Hi, this is my first post on Reddit so I hope I word this correctly, I mean no harm or disrespect to the family or friends of Robin Graham. I am on a true crime Facebook group where I saw this case posted, an unsolved case. I proceeded to look at the comments and saw some theories connecting this unsolved case to the Ted Bundy cases. This is the unsolved case of Robin Graham who went missing on November 15th 1970. Upon seeing this post I decided to further look into this case and I started by going to Wikipedia to see what information they had. So what I state below could of all been coincidence but I thought it was worth saying something since this is an old unsolved case. I will link the Wikipedia article about the case below. In the Wikipedia external links it included a link to a news article about the message that was wrote in the newspaper and I will ink this article below, it was done by the Los Angeles Time newspaper on December 15th 1987. This was 17 years after Grahams disappearance. I also found the Charley project page for her case which I will also link below, this has come conflicting information to the Wikipedia article. I found another article on the case wrote in New Zealand talking about her disappearance and other theories, this will also be linked below. After doing more research I was able to find another page for the Robin Graham case Unsolved Mysteries Wiki, I will also link this down below. The page did not give much more information on the case apart from adding to her physical description. I will also talk about the different discrepancies I found in the articles later on.

Robin Graham Case Wikipedia

Robin Graham Charley Project

Robin Graham Unsolved Mysteries Wiki

Los Angeles Times Robin Graham

New Zealand Herald Robin Graham

Robin Ann Graham

Robin Ann Graham was an art student at Pierce College in Woodland Hills after she had just graduated from John Marshall High School in June 1970. She was working part time at Pier 1 imports in Hollywood. Graham grew up on Lemoyne Street in the Echo Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles with her two parents Marvin and Beverly Graham. I could not find a lot of background information on Graham so it was hard to build up a character of her but from what it seems she had a fairly normal life and childhood. I did some more research to find out what type of area Echo Park was and it seems as if it is becoming more expensive to live their now but back when we are talking about in the 1970’s I would say it could of been a middle class area, please correct me if I am wrong this part I was unsure about. I will leave links down below for articles I have found on Echo Park. This could possibly give us more background information on her as a person what type of up bringing she had.

Echo Park Wikipedia

Echo Park Costs

I also had a look at both of the schools she attended but I could not seem to find her on a website called Classmates which has lots of different year books on from different years of different American high schools. It seems that the John Marshall high school in Los Angeles is a pretty famous location, used in Grease, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ect and it seems some actors have also attended this school. Below I will link websites for both schools and the website Classmates.


John Marshall Wikipedia

Pierce College Wikipedia

I could not find any present information on her parents apart from in the 1987 Los Angeles Times article so I am not sure what has happened to them now.

Robin Ann Grahams Disappearance

Now looking at this case there does not seem to be much evidence or news coverage. When researching more I found that there was also links to her being the Zodiac killers victim, so I decided to have a look at both Ted Bundy and the Zodiac killer to see if we could determine what possibly happened to this poor girl. In this first post I am going to look at it from the Ted Bundy perspective so I can break down the information I have found properly with out it becoming confusing. I am thinking about doing another post looking at it from the Zodiac killer perspective.


So looking at the Wikipedia page it says that this took place in Los Angles on the Southbound Hollywood Freeway. The last time the Graham was seen by the Californian Highway patrol at 2:00 am with her car on the shoulder in the presence of:

A dark-haired white male was with her, who was estimated to be in his mid-twenties and who drove a late 1950s model Chevrolet Corvette C1, pale blue or green with primer.

Above is a quote of a description of the man who she was last seen with from the Wikipedia article. Earlier on Graham used a call box to ask a CHP emergency operator to let her parents know she had run out of gas. Her sister ended up taking this call and relaying it to her parents when they arrived home at 2:30 am. After this they went immediately to the site where they found her locked car but she was not there and their was no note. The CHP stopped several times to talk to Graham but did not stop when they saw her with the man as they assumed this was the help she had called for. Graham had been out for a Saturday night with friends and after dropping off a girlfriend she dropped her car off at Pier 1 Imports parking lot at approximately 1:45 am. The initial report had Graham leaving voluntarily in the Corvette but the CHP officer who made this report was later requestioned and said he saw her in the presence of the man but did not see them leave together. The case was handled by detectives at the Rampart Division of the LAPD who had a theory that her case was linked to 3 other cases that had happened over the past 2 years (You can look in the Wikipedia article to see which cases these are).

At the time of her disappearance, Graham had long brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin and was 5’6″ in height.

Above is a quote describing what Graham looked like before she went missing from the Wikipedia article.

Below is another quote from the Wikipedia article talking about the message that was put into The Times classified section about Grahams disappearance. It was discovered this message was done by an old friend of Grahams and I talk more about this message later on when discussing the Los Angeles Times article.

“DEAREST ROBIN You ran out of gas on the Hollywood Frwy. A man in a Corvette pulled over to help. You’ve not been seen of since. It’s been 17 years, but it’s always just yesterday. Still looking for you (signed) THE ECHO PARK DUCKS.”

Charley Project

Below is a quote from the Charley Project page which gives us more details of what Graham was wearing on the night she went missing.

Height and Weight: 5’6, 125 pounds

Clothing/Jewellery Description: A dark blue corduroy jacket with gold buttons, a red jersey blouse, blue jeans and red clog shoes. Carrying a leather purse.

Now we move onto the Charley Project pages case details which states the same drop off point for her car and that she then transitioned to her boyfriends car. It goes onto say that the car stalled approximately at 2:00 am and she then called her parents and asked her to pick her up, shortly after this a highway patrolman saw her standing next to the disabled vehicle. Again it states that she was saw with a male.

An unidentified Caucasian male in his mid-twenties was seen talking to Graham just before she vanished. He was wearing bell-bottom trousers and a white turtleneck and was about 5’8 tall. A 1957 – 1960, primed light blue Corvette hardtop was parked behind her boyfriend’s vehicle.

Above is a quote describing the man Graham was last saw with in more detail from the Charley Project page. After this the man helped Graham get her car started and then they rode off together in his car, the patrol man said she appeared to get in the mans car willingly. The Charley Project page relays the same information of when her parents found her car. The next part of the Charley Project page goes into links towards the zodiac killer and her disappearance, I will look into that more on the next post.

Los Angeles Time

The article talks about the message that was put into The Times classified section about Grahams disappearance. Geoff Edwards read the message on air which he said sounded romantic and some people though this was a clue towards Grahams disappearance. The family saw the message after one of the daughters read it. Finding it unusual the police investigated and found out that it was from 36 year old Al Medrano who the family recognised as a neighbourhood friend to Graham, he still lives in Echo Park. It had occurred to him that November 15th fell on the same day this year as it did back in 1970 (Sunday). This was his way of showing she was not forgotten and he signed it off with the Echo Park Ducks as this is what they use to call their group of friends and he wanted it to be off all of them.

Next the newspaper talks about Grahams disappearance. It states that she ran out of gas at 1:55 am and she declined an offer from CHP to have a tow truck called so they directed her to the nearest call box. After this the CHP checked with her again to make sure she was ok and she informed them she had phoned home. When officers drove by later they noticed a man looking underneath the hood of her Dodge, they thought it was a relative so they did not stop. The family arrived to pick her up at 2:30 am but they only found her Dodge there. Below is a quote from the newspaper article from Graham’s mam Beverly Graham.

“It’s strange,” said Beverly Graham. “It happened right in the middle of the city, but there never really were any clues. Maybe it will turn something up,” she said of the newspaper ad. “We still live with that hope.”

Unsolved Mysteries Wiki (Extra Information)

Characteristics: Birthmark on lower back. One near indiscernible darkened front tooth.

Above is a quote from the Unsolved Mysteries Wiki adding extra physical description to what Robin Graham looked like.

New Zealand Herald (Extra Information)

The police drove past for the third time that night when at around 2:00 am they saw her with the unidentified man and they carried on driving after this.


So overall there is not a lot to go on but circumstantial evidence from what I have found. First I looked at Robin Grahams description to see if she matched Ted Bundy’s victim type, which indeed she does. Brown hair parted in the middle, brown eyes, she was 18 at the time of her disappearance which is a bit younger than the girls Bundy usually went for in their 20’s but as this is 4 years earlier he might of only just been establishing his victim type.

Graham could be one of the unidentified remains that they found when it comes to Ted Bundy even though her dental records are available. But this would mean they would have to find her teeth specifically to identify her so if these were not included in remains found it would make her hard to identify.

Both on the Charley Project and the NZ article it states they though their might be connections to a sighting of a man who had previously tried to help another woman on the side of the road and then claiming to be an off duty police officer when she refused his help. The reason why I think this is a different man because Graham had already refused help off of the police so why would she then accept help off an off duty policeman. We know she accepted this mans help as he was seen looking underneath the hood of her Dodge.

Next there is the car that the man was witnessed in a 1950’s model Chevrolet Corvette C1 which is obviously different to the famous 1968 Volkswagen Beetle. As we know Bundy is capable of stealing cars we know this because the police apprehended him within a week of him killing Kimberley Leach in a stolen car. I also found this interesting article talking about his younger life and it seems he was very involved with cars, learning to drive at 15 and having auto theft charges on his record. The article is linked below.

Bundy Car History

Knowing this information it is totally possible that Ted Bundy had a different car at the time of this incident either stolen or something he owned for a short time.

Now where was Ted Bundy in 1970? Well from what I could find online he re-entered at Washington State University in 1969 so we can assume he was still in the Washington area in 1970. Below is link for where I found this information.

Bundy’s Whereabouts in 1970

This places him pretty far away from the crime exactly 17 hours and 22 minutes with light traffic away from Los Angles if he was in Washington still. I looked into whether Ted Bundy was ever in California and it turns out he was there in the early 1970’s with the republican party, where he also rekindled a relationship he had with Stephanie Brooks, the girlfriend who supposedly inspired some of his killings. At this point it seems as if he was in Santa Rose in California which is a 6 hour and 4 minute drive with light traffic to Los Angeles. This places him a lot closer to the crime scene as we know Bundy liked to travel when he killed to throw the police off of his scent so this could of been the reason he would of been in LA at the time and Graham was possibly an opportunistic killing. If this was one of his first killings it would make sense him travelling further for it so he felt more reassured that he would get away with it. As he became more confident with killing and more confident he would not be caught he continued to travel just to be safe but did not travel as far away which you can see in his 5 year killing spree. He saw that he travelled really far and was not caught so he stops going as far away, realising this is more effort for him and he could still get away with the crimes without going far away. Below is a link talking about when Bundy was in California (it is the Daily Mail so take it with a pinch of salt). He also killed in 7 different states backing up him moving around for his killings (Washington, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Florida, Idaho and California).

Bundy in California 1970

Furthermore if we look at the description of the guy it fits Ted Bundy, mid twenties would suit as he would of been around 23 in 1970. He also had brown hair but this is quite a common hair colour amongst men so that is not a stand out feature. The stand out piece is the turtleneck that the male was saw wearing which was a popular clothing choice of Bundy’s. Making him fit the description of this male even more. In the description it says he was around 5’8, Bundy was 5’10 but since this is an estimate and we don’t know how close the witness was when seeing this male so the height could be give or take a couple of inches. Along with the police witness account being possibly unreliable since he changed a big, important detail about her now not leaving with the guy after he was requestioned so how do we know that the description of the unidentified male is accurate? If you go online you can find many pictures of Bundy wearing turtlenecks on different occasions showing it was a staple piece in his wardrobe that he would wear on a day to day bases. Although I will admit the turtleneck was a popular piece of clothing in the 70’s when it came to men.

We also know that the police assume that Ted Bundy had a lot more victims than the 30 he confessed to, some would say even over 100. Lynda Ann Healey is Bundy’s first known victim, known being the key word. How do we know he hadn’t already killed before this and just didn’t get caught, he managed to evade the police on his known 5 year killing spree. So if he could get away with so many murders before being caught and even after being caught he carried on killing so it is very possible he had killer before Healey. Also the fact he could get away with Healey’s murder shows he could of possibly done this before as he knew how to commit the crime without leaving evidence or a body. From his accounts we know that he found porn at a very young age (12 – 13) which is thought to have influenced him. Bundy’s violence would of only grew from there as he got older making it totally possible for him to have started killing when he was 23.

In the Wikipedia article and the NZ article it mentioned that her case police thought was possibly connected with other missing women cases at the time who had vanished in similar circumstances. But in some of these cases the women’s bodies were found unlike Graham where no body has been found. With some of Bundy’s victims their bodies were never found so we know he has killed people and made their body disappear so this would explain why their was no body found for Graham.


The first discrepancy I noticed was on the Charley Project page is states her car stalled out at 2:00 am while as in the Los Angeles Times says her car stalled at around 1:55 am. On the Wikipedia article it states she was last seen by police at 2:00 am. In the New Zealand article it says she had barely been driving for minutes before her car stalled from running out of petrol and the officers last saw her at 2:00 am. Because of this I would say the Wikipedia article is most accurate with other articles to back it up. She dropped her car off at 1:45 am according to the Wikipedia article, with the NZ article saying she was driving for less than a few minutes this would make sense with her car running out of petrol at 1:55 am. Sometime after 2:00 am and after the police had last seen her this is when she disappeared. We do know that her parents arrived at 2:30 am as no article contradicts this so we can say she was not waiting with the man very long before disappearing. The next discrepancy I noticed was it says she took her Boyfriends car on the Charley Project page after dropping her car off. I have not noticed this mentioned in any other article and in the LA Times it sated she was in her Dodge. So who’s car was she actually in the night she went missing? In the NZ article it states she was given a lift to her car which she had left in the car park of the place she worked at so in my opinion I would say she was in her own car.


So through my theory I am thinking that Ted Bundy saw Graham as an opportunity, we all know he was very charismatic and charmed women easily, on the outside many people said he appeared like the average family man someone you would trust. He pulled over to see why she was waiting at the side of the road and upon finding out her car had broken down he offered to help her. Graham let him help her and going off the Wikipedia article if she ran out of gas he could of possible offered her a lift to a petrol station so she could pick up some petrol for the car. This might not of seemed suspicious to her and probably more seemed as if he was being very friendly, so she gets into his car willingly (People were not as weary in the 1970’s). After this we do not know what happened to her. It would explain why her car was locked, she planed on coming back to it and would not just leave her car at the side of the road unlocked. This also why they probably found nothing surrounding the car as there was no struggle Graham though he was help. Also she probably took all her belongings with her like a purse as she would need this to pay for gas. I have not included times in my theory due to the time line being slightly unclear with the article information being conflicting.

Discussion Points

I would like to know what you guys think of my research and theory. Why did she accept help from this random guy but not the police? Why did she leave when she knew her parents were coming to pick her up? Do you guys have any theories on what happened to Robin Graham on November 15th? Did Ted Bundy have anything to do with it? Or was it someone else? Is Graham alive or dead?

Extra Links

Doe Network Robin Graham

CA Department of Justice – Office of the Attorney General Robin Graham

Thank you for taking the time to read my first post on Reddit.

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