For all the skippers out there (not like boat captain skippers…) I have decided to bite the bullet for you and recap the Season 3 story with an attempt to remove the most painful parts. This is a big one covering all 3 parts of World 5.

If you were waiting for Season 3 to get good, well here it is. It’s not likely to sway you if you never liked any of the FFBE story, but if you enjoyed/tolerated Season 1 and 2 then come on back now!

World 1 &2 Recap

Fina Side Story

World 3 Recap

World 4 Recap


  • I write this as I experience it in real-time so don’t give me shit for what happens later.

  • All Fina/Baby shit is removed unless 10000% necessary.

  • I am at varying levels of drunk while doing this as it’s multiple sessions.

  • Spoiler lines are my drunk commentary which you should probably skip.

The Fortress City of Berga

Next stop is the Fortress City of Berga which we learn is Bruce’s hometown, upon arrival Rinora feels like this place may be related to his lost memories.

East Side District Block F4 – Roca enters a rebellious phase and as they talk about child rearing methods they realize that the town is very much a maze and that they wasted a good 5 minutes of my life.

East Side District Residential Block – Bruce runs into a nosy neighbor who asks him where his wife and child are. “Oh they’re dead.” Ok… well hey at least we get to explore a town now! Team Feener finds out that no one can leave the town, possibly due to the wormhole taking the exits, and that this is the second white fog to appear. Bruce closed the first wormhole.

East Side District Block D3 – Roca picks up trash and then pushes a button that summons monsters. I seriously hate Roca now. My littlest brother was one of those kids who had to be kept on a leash, literally it was a child harness, and he also pulled the fire alarm at IHOP once. He’s still a giant piece of shit to this day at age 27 and just gets worse as time goes on. I firmly believe some are just born rotten.

ESDB E2 – Pedagogical Differences – Amidst discussing pointless child rearing techniques the team wonders about the sudden increase of the wormhole. Bruce mentions “The Bringer of the Hollow.”

ESDB C1 – The Bringer of the Hollow is not a Hollow Keeper which exists just to protect the Hollow. Bruce will finish the story when it’s the proper most dramatic time. Once again you are reminded that BM Fina needs to be in your party even if she already is. Bruce shoots into the air like a drunk hillbilly on the 4th of July. Enter probable bad guy Diverti who cutscene fights with Bruce before announcing himself as a… HOLLOW KEEPER! Diverti wished for a world with no exits so that when Bruce came back he could not escape the revenge for “those two.”


for some reason that name is giving me serious JoJo Golden Wind vibes

Diverti pulls a you beat me… sike! And runs off promising to make Bruce pay for “those two.”

Bruce tells the team that Diverti wanted to be a summoner and trained under him. The team is then suddenly trapped by the fog.

ESDB A1 Steaksauce – Cut over to the Rain/Lasswell camp. Rain apparently thinks that strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government and wants to get Aldore into a place where they don’t need kings.

During the cliffhanger ending of world 4, Reagan and Full Bodied Akstar fought against the white robed man and lost. Instead of just being murdered and simplifying the evil plot, the two were tied to two conveniently matching pillars. Potchi, one of those white shapeshifting things, then comes to rescue them. Reagan alludes to Akstar having an incurable disease. apparently he gets fucked no matter what

Rain’s party catches up to the man in the white robe since when have white pointy robes been bad?, he admits to being the one that killed Elmaul. Which is not the dude who wrote Fundamental Forces.

ESDB B3FFBE needs to download 10.6MB of data which is just over the threshold to not concern you. It starts to rain. Not Rain Flashback to Bruce’s tragic anime backstory to when it is raining. He decides to tell the team now his tragic anime backstory. Big ol’ spoiler ahead: Bruce is the Bringer of the Hollow. He believed that the hollow allowed him to take things from the world, an excess of things. By taking away the excess of things, he could make people realize the happiness of simple things. AKA, he’s Amish. But it doesn’t end there…

Bruce: “I killed my wife and my son with my own hands.”

Diverti was like family to them and thus the hatred. Cleome: Wtf did I sign on for?

Back to the Rain/Lasswell camp. They are getting their ass kicked by the KKK guy. Rain and Laswell are unable to fully awaken their powers since they are so attracted to each other and get distracted. A rainbow crystal appears and both them and the KKK guy vanish.

Back to Team Feener. Bruce continues his backstory. He was freed by a strange light which allowed him to close the wormhole. The strange light called itself Roca’s mother. Bruce was then able to board the Farplane Express where he was listed as a passenger and Rinora told him the purpose was to close the wormholes.

Back to Rain x Lasswell. Lasswell questions Rain’s thirsty heart. Rain doesn’t see the issue getting a little “excited” for an adventure. The two finally see an actual wormhole. Upon approaching ‘Zurk, Conch Shell and Yellow Mellow block their advance. Lassie and Rain stare deep into each others’ eyes.

ESDB A4Party of 1 or more is a quest requirement. SO HARD! Bruce now knowing the truth is out, asks the party if they want to touch and go their separate ways. A boss fight then appears against giant snake Voa Berga. Bruce however isn’t there to close the wormhole. Onion Knight Roca then steps up to close the wormhole.

Fina learns whatever the fuck Blue Hammer is.

Back to the Farplane express, Rinora has a headache and finally remembers who/what he is.

Bruce and Diverti are found still fighting. The team finally defeats him. Diverti doubles down and takes too many episodes to power up. Rinora comes to stop him.

Diverti is shocked to see Rinora claiming he should be dead. Rinora then appears to know Diverti and asks his “father” if that’s the case.

Bruce: “Rinora, your memories have returned?”

Rinora: “Yes, they’ve completely returned, thanks to you.”

Rinora: Proceeds to stab his father, Bruce.

Everyone: “Nani!?”

Rinora: “The bit about Bruce killing his family and becoming the Hollow Bringer was a lie. I AM THE BRINGER OF THE HOLLOW! Did you not read my unit bio?”

Rinora: “HA HA HA HA HA!”

Tidus: “HA HA HA HA HA!”



East Side District Block A4 – Rinora doubles down that he’s totally a bad guy and summons a wormhole to kill Team Feener. Roca uses her magic baby toddler child powers to cancel the wormhole. Rinora and Diverti then escape. Turns out that Bruce isn’t dead SHOCK but is in need of desperate medical attention.

WSDB H2 – Bruce receives special medical “care” from Kalmia and is now right as Rain rain. They head back to the Farplane Express since Rinora can now travel wherever with the Hollow’s power.

WSDB J2 – Apparently Rainwell are still fighting Melo/Conche/Marzuka. Melo goes super saiyan but Rain still beats him. Enter Rinora and Diverti. The Hollow Keepers seem unaware that Rinora was the Hollow Bringer the whole time. Rinora expands the wormhole, stating that they don’t just take one thing from a world, but EVERYTHING.

WSDB H4 – Back to the Feeners. Bruce continues his reminiscing. Once on a camping trip, Rinora left his parents to search for a “flower of provenance” said to heal any wound. season 2 magic flower says hi Rinora eventually stumbled upon a ruin and encountered the “Will of Oblivion”– The will of the Hollow made manifest. It took over Rinora’s mind. The only way to save Rinora is to end “something else…” Dramatic trail-off… dot dot dot…

That night when they were camping, Berga was covered in its first silver fog which took away people’s ability to move their feet. Bruce and his wife Ella, still with feet, encountered their “son” Rinora. Rinora intended to use the Hollow to remove their familial bonds and challenged Bruce to a fight. Bruce was unwilling to fight his own son and in the goading Rinora wound up accidentally killing his mother, Ella.

WSDB F3We are now in the desert level from Nier Automata apparently Bruce has a rather touching father moment with Cleome. not catholic Father touching thankfully As the team nears where the Farplane Express was parked, they get attacked by the mutha’ fuckin’ DOOMTRAIN! CHOO CHOO BITCHES! Turns out that the Farplane Express was really the Doomtrain all along which was an esper that Bruce summoned. He’s a summoner btw which he mentioned in their initial meeting. He couldn’t summon other espers because Doomtrain was currently summoned.

He originally summoned Doomtrain during his initial fight with Rinora. It was then that Diverti inconvenentialy showed up and saw Bruce with his dead wife and train-hit son. Ignoring Diverti since explaining yourself is so not dramatic Bruce left and found Rinora still breathing. On the verge of finishing him off, Rinora woke up with amnesia as per JRPG tradition and Bruce was unable to literally pull the trigger. End of the flashback, Team Feener then set off to find another “pilocite” which is needed to control the Doomtrain.

Meanwhile Rainwell continue their fight against present day Rinora. They quickly realize that Rinora is using the Hollow to erase his own damage and thus they need to resort to burst damage to beat him. Just then, Chorale appears and stops their attack. Team Hollow then escapes.

WSDB E4 – Bruce continues his story about how he saw a rainbow crystal. lol not even an NV crystal, must have used a 4* ticket The crystal then said the opening season 3 trailer about Creation and Disrucktion. The light from this crystal is how Bruce learned everything about the Hollow. The Hollow has existed since the beginning of creation quietly taking things from forgotten corners of existence. But the Will of the Hollow wanted more and thus sought to connect with a Bringer of the Hollow. The light from the crystal then granted Bruce the ability to close the wormholes and told him that doing so would restore Rinora’s memories. However, that would not restore Rinora to his pre-Hollow Bringer state. Finally, Bruce fudged the passenger list of the Farplane Express after being told by the crystal to include Feener… err Fina. Bruce then resolves to kill Rinora, his own son, as there is no other way he can be saved.

Roca, having overheard a conversation between Kalmia and Bruce, runs off to look for a flower of provenance as Bruce is not quite as healed as he pretends to be. She quickly returns however, but not with the actual flower that could save Bruce but just with random flowers. Fina goes to commiserate with Roca about being stupid when the town readjusts itself thus splitting the team into convenient plot groups.

WSDB D2 – Roca, now isolated by herself, is besieged by monsters.

Swoop, there it is!

Roca awakens in an unfamiliar bed. Saved apparently by the Hollow Keepers: Marzuka/Melo/Conche. Marzuke is oddly interested in if Fina’s omelets are good. But again Marzuka and Fina are totally NOT friends! Chorale and Diverti then appear and Chorale simps all over Nerine (who is not even present). Finally Rinora appears and clears the room. Only him and Roca now. Rinora then apparently “takes Roca out of the picture.” SOPRANOS BLACK SCREEN.

WSDB B2 – Physalis and Charlotte use the power of love to hone in on Lasswell and cause an entrance to the Farplane to appear. However, Hollow KKK guy shows up and destroys it right as Charlotte was about to admit her feelings about Lasswell.

Cut to the split team of Daisy/Nerine/Poppy. Poppy shares that her parents died when she was really young and her trying to draw them to remember them is what awoke her inner artist. Daisy and Nerine both share they lost their parents young. suck it Poppy! While playing their who had it worse one upmanship, they encounter two Wormholes and thus must fight two Hollow Dragons. Since no main character is present, they can’t win and Daisy lures the dragons away just for Rain x Lasswell to show up and beat the dragons off. Rain hits on Daisy since he’s in his Season 1 outfit.

Meanwhile group Fina/Kalmia/Cleome/Bruce stumble upon the pilocite. As Bruce once again recommits to killing Rinora despite Fina trying to talk him out of it, Rinora appears. Rinora triple downs on being a bad guy by summoning Roca’s lifeless body. Fina is now on Team Kill Rinora. But then Rinora revives Roca as an evil Hollow Bringer! Roca now sets out to kill Fina and casts Ultima…



West Side District Block B2 – The spell just knocks the party back. Rinora boasts that he used a wormhole to steal Roca’s memories and then implanted false ones inside her. Bruce proc’s his magic cover and takes one for the team in his already weakened state.


Rinora and Roca then escape, promising to draw out their full power from the ruins.

With another pilocite, Bruce summons the Farplane Express again and they head to the ruins in chase.

NSDB A3 – Back to Reagen/Akstar fighting KKK guy. Akstar uses a new Guiding Mirror of Equity. It’s like the Mirror of Equity only Guiding. He was saving it to show/guide Lasswell.

NSDB C3 – Daisy develops a crush on Rain, the city shifts again and separates Daisy/Nerine/Poppy from Rain x Lasswell. Bruce and Cleome have another sweet moment.

NSDB D4 – Daisy/Nerine/Poppy meet up with Fina/Kalmia/Cleome/Bruce. Daisy asks Fina what her relationship with Rain is and gets an non-committal anime answer. This ironically gives Daisy the answer she needs. Now that the Feener Force is reassembled they head off to the ruins. Bruce lets Nerine know that the objection of Chorale’s affection is Nerine and not Princess Swan. He probably meant object but who knows.

NSDB F4 – The burst damage of Guiding Mirror of Equity was enough to damage KKK guy. KKK guy alludes to the Day of Oblivion and then runs. Physalis is a bit jealous she didn’t learn the Mirrors from Lasswell.

The Hollow Keepers confront Rinora, they are not on board with Roca being duped into protecting the Hollow because they have all willingly chosen to and demand that he turns Roca back.

Rinora: “lol no”

Chorale then declares he will turn Roca back.

NSDB E2 – The Keepers were able to sequester Roca. Chorale claims that he can close the wormhole inside Roca that took her memories. While before he could only close them temporarily, he feels now that he can do so permanently. Roca appears to be cured and given the choice to stay with the Keepers, who are fighting to save those who can be protected, versus going with Fina, who is fighting to save everyone despite the futility of it, she resolves to rejoin with Fina.

As the Keepers leave, Diverti suddenly feels that he too can close wormholes yet isn’t quite sure why.

Fina resolves to stopping Bruce from killing Rinora even by force. She admits that Rain and Lasswell were right in that violence is the correct answer. Bruce laments that he is the reason she gave up her pacifist ways but accepts her challenge nonetheless. They cutscene fight and Fina’s hesitation leads the battle to a draw.

NSDB C1 – Team Feener arrives at the ruins where they meet Rinora and The Hollow Breakers. which sounds like a terrible band name


Daisy is unfairly matched up against Rinora. She struggles against him but holds out as long as she can to buy time for Fina. Just as she was about to be whalloped by Super Wormhole Attack, Roca appears and saves her.

Fina and Roca defeat Shota Shorts but wind up blowing him into the Will of Oblivion. Whoops! Roca goes full bankai and beats the shit out of everyone, Hollow Keepers included.

Bruce goes one on one with Rinora only to meet Get Stabbed: The Sequel. However, it was a faint and Bruce appears behind Rinora and shoots him. While everyone assumes that Bruce killed Rinora, he reveals that much as Chorale closed the wormhole in Roca, he closed the wormhole in Rinora. With his son saved, Bruce’s lifeforce is spent and he passes away.

After the funeral, Roca goes and closes the rest of the wormholes. She then evolves into her final form… Dark Fina.

World 5 End

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