) for example. The building has 4 levels, you can get there using two different elevators.

29 – Capsized Factory – Ruined, buried factory occupied by ghouls (one glowing). You will find safe (advanced) and some medicines here.

30 – Cave – It is just tunnel without any interesting things. There is several radscorpions around. In the neighbour Red Rocket station you will find safe (master).

31 – Federal Supply Cache 84NE – You will find some ammo and medicines here, and if you will hack advanced terminal you get access to more valuable stuff.

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