WHERE: Surrey – UK

WHEN: 8th – 10th January

Enter 2020 Surrey Logo

This eTourism Conference is a chance for attendees to share their research regarding technology in travel and tourism.


WHERE: Helsinki – Finland

WHEN: 15th – 19th January

Matka Nordic Travel Fair Image

The Nordic Travel Fair is the largest travel industry event in Northern Europe.

WHERE: London – United Kingdom

WHEN: 18th – 19th January

Adventure Travel Show Logo

This is the UK’s only travel trade event dedicated to travel experiences off the beaten track.

WHERE: San Diego, California – USA

WHEN: 18th – 19th January

San Diego Travel & Adventure Show Logo

The San Diego show connects travel enthusiasts with different exhibiting companies, and there are plenty of travel celebrities to meet.

WHERE: Madrid – Spain

WHEN: 22rd – 26th January

Fitur 2020 Logo

Fitur was one of the first tourism conferences in the world and remains an excellent meeting point for people in the travel industry with over 200,000 attendees from 165 countries. You also get the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful city.

WHERE: Ljubljana – Slovenia

WHEN: 19th January – 1st February

Alpe-Adria 2019 Banner Logo

This is a great opportunity for networking with those from the Alps-Adriatic region.

WHERE: Washington, D.C – USA

WHEN: 5th February

Destination Showcase 2020 Banner Image

This event is for planners to meet and expand their knowledge of the destinations and opportunities available to them.

WHERE: Sea Island, Georgia – USA

WHEN: 5th – 7th February

The Southern Coterie Logo

If you are in the media, blogging and branding community, then this is the conference for you.

WHERE: Melbourne – Australia

WHEN: 17th – 19th February

AIME 2019 Logo

The Asia-Pacific Incentives and Meetings Expo allows for those involved in organising business travel, meetings, incentives and events to meet.

WHERE: Denver, Colorado – USA

WHEN: 22nd – 23rd February

Denver Travel & Adventure Show Logo

The Denver show connects travel enthusiasts with different exhibiting companies, and there are plenty of travel celebrities to meet.

WHERE: London – United Kingdom

WHEN: 26th – 27st February

TTE Logo

Travel Technology Europe is the perfect place to see new products and innovations and to create new business relationships.

WHERE: Berlin – Germany

WHEN: 4th – 8th March

ITB Berlin Image

Products and services from over 180 countries are showcased at one of the world’s leading travel trade show.

WHERE: New York City, New York – USA

WHEN: 6th – 8th March

Women's Travel Fest Logo

The purpose of this event is to empower, inspire and celebrate solo travel for women.

WHERE: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – USA

WHEN: 14th – 15th March

Philadelphia Travel & Adventure Show Logo

The Philadelphia show connects travel enthusiasts with different exhibiting companies, and there are plenty of travel celebrities to meet.

WHERE: London – UK

WHEN: 19th March

Learn about the best way to personalise your offering at The Travel Technology Initiative Spring Conference.

WHERE: Madrid – Spain

WHEN: 24th – 25th March

Skift Forum Europe 2020 Banner

Attend this conference for an insight into the future of travel, and to understand the changing trends within the travel market.

WHERE: Barcelona – Spain

WHEN: 27th – 29th March

B-Travel 2020 Logo

If you’re interested in experiential tourism then you won’t want to miss Catalonia’s International Tourism Show

WHERE: Dallas, Texas – USA

WHEN: 28th – 29th March

Dallas Travel & Adventure Show Logo

The Dallas show connects travel enthusiasts with different exhibiting companies, and there are plenty of travel celebrities to meet.

WHERE: Barcelona – Spain

WHEN: 31st March

Forum Turistic 2020 Banner

This year’s program will focus on technology and sustainable tourism; attendees can learn how technology can help tourism be sustainable.

WHERE: São Paulo – Brazil

WHEN: 31st March – 2nd April

WTM Latin America Logo

This B2B event in Sao Paulo showcases Latin America to the world.

WHERE: Cape Town – South Africa

WHEN: 2nd – 4th April

ILTM Africa Banner 2020

International Luxury Travel Market Africa is where luxury buyers can find out about Africa’s leading luxury experiences.

WHERE: Cape Town – South Africa

WHEN: 6th – 8th April

WTM Africa Logo

For those interested in the African travel industry, this is the best place to learn about the latest developments in this area.

WHERE: Mandelieu-La Napoule – France

WHEN: 16th – 17th April

SBV Logo

French tourism professionals and bloggers can meet here, and with over 10 hours of speed dating available, this is a great networking opportunity.

WHERE: Dubai – United Arab Emirates

WHEN: 19th – 22nd April

ATM Dubai Logo

If you’re interested in doing business with the Middle East, then you can find out what’s new in the Arabian Travel Market here.

WHERE: New York City, New York – USA


New York Trav Fest Logo

This event is for all lovers of travel to learn more about destinations and brands and enjoy listening to dynamic speakers.

WHERE: Kansas City, Missouri – USA

WHEN: 1st – 3rd May

WITS North America Banner 2020

By women, for women, this event enables women to learn how to become better travel bloggers and entrepreneurs.

WHERE: Oregon – USA

WHEN: 3rd – 5th May

Travel & Words Conference Logo

This is an opportunity for those in the Northwestern United States to network, discuss story ideas and sample local beverages.

WHERE: Sao Paulo – Brazil

WHEN: 5th – 8th May

ILTM Latin America Banner 2020

Showcasing the best trends and experiences of Brazilian and Latin-American markets, this is a great place to network.

WHERE: Milan – Italy

WHEN: 7th – 9th May


The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association Global Convention is a networking event for LGBT tourism professionals.

WHERE: Germany

WHEN: 10th – 12th May

GTM Logo

Find out the latest news and trends in Germany’s tourism industry, and network with a variety of representatives from the international travel industry.

WHERE: Durban – South Africa

WHEN: 12th – 14th May

INDABA Banner 2020

Attracting international buyers, this event showcases the widest variety of Southern Africa’s best tourism related products.

WHERE: Madeira, Portugal

WHEN: 15th – 18th May

The Advantage Conference Logo

You’ll definitely learn something new here. This conference will challenge your thinking and you’ll certainly leave feeling inspired.

WHERE: Amsterdam – The Netherlands

WHEN: 18th – 20th May

Phocuswright Europe Banner 2020

Head to Amsterdam to listen to travel leaders and influencers, and learn about where new innovations will be taking the future of travel.

WHERE: Singapore

WHEN: 18th – 21st May

ILTM Asia Pacific Banner Logo 2020

International Luxury Travel Market Singapore is where luxury buyers can find out about Singapore best luxury experiences.

WHERE: Lima – Peru

WHEN: 22nd – 25th May

PTM Banner

If you’re a tour operator interested in expanding your offering to include Peru, then this is the place for you. You’ll learn everything there is to learn about Peru here.

WHERE: San Diego, California – USA

WHEN: 1st – 2nd June

Eye for Travel 2020

An event where agents of hospitality gather together to radically transform the customer journey through partnerships, AI, and customer-centric vision.

WHERE: Spokane, Washington – USA

WHEN: 7th – 10th June

PRSA Banner 2020

This travel and tourism conference allows attendees to learn about an array of useful topics.

WHERE: Toronto, Ontario – Canada

WHEN: 8th – 10th June

GBTA Conference Toronto 2020 Banner

Over 600 corporate travel purchasing and meetings management professionals attend the Global Business Travel Association Conference.

WHERE: Istanbul – Turkey

WHEN: 8th – 10th June

ITT Banner Logo

The Institute of Travel and Tourism Conference held in Istanbul, Turkey, invites attendees to learn more about travel and tourism and enjoy networking with like-minded people.

WHERE: Greater Sadbury – Canada

WHEN: 9th – 13rd June


The Travel Media Association of Canada Conference and Annual General Meeting is held in Québec, with a chance to explore the city.

WHERE: Hydra Island – Greece

WHEN: 17th – 19th June

IACuDiT Banner Logo

This year’s theme is “Culture and Tourism in a Smart, Globalized and Sustainable World”.

WHERE: Portland, Oregon – USA

WHEN: 23rd June – 29th June

WDS Banner

Attended by people from over 40 countries, this is an opportunity to meet other people with an interest in travel, and have a unique and unconventional weekend.

WHERE: Denver, Colorado – USA

WHEN: 25th – 29th July

GBTA Convention 2020 Banner

The Global Business Travel Association Conference allows corporate travel professionals to discover over 400 brands.

WHERE: Corte Madera, California – USA

WHEN: 20th – 23rd August


Travel writers, publishers, magazine editors and photographers all gather here to take part in workshops and discussions.

WHERE: Las Vegas, Nevada – USA

WHEN: 1st – 2nd September

Future Travel Experience Global Banner 2020

Representatives from airlines, airports and all other stakeholder groups gather here to discuss the future of travel and how the passenger experience can be developed.

WHERE: Victoria, British Columbia – Canada

WHEN: 9th – 13th September

GoMedia Canada Logo

The CMM is an opportunity for Canadian media-relations representatives to network with other American and Canadian media.

WHERE: Surat – India

WHEN: 11th – 13th September

TTF Logo

TTF is India’s biggest travel show focused on providing 1 B2B day (Friday) & 2 B2C (Saturday & Sunday) days for each of its shows.

WHERE: Riviera Maya – Mexico

WHEN: 21st – 24th September

ILTM North America Banner Logo

International Luxury Travel Market Americas is where travel agents and advisors can find out about the best luxury experiences in the Americas region.

WHERE: Lisbon – Portugal

WHEN: 22th – 25th September & 8th – 11th October

WYSTC Lisbon

The World Youth and Student Travel Conference is the leading trade event for the global youth, student and educational travel industry.

WHERE: Lima – Peru

WHEN: 23rd – 25th September

Travel Mart Latin America Banner 2020

This travel mart provides a base for the buyers and suppliers of travel products and services in Central and South America.

WHERE: Singapore

WHEN: 28th – 30th September

WiT Banner 2020

Keep up with the rapidly changing world of hospitality at the Web in Travel Conference.

WHERE: Whistler, British Columbia – Canada


Travel Classics Banner

This event is perfect for journalists looking to expand their professional network.

WHERE: Reykjanes – Iceland

WHEN: 6th – 8th October

Vestnorden Travel Mart Banner

Buyers and exhibitors can network here and discuss products and services available in the West Nordic countries – Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

WHERE: Lafayette, Lousianna – USA

WHEN: 7th – 9th October

TBEX North America 2020 Banner

The Travel Blog Exchange in Billings, Montana is an opportunity for travel bloggers and travel industry professionals to network.

WHERE: Miami, Florida – USA

WHEN: 7th – 9th October

Travel Industry Exchange Logo

This event is for travel agents to expand their knowledge and network with suppliers from all over the world.

WHERE: Rimini – Italy

WHEN: 14th – 16th October

Italian Exhibition Group Logo

TTG is the main B2B tourism marketplace in Italy. Over 130 countries are represented, and this is the main gateway to the Italian market.

WHERE: Singapore

WHEN: 21th – 23rd October

ITB Asia Banner

Products and services from over 180 countries are showcased at the world’s leading B2B travel trade show.

WHERE: Shanghai – China

WHEN: 28th – 30th October

ILTM China Banner 2020

Luxury brands, travel planners and agencies from all over the world will meet in Shanghai at this event specifically for the Chinese outbound market.

WHERE: London – United Kingdom

WHEN: 2nd – 4th November

WTM London Logo

This B2B event in London hosts 51,000 global travel trade professionals, who are all looking to network, purchase new products, and find out about the latest trends.

WHERE: Phoenix, Arizona – USA

WHEN: 16th – 19th November

Phocuswright Conference Phoenix Banner 2020

This Hollywood conference provides you with the opportunity to engage with travel leaders and influencers, and learn about the latest innovations.

WHERE: Cannes – France

WHEN: 7th – 10th December

ILTM Cannes Banner 2020

This is the flagship International Luxury Travel Market event, where the very best global buyers can network with providers of the most luxurious experiences.


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