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Hello! I normally post theories here, but for thanksgiving I decided to compile every question ever asked about the game Hytale here. Since its impossible to know every question ever asked, please comment new ones below to be added on the list. Also note that as more information is released this will be updated. Now without further delay, the FAQ…

About game modes

Q: Who are Varyn and Gaia?

A: Varyn and Gaia are two important characters to the main Hytale storyline.[1] Making appearances in several blogpost’s, media and even the logo itself[2] we believe that Gaia and Varyn are two gods or god-like beings that fight for control of Orbis. Gaia the goddess of nature[3] and Varyn the lord of the void.[4] We don’t know the exact details of how these two will affect the game, but we can assume that Varyn will be the main antagonist and Gaia will be a ally to the player. Gaia controls 5 of the 6 elements and is worshiped by many of Orbis’s peoples.[5] Varyn has power of the element of void and leads an army of void creatures.[6]

Q:Will there be different Game Modes?

A: Yes! According to the Hytale website ( there will be an Adventure mode, a Minigame mode and also multiplayer! With some observing of blogposts and gameplay it is confirmed that there will be a creative mode of some kind.[1]

Q:Can you choose a side? Ex. Fight for Varyn or Gaia?

A:There are factions in Hytale, most notably Kweebecs, Ferans, Trorks and Outlanders[1] and it is confirmed that you can gain ‘reputation’ with some of these factions from completing quests and objectives.[2] Now it isn’t confirmed, however, that you would have the choice to join forces with Void creatures. We will have to wait and see.

Q:Are there large vehicles or vehicles at all?

A: Yes! Everyone loves vehicles. So far we have only seen a hot air balloon in the Announcment trailer,[1] but we also have had boats and other vehicles confirmed from the devs[2] and we have seen a small 1 person dingy.[3]

Q:Is there a leveling system?

A: No, there is no XP leveling system in Hytale for the players.[1] Now we do have screenshots of the player stats, and although old, we do see that there are core stats that can be increased through gear, specifically in “sets”.[2] We also do know that there will be higher ‘level’ encounters throughout the zones 1-3 where certain enemies will be more powerful than lower tier counterparts

Q:Is there hunger and/or thirst?

A: Hunger has been confirmed by Noxy (Hypixel Studios CEO) and thirst has been hinted at by Noxy[1] and we have seen cups of liquid to drink.[2] The exact mechanics of hunger are not understood, but we do know that the hunger bar will be hidden when full and that eating food increases health regen[3] and thirst might be tied into Mana regen as hinted at by Noxy, but none of this is set in stone.[4] (Note: the clip this knowledge was taken from was later said to not represent the complete product well)

Q:What are Zones? Are they different from biomes?

A: Zones are the major areas that the Adventure Mode main storyline will take place in. So far 4 zones have been revealed and 2 more have been confirmed. Zones 1-4 represent a respective element. Zone 1 (The Emerald Grove) is Earth, Zone 2 (The Howling Sands) is wind, Zone 3 (The Boreal Forest) is water and Zone 4 (The Desolated Lands) is fire. Biomes are smaller ecosystems that exist within the zones. Since Zone 1 is generally green and lively, you can find forests, swamps, glades and jagged mountains in the extreme. Zone 2 is an arid climate and includes, deserts, savanna, canyons and oasis. You get the point.

Q:How are the zones layed out? How do you move from one to the other?

A: In the beginning of Hytale theory, everyone wanted to know where the zones were placed and although we don’t have complete knowledge on the subject, the team has cleared up several questions on the world generation.[1] Zones 1-4 will be places in a single continent surrounded by ocean on all sides. The zones will not be placed in concentric[2] circles and you as a player can start in zones 1-3.[3] We have yet to see a border between the zones so we don’t have a confirmation of this, but it can be assumed that you can travel between zones on foot. Some other possibilities however include portals that are scattered throughout the world in portal dungeons.[4] We do know that you can wander in between the zones.[5]

Q: How will magic work?

A: Hytale’s magic has awed many and after seeing the elf in the trailer use a staff of ice to take out several skeletons people want to know how the magic will work.[1] The answer is we don’t really know… So far it is believed all magic seen has correlated with the elements.[Citation Needed] [3](Some question if the green orbs in the skeleton battle are correlated with earth[4]) you can cast spells with staffs, wands[5] and magic tomes. Mana is confirmed, but the mechanics are not known.[6]

Q: Will there be NPC factions?

A: Yes, we have had several revealed already! Namely Kweebecs, Ferens, Trorks and Outlanders, Slothians and Goblins!

Q: Can you interact with factions?

A: Yes, there are multiple different NPC factions in Hytale and their purposes are different from each other.[1] We do know that with some of the friendly factions like Kweebecs you can trade, accept quests and gain reputation.[2][3] Other factions like Trorks and Outlanders appear to be hostile to the player and we have yet to see an example of any friendly interaction between them.[4]

Q:What playable races are there?

A: Yes, the devs say that you can play as different races[1]. We have current confirmation if Elves as a playable race. The dev’s have stated however that there will not be extreme size differences in order to make PvP fair.[2]

Q:Will there be a redstone like item/system?

A: We do not have confirmation of a redstone like system. In the trailer we do see what looks like wires on the ground, but through extensive scripting there will likely not need to be a system like redstone and the wires are likely just decorative items.[1] The Dev’s have been not only silent, but secretive on this question. When asked before they simply replied that they could no answer it as it was confidential.[2]

Q:Will there be cut scenes?

A: Due to the sandbox nature of Hytale it is unlikely that there will be cutscenes. However, there is an object called a “memory window” that could provide them if there are.

Q:What are the Alterversus? And can I go there?

A: In a Media concept art we are shown the 5 Alterverses and there is endless speculation to what they are. The team has been completely silent on the subject, but I can offer plenty of theories. The top ones are they are other worlds you can travel to through portals, Varyn is from Nexus and Gaia is from Numdrassle, and that they possibly all Orbis but from different times.

Q:Who is the Sand Empress?

A: The Sand Empress is hinted at in 2 media posts talking about the Scaraks. Although these are the only references we have of her, it is known that she is imprisoned at the bottom of the Scarak Sand Palace. This offers plenty of theories of whether she is a Scarak or possible a Feran, but currently this is not known at the moment.

Q:Will there be Stamina or Mana?

A: There will be Mana. Hytale promises that combat will be derived from skill rather than spamming and many believe that this means Hytale will have a Stamina and Mana based combat system. This is reaffirmed by the fact that there are two small bars under the heath bar in the player UI. However in the current combat clips we have, the two bar have not been touched. It is possible that they were disabled in the clips. We do know that Mana will be included as we have seen a Mana potion.

Q:Is the world randomly generated?

A: Yes, the world is procedurally generated and should be completely random for every world you play.[1] There will be similarities in some of the worlds however, such as the temple of Gaia being the same as it is a fixed location outside of the world.[2] The placement of the zones will also be similar, however if you travel past the deep ocean there will be a completely random are known as the infinite lands.[Citation Needed] We have little information about these lands, but they will most certainly be random.

Q:Can you Tame animals?

A: Yes, taming animals is going to be a feature in Hytale. We have seen dogs, sheep, chickens, cows and rams all tamed. There is also horses and camels that could be ridden. The rest of the details are unknown however.

Q:What are Trorks and why are they called that?

A: Trorks are a faction in Hytale and are to be encountered in the Emerald Grove or Zone 1.[1] They form a brutish society and live in chiefdoms and camps that are guarded fiercely.[2] Although Trorks will be hostile to the player at first, we do know that they are not allied with Varyn and the Trorks could make possible allies. Trorks is the combination of the two races, Trolls and Orks. The name was put forward as a joke at first in the dev team, but it stuck and now we have the trorks we know and love.[3]

Q:Will there be a creative mode of sorts?

A: Yes, we have seen several examples of a ‘creative mode’ of sorts. In this you will have flying powers, unlimited health and access to tools such as copy and pasting, transforming into any creature you want and unlimited block access. Note: All of this information is from observation

Q:Will there be bosses?

A: Yes, We don’t know the exact structure of how bosses are classified, but we do know that many dungeons include a boss or mini-boss. A good example of this is the Void Spider which is a boss for it’s dungeon.[1] We also know that there are some harder enemies that could act like bosses, that are not necessarily tied to a specific locations. Some possibilities are the Ice dragon and Yeti.[2] [3]

Q:Will blocks have gravity?

A: Yes, there will be gravity for entities, as well as certain blocks such as trees.[1][2] The amount of gravity can be changed in a config file so your world can have the gravity of the moon or even less!

Q: Will Hytale have Floating Islands?

A: Yes, it was announced that not all blocks will have gravity applied to them[1] (see above) and we even have a screenshot with one in it![2] Also there is a concept art featuring a floating island![3]

Q:Will trees break if you destroy the trunk?

A: Yes, this was an answer I was serching for forever and couldn’t find until @ Oaks on discord shared a link to an interview where Noxy (Hytale CEO) said that trees will collapse if you break the trunk.[1]

Q:Can you use 2 hands?

A: Yes, there will be two hand usage in the game. We have not yet seen two weapon fighting, but it has been hinted at. However, there are shields and you can hold an item along with a 1 handed weapon at the same time.

Q:Will there be alchemy/potions?

A: Yes, we know there will be potions and there is a alchemy station to make them. At the moment we don’t know any recipes but there has been a Healing potion a Regen potion and a Mana potion confirmed

Q:Will there be enchanting? Crafting of magical items?

A: There will be magical weapons, but we have no indication that these can be craftable or if non magical weapons can be enchanted to become magical.

Q:How will crafting work and will it he like Minecraft’s?

A: No, Crafting will not be based off of recipes in a 3×3 grid, but instead be similar to Terraria or other games where you need to collect the components and just press a craft button. Note: This information is 2 years old and could have changed, but it is all we have.

Q:Will the world be infinite?

A: Yes, the main zones will be finite in size but beyond them is an ocean and an area known as the infinite lands that will be infinitely generated forever.

Q:Is there Durability?

A: Yes, Durability has been confirmed

Q:Will there be a story?

A:Yes, there will be a story to Hytale.[1] This will be completed by travelling and completing challenges in the specific “Story Dungeons” [2]

About Multiplayer

Q: Will there be Multiplayer?

A: Yes, there will be several kinds of multiplayer in Hytale

Q:Will there be dedicated servers?

A: Yes, there will be large dedicated servers for all to enjoy on an in game server list

Q:Will there be local Multiplayer?

A: Yes there will be a local multiplayer function where you can play with a small group on your adventure worlds for free.

Q:Will the servers run cross-platform?

A: Since Hytale is not focusing on distributing Hytale to consoles I would assume not, simply because Hytale will not be available to multiple platforms other than Mac and Windows at launch. I would keep your eyes open for a console release later on however.

Q:Can you Monetize your servers?

A: Yes, there will be options to monetize your servers

Q:Will Hypixel move to Hytale?

A: No, Hypixel will stay in Minecraft and will not be discontinued after Hytales launch. However, there will be an official server run by the Hypixel studios team and could serve as a Hypixel server in Hytale and there is a possibility the Official server will in fact be Hypixel itself, but as a separate server entirely

Q:Will there be Parental Controls?

A: Yes, Hypixel studios promises extensive parental options for Hytale.

Q:Will there be a Realms for Hytale?

A: This has not been confirmed yet. It is reasonable to assume that Hytale will provide server hosting we do not know.

Q:Will there be an Anti-Cheat?

A: Yes, there will be an Anti-Cheat for servers and minigames. We do not know if it will be custom built or third party

Q:Can you turn off Anti-Cheat for anarchy servers?

A: We do not know.

Q:How many players can be in a server at one time?

A: So far we have seen around 100 players at one time in the trailer, but this will of course be limited to the hardware used for the servers as well.

About Modding and Tools and Tech

Q:Will there be mods?

A: Yes, Hytale is built with creators in mind and this includes modders

Q: Will there be an ingame showcase for my mods?

A: We do not know if Hytale will include a mod list like the one for servers, but I would not write it off

Q:Will there be modding API?

A: Yes, there will be extensive modding tools in the game that will help with mod compatibility after updates

Q:What language will modding be in?

A: The Client is in C#, but modding will be done outside of the client in Java and so will servers.[1] [2] [3] A Typeset language will be used for behaviors.[4]

Q:Can you mod the client?

A: No, the Hytale team will not allow the client to be modded citing hacking concerns. They promise, however that Hytale will be so customizable that it will not be needed

Q:Can you change the UI?

A: Yes, this will be available for servers

Q:What tools are available?

A: There will be in game scripting, Copy and paste functions, the Hytale model maker and Hytale Animator, Block Tech like RBG values and AI behaviors. These have all been confirmed

Q:Are the Modding tools free?

A: Yes, the base tools are confirmed to be free for everyone to use

Q:Can servers be modded?

A: Yes, and they can even use mods that you don’t have through a sort of client handshake process

Q:Will Hytale have VR?

A: Not at release, the Hytale team is focusing on shipping the game to Windows and Mac and they have said that they will worry about console releases and extras post release.

Q:What platforms will Hytale run on? Consoles?

A: Windows and Mac are going to be available at release. The game client is not confirmed to work on Linux, but the servers can run there. There will not be console editions at release.

Q:Can Hytale run on low-end PC’s?

A: The Hytale team promises improved optimization and if that isn’t enough, a wide variety of sliders and options to make Hytale run on just about any computer.

About Company stuff and Minecraft

Q:Was Hytale Acquired by Riot?

A: Yes, Hypixel Studios, the company that is making Hytale was Acquired by Riot on April 16, 2020. The Riot team had long been on an advisory board and this allows the Hytale team to explore new avenues in their game

Q:Will the acquisition change Hytale?

A: Undoubtedly it will, but not in the way you might think. Riot has been taking a generally hands off approach leaving the team as it is and not making demands. Only intervening if the team asks for help. So we are going to be getting the same kind of game that was shown in the trailer, but that acquisition substantially helps Hypixel Studios financial stability and will help speed up progress with the game.

Q:Does Riot own Hypixel too?

A: No, the Minecraft Hypixel server is run by an entirely different company now, called Hypixel Inc.

Q:Will Hytale kill Minecraft?

A: Many were so amazed by the trailer and Hytales promises that they speculated that Hytale will be so popular that Minecraft will fall in popularity and never rise again. This is most likely not going to happen. Minecraft is just so big and it has an incredibly loyal fanbase. Hytale will provide competition and maybe, in the best of circumstances become even more popular than Minecraft, but it will not completely kill Minecraft

Q:Is Hytale just Minecraft 2.0?

A: No, Many seeing the trailer for Hytale saw a copy of Minecraft with a few new features. Hytale is a voxel based game and it was heavily inspired by Minecraft, but Hytale is supposed to be something different and the creators say that themselves. They want Hytale to be a unique experience from Minecraft. There are plenty of posts and videos out there explaining the differences between games also, if you would want to look into it.

Q:What is Hytales relationship with Mojang?

A: It is normal to assume that Mojang would be Mad and break ties with Hypixel for making a game that could rival Minecraft, but members of the Mojang staff stated that they were excited for what Hytale could bring to the table. Hytale’s team, in an article for Edge Magizine, stated they they didn’t want to rival Minecraft and that they had no intentions of fighting the game giant as they are appreciative of their roots.

About the beta and release

Q:When will Hytale release?

A: The Hytale team aims to get Hytale available to all players in 2021. Whether this means an open beta or a official release, we do not know.

Q:Will there be a beta?

A: Yes

Q:When will the beta release?

A: We don’t know, but the most popular speculation thinks Q1 or Q2 2021

Q:How long will the Beta be?

A: We don’t have this info yet

Q:Will the beta be open or closed?

A: We don’t know, but everyone can sign up at the Hytale website (see below)

Q: Is the beta free?

A: Yes

Q: Will Hytale actually release or is it going to never come out?

A: Yes, Hytale has shown signs of being on track after initially pushing the game back due to an unexpected amount of attention. I made a post about this subject here that you are free to read and comment on.

Q:Can I sign up for the beta?

A: Yes, you can do so at the Hytale website here –>

Q:What will the beta include?

A: We do not know yet

Q:Will Hytale have free and continuous updates post launch?

A: Yes, the team will continue adding new and free content to the game after launch

About the team

Q:Who is making Hytale?

A: A team of around 50 or so developers in a company called Hypixel Studios LTD.

Q:Who is Noxy and Simon?

A: Simon, also known as Hypixel was the creator of the original Hypixel Minecraft server. He also was the former CEO of Hypixel Studios as well as Hypixel Inc. until he resigned and gave to position to Noxy when Hypixel Studios was acquired by Riot Games. Noxy is the current CEO of Hypixel Studios LTD.

Q:Where is the team based?

A: The developers work remotely, but a headquarters was recently purchased in Derry~Londonderry, Northern Ireland where QA, Executives and accountants will work.[1]

Q:Are they hiring?

A: Yes! Hypixel studios is currently hiring for several positions that can be found at . Also keep a lookout for more openings as they are commonly announced!

Q:how does the team release information?

A: Most of the indepth information we have is from a series of Blog Posts the team releases at . They also release information actively at the @Hytale twitter and many of the developers teams respective twitter handles.

Q:is there a website?

A: Yes, it is at

Q:Is there an official social media for Hytale?A: Yes, you can find the official twitter at @ Hytale and hytalegame on Instagram. There are several others you can find on their website (look above)

Q: is there and official Discord server?

A: No, the team said that they want their focus to be on making the game as making an official discord could distract them from doing so. However there are several Hytale communities in Discord, such as HytaleHub and also Hytale youtubers personal servers.

Q:Why is the team so secretive?

A: Information dumps about Hytale are few and far in-between. Many ask why Hypixel Studios is so quite. Their answer is mainly because they want to avoid spoiling the game! They have been working a long time on this and I bet they want to share everything if they could, but in doing so we would then know everything and lose interest. Also the game is in development and they don’t want to showcase something that is not representative of the final product.

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r/HytaleForum - The Ultimate Hytale FAQ
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