There’s something incredibly fun about hunting down amazing postcards, arranging swaps with people from across the world, and then finding those cards in your mailbox a few weeks later.

It never gets old with all the postcards available for swap on any number of platforms from Postcrossing to Instagram but having a focus can really help you direct your efforts and money.

These are the six most popular international postcard series featuring countries from across the globe that make for one impressive collection when complete. The popularity  of these postcards means that many like minded snail mailers are also looking to swap for the countries they need to complete their collections.

While some cards can be found relatively quickly, others are a rare find which only makes for a better challenge and reward when you do!

Best of all, each of the five series featured below are available to buy online and ship internationally. Just follow the link straight to their shops and look for your country. Happy swapping!


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The What Do You Know About… postcard series is hand painted by the talented Karina Rustaeva and shipped internationally from Russia. There are 45 countries (and counting) with each card depicting interesting facts about the featured country. The cards are printed on a nice textured paper, see a close up here,  and sent in pretty wrappings.

For more postcards like these (i.e. beautifully hand painted and generally awesome) you definitely need to check out Wow-Cards’ Seven Wonders of the World and Cuisine series!

Made in Germany by sisters Maike and Wiebke, these adorable postcards are specifically designed with Postcrossing in mind but can definitely be swapped anywhere! Each card shows a map of the country as well as famous monuments, stamps, the flag and national symbols.

At the moment this is a smaller series which makes it especially manageable to collect!

papersisters also sell stamps, stickers, and other wonderful mail supplies like their Postcrossing ID stamps which I love using!

Fair warning, following them on Instagram will make you want to buy everything they offer and send some good looking mail.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Postal Love is well known for beautiful postcards and their official Greetings From series is no exception. Also known as GF, these postcards are distributed from Poland and with over 100 countries in the series, there are so many opportunities to swap! It also means that many of us should be able to find a card for our home country.

Each postcard features a stunning background picture from the featured country and interesting trivia about that nation.

While imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, it’s not nice to trade the real thing for a fake. Be careful when swapping as there are many knockoff postcards of this series (such as self printed postcards). Double check you’re getting an official Postal Love GF card.

Distributed from Romania, the Postcards Market’s Flags of the World (FOTW) series features the flag of each country on a sky blue background, making it looks like the flags are waving on a beautiful summer day. Along the left side of the cards is the country’s coat of arms and two maps, one of the country itself and another highlighting where it is located in the world.

With 159 postcards in the series this is another good collection for everyone to find their home country and a seriously fun challenge to collect them all!

For the nature lovers, they also have a National Symbols of the World series with 24 cards (at the moment) which feature the country’s national animal or flower.

“It is said a postcard has 3 stories: the picture, the message and its travelling data. We believe there is a 4th story and most important of all: the emotions that carries with it.” – The Postcard Market

The Postcard House is based in Singapore and currently has 73 postcards in this series with a promise of more to come. Each postcard is jam packed with the iconic landscapes, sports, animals and symbols of the featured country with an accompanying title.  Printed on a white background the pictures really pop!

The colourful series is just one of many postcards available on the Postcard House website so be sure to browse around!

Based in Taiwan, Nisan’s World Travel postcard series currently offers 46 cards which feature images of the country’s postage stamps as well as a map and other national symbols.

They also offer blank World Travel postcards so that you can add a personal touch to your cards such as vintage stamps, stickers, or even your own drawing. Such a fun idea!

Is there another postcard series you like to collect? Let us know in the comments and happy swapping!

For more ideas on where to buy postcards, check out this list of the Top 10 Places to Find Postcards.

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