On March 13, 2018, a twitter user who went by the name strayedaway, or Ty, posted a thread about a creepy voicemail he received regarding the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The thread went viral and many more people came out claiming to have received the same one.. This prompted people all over the internet to get involved and help solve the mystery. However, there was never a real conclusion, and after receiving an overwhelming amount of publicity and even death threats, Ty and many others linked to the thread deactivated their accounts. Many people claim the whole thing was an elaborate hoax or even an alternate reality game, but I am not satisfied with those answers. Ty’s thread and the bizarre disappearance of MH370 still linger in the back of my mind to this day.


For those who are unaware, MH370 was an international flight that disappeared on March 8, 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The voicemail Ty received 4 years later was an SOS message thought to be recorded on the missing plane’s black box. Some said solar flares happening around that time may have allowed the message to be picked up by cellphones. Solar flares cause electromagnetic pulses in the atmosphere, so with increased electromagnetic activity, signals would have been amplified and had a farther range.


The voicemail was a recording of a robotic voice speaking in military code. After twitter investigators deciphered it, they discovered a chilling warning about aliens followed by a string of numbers that turned out to be coordinates close to the place MH370 vanished from radar. Besides the voicemail, there are many more oddities surrounding this event and there seems to be a synchronistic pattern hiding in plane sight. Flight 370, a Boeing 777, left on the 7th day of the 3rd month and Malaysia Airlines is said to fly nearly 37,000 passengers daily.


The television show Lost seemed to predict the event as well, 10 years before it happened. In the show, a Boeing 777 deviates from its path, turns around, and disappears somewhere off the coast of Australia. This is exactly what MH370 did. The show also seemed to predict who would be on the plane. In Lost, some of the passengers included an actor and two men who used fake passports. On MH370, there was an actor and two men who used fake passports as well.



The actor was Ju Kun, Jet Li’s body double, and fake identities were used by two Iranian men seeking asylum in Europe. Oddly enough, in Lost, a psychic predicts the plane crash. MH370‘s disappearance also seemed to be predicted by the Nigerian prophet T. B. Joshua. In 2013, T. B. Joshua warned that an aircraft carrying over 200 passengers from an Asian nation would have some serious problems. MH370 had 227 passengers on board. The video of his proclamation went viral on YouTube after the flight’s disappearance.

MISSING Malaysia Airlines MH370 PROPHECY | TB Joshua

Another strange synchronicity is Lost was first aired on September 22, 2004. September 22 would turn out to be big day for CERN, exactly 7 years later. If you‘re unaware, CERN is a facility that smashes atoms together to create mini black holes and look for other dimensions. On September 22, 2011, CERN succeeded in sending particles faster than the speed of light. Physicists hypothesize that going faster than light speed could actually result in time travel. However, the claim was supposedly debunked sometime later. But this is still up for debate.


But what I find most strange, is the fact that the man who made this discovery was forced to resign. Conspiracy theorists claim CERN did in fact achieve time travel and caused the past to change, a phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect. They say this historical event constantly switches back and forth between having happened on the 22nd or 23rd. Supposedly, every year around this time, new inconsistencies in history pop up.


Ironically, the plot of Lost is centered around a time travel experiment called the Dharma Initiative. In The Lost Experience, it’s revealed that the goal of the experiment was for people to alter the timeline and push back doomsday. Oddly enough, its logo looks just like CERN.

r/conspiracy - Missing Flight 370

CERN compared to the Dharma Initiative’s logo

Coincidentally, The Lost Experience was an alternate reality game. Remember that the voicemail received by Ty was thought to be part of an ARG as well. Similarly, the investigation sparked by Ty’s thread uncovered the date of a supposed doomsday event, April 18, 2018. Many speculated that on this day there would be an alien invasion. Obviously this didn’t happen, but perhaps uncovering the plan pushed back doomsday, like in the Lost game. With UFOs now in the news, the idea of an alien invasion or apocalyptic event seems even more relevant. If you’ve read my other threads, you know I think the apocalypse has something do with something known as the Black Sun. Oddly enough, MH370 also has connections to this concept. The Black Sun is a symbol that some say represents a portal to somewhere beyond space and time. This strange mural dedicated to the disappearance of MH370 depicts the plane flying straight into something resembling a black hole. The portal seems to be luring the passengers inside by telling them to come in.

r/conspiracy - Missing Flight 370

“Come in!!”

Another mural seems to depict this as well. In this picture, we see a plane flying right into what appears to be a tear in the fabric of reality. Yet another mural shows the missing flight returning through one. Were the passengers of MH370 taken to another dimension?

r/conspiracy - Missing Flight 370

Some questionable murals

This all seems reminiscent of Donnie Darko, a movie about doomsday, time travel, and a plane falling through a black hole in the sky. Just like in Lost, the main character, who is guided by a demonic humanoid rabbit, is tasked with closing a time loop and stopping the apocalypse. The Black Sun is also symbolic of Saturn, which was known to the ancients as the god of time. Saturn is also famous for having a hexagon on its North Pole. In the painting below, we see MH370 trapped behind a net of hexagons. Were the passengers victims of a Saturnian ritual?

r/conspiracy - Missing Flight 370

A literal hex on MH370?

Even stranger, in Man of Steel, a trident shaped UFO that resembles the Malaysian Airlines logo crashes off the coast of Australia, just like MH370 did. The movie shows the coordinates of the UFO being 37° S 76° E. Here we see more numerology at work. But it gets weirder. If you type in the opposite coordinates, 37° N 76° W, you get the location of King Neptune‘s Park on Virginia Beach. At the park there is a statue of King Neptune holding a trident. The streets leading up to the park, which are adjacent to 33rd Street, form a trident as well.

r/conspiracy - Missing Flight 370

Just a coincidence?

r/conspiracy - Missing Flight 370

Okay, these ‘coincidences’ are getting a little out of hand.

Ironically, Virginia Beach is an hour drive from Middlesex, the town where Donnie Darko takes place. In Mission Impossible III, another movie centered around chasing a white rabbit, there’s a scene where the Malaysian Airlines logo can be seen from behind, revealing a hidden 666.

r/conspiracy - Missing Flight 370

Do you see?!

The same exact scene was also used in the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The movie is about sun harvesting robots who reside on one of Saturn’s moons. I find it odd they reused the same footage for two films released roughly 3 years apart.

r/conspiracy - Missing Flight 370


The area MH370 went missing was also near one of the 12 Vile Vortices. The Vile Vortices are anomalous regions where the planet’s electromagnetic field is thought to be stronger than usual. The regions are known for UFO activity and strange disappearances of boats and planes. The Devil’s Triangle, better known as The Bermuda Triangle, is one of the most famous Vile Vortices. Oddly enough, on the exact opposite side of the globe, is the region MH370 disappeared. Are these two places somehow connected?


r/conspiracy - Missing Flight 370

The Bermuda Triangle (right) and the area MH370 went missing (left)

All these connections could be nothing more than a coincidence, but I find them too profound to dismiss. I believe the matrix speaks to us in symbols and I believe it is trying to tell us what really happened to MH370. There is still a lot more to this story and it involves the rabbit symbolism I mentioned briefly. I’ve written about the white rabbit and it’s connection to time travel before, but maybe I will do a part 2 where I go into it in more detail another time. Anyways, as always, thanks for reading.

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