Update: Episode 5 is now fixed! If you downloaded it prior to 30 minutes ago, you might want to download it again! (3:23pm 2/17/2021)

First and Foremost:

It took me quite a bit of time to edit this thing.It started off for just myself, but I realized there’s so many out there that want a version like this. The one thing that has stopped me a few times in this process is knowing that as soon as I post this, I’ll get a handful of comments and likes and it will feel great, but also it’ll be underwhelming given the amount of time I spent on it. I’m not looking to be the number 1 trending thing in the world, but if you know someone who was disappointed by the show, loves the books or just wants a new show to watch, throw this their way. Spread this like a wildfire and let people see it.

If you’re looking to help in other ways, check out the “To the Interested” paragraph.

Be like Campion, spread the word.

To the Cast and Crew of The Stand (2020):

I post this fan edit coming from a place of love.While I definitely don’t agree with some choices made along the way, I know it comes from a place of love for you as well. Adapting stuff is rough, I’m sure, and I can –stand– here all day and say that you can do this better, or do trim this, but at the end of the day, you got the thing made and I’m proud of you all. I’m sure that means a whole lot coming from a guy who wishes he could do what you all do but chooses to tell himself he can’t, so he doesn’t. To the cast, you all did a tremendous job. I know I’m now a big fan of what Owen Teague, Jovan Adepo and Nat Wolff did in their roles and will follow their careers from this point on. Others of the cast, I’ve been following for years and have enjoyed much of their work and will continue to do so. There are two actors that got the most “cuts” in this edit. But I want to remind them that it’s not because they did a bad job, I just think the process of film making is a collaborative one. So if a person can’t carry the weight of a scene or handle an emotion the way that some might, it’s up to the editor to trim and preen the scene in order to get something a little better out of the performance. Sometimes doing a weird quirk is good on paper and maybe even on set, but it’s also up to the directors and others on the crew to step in and say, “hey, maybe not this”. I hope you know that I cut stuff out not to get rid of you, but to enhance your role. To Alexander Skarsgård, please continue to being a charming dude.As for the whole edit, I hope all of you only see this as just an alteration to your vision and not as a reclaiming of it.While I could go on a long tangent and ask you about the decisions made, it’s easier to just accept it and move on. Seeing it in a chronological order has really heightened my appreciation for what you made, it’s a shame you had to chop some of it up the way you did, but I respect the bold choice, just as I hope that you respect the changes I made.This isn’t a competition, I just put your jigsaw puzzle together.

(Shout out to my parents who have been doing puzzles together. It’s adorable. Love you guys.)

To the fans of The Stand:

I came into The Stand back when the original show aired on TV.The story has always had a huge impact on me. Traces of it can be found in other shows and stories I find compelling. I fell in love with the structure. While I have yet to fully read the book (I intend on doing so as soon as I finish with this upload), I feel a much stronger connection to these characters and I would love to explore them even further.I know a lot of you out there want this fan edit because you want to feel like you’re on a “journey”.

Well, I’m happy to report that, even before my deeper dive into the editing, just the initial restructuring of the wonky timelines impressed me. It feels very much in line with the 94 series but much more modern.There are some missing elements or changes to the story/characters that are nearly unforgivable but we’ll just have to live without them, or in some cases, with them.

In tightening and de-screeching of Trashcan Man scenes, I found it to be sad that there’s technically even less of him in this version, but removing a lot of the bizarre choices made to the character, you can already see a version that is slightly better; a glimpse at what could have been. Outside of re-recording my own vocals for Trashcan (a thought I seriously considered), I think just stripping away some of his craziness helps just enough and makes those outbursts of screams a little more tolerable.

There’s some stuff I took out of the show that I have heard as being fairly truthful to the novel, but I made sure to cut and edit with the characters in mind. I didn’t take out any large scenes. If anything was removed it was a superfluous shot or angle, etc. If anything I would’ve reshot scenes to improve them, but I don’t have reshoot budget. Sorrreee.

To the fans and creators of Fan Edits:

This is my first full fan edit released to the public. I’ve done some reworks and things to some movies but just for fun and it never really came to anything meaningful so those just got abandoned. I felt super compelled to make this edit for many reasons and I wouldn’t be so inspired to do so if it wasn’t for those who make fan edits and the community surrounding them. It’s just a lot of passionate people that want to make versions of what they like into something they like more and that’s neat. It’s a rewarding experience and I’m finding that out now after spending countless hours editing together the 9ish hours of this version of The Stand. Through all the headaches of trying to stitch things together, I had my doubts of even continuing, but I knew I was just doing it for myself and it doesn’t need to be perfect. So I started going at it a little more and I started to see people excited about it and that’s just neat that this little thing might make people just a little more happy about a story they’ve known for years. Whether or not they think it’s a good adaptation is solely their prerogative but at least they don’t have to worry about the timeline issue and it makes the rest of the show’s faults a little more forgivable.

To the fans of Stephen King:

King has been a huge inspiration for me for so many years. The reason I’ve wanted to become a writer is largely because of him. Even at a young age, I remember reading the backs of the covers thinking they were really amazing stories and concepts. Some concepts I’ve never heard before and yet could already begin to formulate ideas about what might lurk inside.IT and The Stand terrified me (arguably, they still hold up quite well [Tim Curry’s Pennywise is still creepier, imo]). Creepshow was a crossover with Romero that I was predestined to fall in love with. Now, whenever I think of what Stephen King looks like, my mind’s eye’s avatar for him is the goopy-glowy slack-jawed yokel.This is technically not true, but in some weird way this feels like I worked on a Stephen King adaptation by proxy and that’s kinda rad. Granted, I had nothing to do with the production of this thing one bit, I’m just some guy with the ability to snip a frame or two. But it feels good to accomplish this task, all as a tribute to King’s story telling, King himself and King’s fans. I’ll always aspire to be as dedicated as he is to just finishing his novels and putting them out there. If I had that confidence, I’d have a library of books out there but self-doubt it a bitch. Even still, I can feel his influence in a lot of the stories I write, so I thank him for that.

Thanks for being such an inspiration of creativity, Stephen. Mr. King. Sorry. We’re probably not on a first name basis yet.

For the interested:

After a very rough 2020, I feel like I need a complete reevaluation of my life and one of those pieces intrinsic to me moving on is the ability to create and do things. Me and my close friends have had a YouTube channel up for some time and while we’re still separated by a state, we have recently begun putting some effort into reviving our YouTube channel. The three of us have our own creative strengths and I know we have a ton of amazing things in our future, but it’s tough when you have a lot of life stuff to worry about.

If you’re interested in checking out our channel at Pickle Giraffe (https://www.youtube.com/picklegiraffe) and subscribe if you like what you see, or not, it just helps to see that number rise and our view counts go up.

If you’d like to make a bigger impact we started up a brand new Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/PickleGiraffe). It’s very new in fact, and surely there’s someone reading this post 5 months from now and that Patreon still sits with 0 people. That won’t stop us from continuing doing this stuff for fun. But if we did have support that could be rad too and our drive to create more will blow up significantly.

For the Plex/home server users:

Get it? Cause they missed their mark? This is funny, I promise.

Anyway, on to the episodes, and a spoiler free episode guide, followed by the COMPLETE changelog where you can see where everything is and (nearly) every edit made.

All Episodes (1 – 6) can be found here.


  • This is ~95% chronological. I took some liberties as indicated below. Any time I play with the convention of time, I feel like it makes complete sense as to why and it never detracts from the experience, unlike the original haphazard scene structure. If there’s a shot in there or a scene that seems out of place, it’s probably out of place for a very specific reason.

  • The sound is fine on my headphones but on SOME TVs its a little lower than I thought it’d be. But raising the volume definitely helps. There’s not a lot of extreme peaking where you’ll need to reach for your remote so it should be fine. But if you find any really rough parts, I’ll try fixing it.

  • I tried to be as meticulous as I could in regards to edits and sound transitions, but I can only do so much when there’s so much to edit and it’s only me trying to get this out soon. If anyone finds anything egregious with the edit, let me know and I can try fixing it – things like missing audio, repeated footage, missing or errors in my text graphics, etc. But some of this stuff might have just gone unnoticed because of how tired I am of watching the same scenes over and over haha. If there’s an odd transition in there somewhere, I probably spent a good amount of time trying to fix it and that’s the best I could do. They have the full soundtrack available and I did utilize it once or twice, but doing it for all scenes is rougher considering I’m not getting paid for this thing lol.

  • I’m totally happy with all of these episodes and I didn’t notice anything off or strange about the edit, but its mostly been me watching these over and over and I haven’t really had any one’s input on any of it outside that first episode, so please let me know.

  • This is the best quality I can make for streaming/downloading. I will have higher quality versions saved for safe keeping but this quality is the best I can do for right now with the upload space I have. I’ve streamed them on multiple large screens and tvs and it looks just fine!

  • Someone on Reddit did mention that they’d be willing to help with subtitles; if that’s you, or you would like to help, shoot me a message because I want to make sure that I have that as well for anyone who might need it.


Spoiler Free Episode Guide:

**Episode 1:**The BeginningRuntime: 1:12:30

  • The outbreak kicks off and we see how Stu, Harold, Frannie, Larry, Nick and Lloyd are able to cope in this dying world. Their journey begins.

**Episode 2:**KeysRuntime: 1:14:53

  • Nick wakes up.

  • Larry finds a companion fitting for the end times in Rita.

  • Stu meets Harold and Frannie, but when he’s dismissed as a viable traveling partner, he goes off and meets Glen and Kojak.

  • We meet Tom and then we meet Trashcan Man.

  • Some sewers are explored.

**Episode 3:**A Bolder, Free ZoneRuntime: 1:34:24

  • Larry meets Nadine and Joe and, over the course of a few weeks, they meet up with Stu in Boulder.

  • After their introduction to the town, Larry begins helping out any way he can and joins the committee. Nadine, on the other hand, finds plans of her own with Harold’s help.

  • The committee decides to send out some scouts to investigate “the dark man.”

**Episode 4:**Flagg Brewing Co. and Piano RepairRuntime: 1:16:04

  • In Boulder, Harold is invited to dinner. Larry explores a house that isn’t his. And a terrible terrorist plan is implemented.

  • In Vegas, we see our Boulder scouts trying to make it through to Flagg while we see, first hand, the depravity that surrounds (this version) of Vegas.

Episode 5: A Trip to VegasRuntime: 1:17:16

  • In Boulder, the aftermath of the horrid act has Mother Abigail sending her most trusted members on a journey they might not return from.

  • Harold makes his escape on his own terms.

  • Nadine visits a Flaggpole.

  • Some members of our travelling band of disciples make it to Vegas, some have their trip broken short.

Episode 6: Well, There Goes the NeighborhoodRuntime: 1:20:36

  • Nadine takes a step outside for some fresh air and Flagg starts to feel his power slip.

  • Two of our members from Boulder are handcuffed and put on display while Vegas goes through a shocking revelation.

  • During the epilogue, Frannie decides to go back to Ogunquit with Stu.

  • Their travels go Well. More or less.


“Complete” Changelog w/ Spoilers – A complete changelog that touches on nearly every edit made and my decision behind it. I had to separate it from this post mostly because I reached the character limit by…a lot. You can either read through it as you watch the show, or by itself. I made sure to make it a ‘fun’ read regardless.

If you find any errors in your watch through, you can use this document and comment on the place that needs a fix, adjustment or tweak.


Now THAT’s a wall of text.

Please enjoy, everyone.

This thing has kept me going and sane these past couple of months.I’m nervous to see it go, but I’m glad it’s over.

Thank you for your time,


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