I have been collecting up a list of QoL changes that this community came up with (I’ll try and credit as many as I can but some I lost the source of some since I read through them in passing). Now plenty of QoL changes have been made in 1.1 (such as easier to find Anemoculus, quick food hotkey, etc) but I’d simply like to point out that there are still plenty more that Mihoyo can fix so here goes.

QoL changes that can be implemented in the Options Menu

Implementing “Auto-loot” in the options menu, similar to a bug like this (though this may be intentional by the Devs to prevent loot from dropping all the way down the cliff).

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

In key bindings, allow the “Struggle free” button during frozen or trapped in a bubble to be rebinded anywhere (especially to the attack or dash button).

Disable or Enable climbing during combat in options.

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

Adjusting the scope of auto-aim ranged attacks.

Similar to smart climbing, decreasing the scope will only auto aim at targets within a narrow line directly in front of your character and nowhere else even if enemy units are very close by but off to the side or behind you. This prevents characters like Venti from auto-aiming ults all the way off to the enemies on the left or the right side of him.

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

Further increasing the area means your character will have a higher tendency of aiming a little more to the enemies on the left or right if they are closer to you potentially making them miss the target you are aiming at. Increasing the area all the way to the right gives you the current level of auto-aim.

World related QoLs

Allow players to draw lines or connect placed Pins on the Map.

For farming routes that players can see on the mini-map as they play.

Invite players to your World.

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

(Only works if their World Level is the same or higher than yours.)

While exploring in the open world, allow party members in Coop to ping and show certain areas of the map to draw attention to it.

Eating more of the same food extends its buff duration instead of refreshing until it reaches a certain cap (maybe 30 minutes).

Update “Source” location of materials as you discover more sources.

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

Allow party members in Coop to share food.

It will consume x4 more the amount of food and your party members will receive a notification saying…

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

Clicking “Tab” (rebindable) will allow pre-set parties to be easily switchable as long as you are out of combat.

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

Give us the ability to delete cooked food.

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

I shouldn’t be forced to use random Suspicious Steaks given to me by NPCs during dialogue or quests that clog up my food inventory and especially the revival menu.

Or even better, allow us to feed cats and dogs any of our food similar to how you can give items to NPCs during quests.

Allow revival of dead characters currently not in the party.

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

Allow weapons and characters to be ascended early before it reaches that ascension’s max level.

Weapons are no longer that big of an issue since it refunds the excess EXP. Character however still has this issue.

Show the EXP bar progression after +1 lvl upgrade

Applies to both weapons and characters but characters need this more since excess weapon EXP gets refunded.

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

Implement a “Collect All” button in blacksmith.

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

Show the number of materials you own while crafting.

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

Allow multiple bounties to be taken, including three 100 Reputation Points bounties at the same time.

Include AT LEAST one unique commission each day and it rotates.

There are currently 62 unique commissions, some of which even have multiple ways to complete like Timmie’s pigeons where depending on what you did, you can obtain further commissions, recipes or achievements. (List can be found here: https://genshin-impact.fandom.com/wiki/Commissions)

But most of the time the commissions that you WILL get are utter complete basic commissions that you end up boring yourself most of the time.

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

We have 62 different unique commissions and if we even get only one each day, it will take us two months just to complete it once each (excluding repeats of the same uniques and the multiple ways to complete those). If this is Mihoyo’s idea of prolonging the game’s lifespan by making the unique commissions have a very low chance of acquiring, they are doing more harm to the game by spamming people with complete basic commissions while barring all of these really good unique commissions behind complete RNG.

Domain Coop system QoL rework

Domain coop is kind of a mess. Currently a few issues with matching up randomly in coop is this.

  1. You have to wait for people to load into the Domain and even if they do, if the hosts start the fight too early, everyone outside will be locked behind the stairway barrier.

  2. Host role is somewhat “random” and people who join you can steal your resources. You might say “kick them then” but there have been reported cases where people join you all the way into the domain, only to later leave in the middle of the fight to go into the world and take your resources.

  3. Rerunning the same Domain is simply too much of a hassle.

  4. Domain loots spawning underneath the tree.

  5. Host leaving disbands a party entirely even if three other people wishes to continue.

To address all of these issues here is a compiled list of suggestions from the community.

To fix issues 1-4:

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The
  • When you got matched, both you and the host will instantly enter directly into the center of the Domain area indicated by the Green on the picture.

  • Stairways will be blocked preventing issue number one from ever happening.

  • Should a player decide to leave the Domain during this time, their only option will be forced to leave and return to their world in case they attempt to steal resources from the host.

  • Party member switching, duplicate character avoiding, requeuing, etc can all be done when the host interacts with the blocked stairway’s boundary similar to the domain gate. Should the host wish to invite the Party members back out into their world, there will be a button for them that allows this.

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The
  • Similar to the crucible event, the host can interact with the tree/blossom in the middle to rerun the Domain without ever needing to go back out into the open world.

  • All drops as soon as you spend resin will be auto collected thus avoiding any possible glitches. If the host reruns the Domain but you still haven’t spent your resin to collect the rewards yet, you will be prompted with a message like this.

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

To address issue No.5 in the Domain issue list, if the host leaves player No.2 simply takes the spot of host and the party continues.

Other Domain QoL includes being able to spectate other players when you die (as requested by the community).

Changes to acquisition and stocking of Condensed Resin

The Condensed Resin system is something I have been itching to talk about ever since they teased it before 1.1. Because to me it just looks like a very unnecessary step of creating an item just so you can use it up almost instantly most of the time to save yourself time during Domain spamming. So let’s fix it and I’ll talk about it in multiple sub-categories.

  1. Craft and stocking them.

Picture this. You have 2 C Resins in your inventory but you haven’t checked it. You currently have 120 Resins so you decide to go to the bench and saw the option to craft three. You craft it right?

Nope gave you an “Items exceeds max limit. Max limit: 3”

You reduce it to two. Nope, prompt is still there.

Why doesn’t the game just automatically cap the number of craftable resins exactly to your cap limit?

2. Portable crafting.

Similar to being able to open chests or bundles anywhere, crafting C Resins should be doable ANYWHERE on the map as well, especially when you can carry only three and you are farming for Artifacts in Domain.

^The two suggestions up there are simply QoL changes but I have a better suggestion. That is to simply do a complete table flip overhaul and remake the system into something that I’ll now suggest below.

3. Storing suggestions.

If Mihoyo’s idea of having the C Resin system is to allow people to store Resin when they can’t play the game, then why don’t they just implement a system similar to Honkai’s Stamina Vending machine? (for anyone who doesn’t know Honkai has an extra “Reserved Resin Pool” where Resin is accumulated at a slower rate in there but allows you to stock up a huge chunk of your Resin should it overcap on your normal capacity). The idea of having to still log in to turn them into C Resin is such an unnecessary step. I understand very well that games get to advertise and tout their statistics of “1 Million, billion users login everyday!” but if you want to keep people logging into your game daily, just implement a daily login that exists permanently instead of every “once in a while”. Other games even IMPROVE their daily login rewards when there is an event instead of drip feeding it only when there is an event.

4. Simply implement a button “Use 40 Resins”

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

Heck, you can even add a darn slider into domains where you can spend x2 or x3 the resin etc. There is NO other place to use C Resins aside from Domains and Leylines so I’m still scratching my head at the thought of why we even need to go through the hassle of crafting it in the first place.

Character specific QoL

-Allow dashing to cancel a skill that is currently being aimed. (Eg: Geo Traveller’s boulder, Fischl’s Oz aim summon, etc.)

-Characters with Elemental Burst animations that end with the camera angle facing towards them (Eg: Jean and Barbara) should have their camera angles return back to the view of “over the shoulder” angle.

-Venti’s Elemental Burst should be aimable when “Q” or EB button is held.

-Venti’s 3rd normal attack misses on uneven terrain.

-Keqing being unable to take any action if she aims-throws her stiletto close to the ground.

-Special dashes (ie Mona, and perhaps Ayaka later) need to be reworked, as Mona’s dash is so clunky there are a couple of issues

  • Mona being unable to water sprint over tiny obstacles, stairs and ledges which other characters have no problem sprinting over.

  • The end of her dash has nearly a full second of end lag

  • You can’t change directions after dashing, if you dash again during the end lag, you’re forced to dash in the same direction you came out in

  • She can’t make sharp turns while dashing unlike any other character in the game, she has a huge turn radius

by u/fabulouslyposh

-Allow Klee’s Jumpy Dumpty (E) ability to be aimable, similar to Amber’s Baron Bunny (E).

-Klee unable to attack in certain areas.


Implement a messaging system

For people who meet each other in-game only, a messaging system would be nice especially since the only way you can talk to them is by joining their world first and that in it of itself is an issue since people in this game now have trust issues with people stealing their World’s resources.

All Time-trial challenges should be redoable.

By redoable I don’t mean that the chest must respawn (that is a whole debate for another time). But even if chests don’t respawn, I personally would like it if the following happens.

  • Enemies that appear during these challenges will drop their respective loot just like how enemies in Gold or XP Leylines do.

  • Activating gliding challenges will open up those “Air rings” allowing you to traverse long distances without the pressure of chasing down chests.

  • Activating shooting challenges will allow you to still shoot but will only grant you common chests which refreshes once every two weeks (similar to Abyss).

The following are the current colour codes with Red and Blue. But to indicate that it’s redoable, we can have Green.

  • Red colour = Never tried before

  • Blue colour = Currently activated

  • Green colour = Completed this trial before

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

Sorry for the horrible paint job.

Removing the teleporter right beside Storm Terror’s lair.

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

Volume of clicks sounds in “Notices” menu isn’t mutable or adjustable.

Additional QoL suggestions made by commenters-

From u/Spede2

Allow simultaneous use of multiple controllers such as Keyboard+Mouse and Controller.

Allow Keyboard only functionality as well.

From u/IdentityThieve

Implement presets for artifacts to make whole sets of artifact swapping easier.

r/Genshin_Impact - Quality of Life changes (The

Elemental DMG will automatically change to your character’s element.

From dsynx on Mihoyo forums

I would like the PlayStation touchpad button to be used to open the map instead of having to use the scroll wheel.

A target lock-on button similar to Devil May Cry’s lock on can help greatly in Geo boss fight along with Fatui electro mages and the 999 flies.

From u/Gofers

Archive system should allow previewing items and equipment to see if certain weapons and artifacts are worth obtaining or not. Previewing artifact sets should light up in pieces that you have already obtained.

Wish counter should show the current number of pulls before pity.

Battle passes can having rotating quests to spice it up.

From u/Frosiin

Have a toggleable button to switch between grid and list view of Crafting materials.

All craft/cook/forge should automatically switch to the previous character who worked on that recipe.

[Not a QoL but a suggestion] Exploration temples (they are the one time “domains”) should reset once in a while (every week/2 weeks) to get more use out of them instead of being glorified teleporters.

Mora and EXP scale better on increasing World Levels. (if boars deal more damage with World Level so should the rewards)

“Bookmark” your favourite characters and weapons. These will show up on your list first or higher. A book mark tab will also be available when crafting and selecting their names will show you the ascension materials needed to upgrade them.

Allow Charged Attacks to also be performable in the key bindings option menu with another button. Meaning holding down the mouse key or another dedicated button will allow you to perform it.

From u/Mrjoe10

Auto-run should be implemented. Since both Shift key and Right-click mouse buttons are dodge, Shift key can be dedicated to an auto-run function. Or even Caps lock.

From u/Wakamaniac

Character buffs such as Guoba’s chilli, Thrilling tales, etc while they all stack cannot be differentiated from each other since they all show up on around your character as little red arrows. In the options menu there should be a checkbox called “Show character buffs as icons” where you can tick it and have it reveal above your health bar just like food buffs.

Buff icon size should be adjustable in the option menu as well since even on the PC, its very hard to tell what buffs you have, especially with the QoL mentioned above. Additionally, it should have a “cooldown timer ring” around it that shows how close it is to expiring.

From Moonclair on Mihoyo forums

Instantly auto-track the next enemy (Abyss Mages, Whooperflowers, Fatui mages, etc) after you killed the one marked on the map.

Or even better, show the location of a random four or five units when marked similar to the ore locations being reveal when you talk to the blacksmiths in this 1.1 patch.

From u/DAOWAce and u/DaemonXHUN

The following is a list of settings and controller options that should be adjustable/fixed.

List made before 1.1

List compiled for 1.1

From u/glittermetalprincess

Making all World Levels need a quest or active acknowledgement, instead of every second one just happen. The quest giving an estimate of what character level should be to finish is helpful to guide progression, and it going up on its own can put grinding some materials out of reach without help or if players aren’t aware of the jump.

Being able to control the difficulty of bosses that drop ascension materials would also help in this regard. One of the ways to do this would be to implement the ability to change World Level simply by tapping on the WL icon in the Paimon menu. This will allow you to manually and instantly change your world level similar to how world level changes when you transition after opening a chest in the open world when you’ve reached a certain AR threshold.

One major benefit this brings is the fact that you can now adjust your own Word Level to that of a friend’s level (if they are lower WL) and allow them to join your World this way if they need to farm ores, materials or Wei from you (something which a lot of high WL endgame players generally don’t need as much anymore).

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