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Adds an NPC that travels between Nuka-World (below Fizztop Mountain) and the Commonwealth (North of Vault 111). Allows for an immersive way of fast travel between the two locations. The NPC can also ship items from one place to another so you don’t have to haul everything back and forth.

Permissions and credits

Nuka-World Caravan Fast Travel
This mod adds a voiced NPC to Nuka-World that travels between the Commonwealth and Nuka Town USA as a supplier for the raiders. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with Nuka-World’s raiders leaders by completing the quest An Ambitious Plan, “Stick” can be found at the foot of Fizztop Mountain. Every other day he leaves at 6am (different depart time versions available in the files section) from Nuka-World to the Commonwealth, just North of Vault 111, and from the Commonwealth to Nuka-World. In addition, “Stick” can take your items with him to his next destination. Saving you an over-encumbered haul all the way back to your home in the Commonwealth.
Store any items you want to ship in the fancy steamer trunk and let “Stick” know you want your items shipped. The next time he leaves he’ll bring the contents of the trunk with him.

Future plans
I tend to update the mod where needed and I’m considering making some additions. The option to build a caravan post in your settlements where “Stick” can travel and ship your items to. Another idea that has been going through my mind is to make some sort of Mad Max inspired vehicle which can be unlocked after the Nuka-World questline to replace the standard brahmin. On that note, I’m open to suggestions.

I’ve made the Fizztop Mountain Grille my playerhome with help of a spawned in workbench. Given I’m playing on survival difficulty, Fast Travel is disabled. To haul back any loot from the Commonwealth back to my home in Nukatown USA became a hassle and I decided to learn how to make mods to create an immersive alternative for transportation between the Commonwealth and Nuka-World. This is in fact my first mod.

14/aug/2017 – Added a different download for a 12 hour departure. The caravaneer departs at 6am and 6pm.

Stay classy, Raiders.

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