We know there are lots of luggage brands…lots of them! But what are the top 10 luggage brands in the world?

A lot of this comes down to styling and what you like. However, there are brands that tick most people’s boxes when you consider build quality, durability and aesthetics as well as style. Other factors also come into consideration like technology, materials and space.

One of the biggest considerations is price. Some pieces of luggage can cost thousands of dollars. Obviously, this is beyond the reach of most people, so the list below only includes brands that have ‘affordable’ ranges.

I have done the legwork for you and narrowed the top 10 luggage brands in the world. As always, it is worth reading actual user reviews on places like Amazon where the real picture emerges rather than marketing spin.

So, what are the best luggage brands? Let’s have a look…

Summary… Top 10 luggage brands in the world

  1. Samsonite
  2. American Tourister
  3. Delsey
  4. Briggs & Riley
  5. Tumi
  6. Rimowa
  7. Victorinox
  8. Away
  9. Travelpro
  10. London Fog
  1. Samsonite

One of the better-known brands and for good reason. Samsonite offer an excellent range of moderately priced luggage in a host of sizes. Established for over 100 years, they have a strong following in both the business and consumer markets. Their designs are clean and relatively conservative but they also offer ranges of high end design with premium pricing to match.

Overall, this is an excellent brand that delivers great build quality, functional design and great use new technology and materials. Very few people are disappointed with this company judging by the feedback I read.

Well established and trusted, Samsonite is a solid brand.

View the Samsonite range of products here…

top 10 luggage brands in the world samsonite
Courtesy of Samsonite


  1. American Tourister

Another solid brand that caters to the entry level market, all the way to the mid-range. They focus on the soft case market for holidaymakers and with great success. The quality is good and excellent value for money. They will never be accused of being innovative but they know what they are doing…and do it well. That alone makes them worthy of being on the list and their affordability makes them important in the marketplace.

Something you may not know…since 1993 they have been owned by the same company as Samsonite. Therefore, you know the quality will be at a certain level.

In summary, value driven brand that focuses their attention on occasional vacationers.

View the American Tourister range of products here…

top 10 luggage brands in the world American Tourister
Courtesy of American Tourister


  1. Delsey

Established in France, Delsey have a great international reputation. They have been in the luggage sector for nearly 50 years and specialize in hard case luggage. They are not limited to that though, making a great range of soft cases too. They operate and position themselves in the mid-market so the pricing reflects that. However, they are a brand that is focused on quality and innovation so there is a lot of value in buying Delsey products.

One of the main competitors to Samsonite, they have a loyal following and consistently great feedback online. They easily merit a place on this list as one of the top luggage brands in the world.

View the Delsey range of products here…

top 10 luggage brands in the world Delsey
Courtesy of Delsey


  1. Briggs & Riley

Considered a relatively new company…even though they were established in 1993, they have made massive inroads into the luggage market. Before I even talk of their luggage characteristics, they offer their unique ‘simple as that guarantee’…they will repair any functional damage free of charge. That is a great benefit because as we all know; damaged suitcases are relatively common. This alone has helped them grow significantly.

Guarantee aside, they offer a great range of quality products. Priced slightly above the mid-range, they still offer great value when you consider the technology and innovation on offer backed up by their market leading warranty.

Their own CX expansion and compression technology delivers you more packing room. This brand is well worth investigating further, especially if you are a frequent traveler.

View the Briggs & Riley range of products here…

top 10 luggage brands in the world briggs riley
Courtesy of Briggs & Riley


  1. Tumi

We start to move into the higher price bracket with Tumi but you are looking at more premium design and material. Considered a luxury brand, they specialize in hard cases, abrasion proof ballistic nylon soft cases and high end fine leathers.

They focus their efforts on five factors that have delivered them significant success. Focusing on quality, style, innovation, durability and backed up by great service. Add in innovative lost luggage tracking…complimentary monogramming and onsite repairs, this is a trusted company with a great reputation.

Easily one of the best luggage brands around and they are here to stay. For frequent and business travelers, they are well worth considering. Their feedback is excellent and the positive reviews keep flowing.

View the Tumi range of products here…

top 10 luggage brands in the world tumi
Courtesy of Tumi


  1. Rimowa

The brand of choice for celebrities and fashionistas. This is the brand to be seen with when you want to make a statement. Highly distinctive and regularly seen in magazines, they are the brand to be photographed with.

Famous for their aluminum suitcases which they introduced first, they are also specialists in polycarbonate materials and lightweight design.

It’s a heritage brand too, established in 1898 but don’t think that they rest on that…their motto sums them up…’Handmade meets high-tech’.

So, to sum them up, highly desirable, celebrity clientele…and expensive. They do have a place in the luggage market though so make our top 10 luggage brands in the world.

View the Rimowa range of products here…

top 10 luggage brands in the world rimowa
Courtesy of Rimowa


  1. Victorinox

This a historic Swiss brand that you may well have heard of. Famous for making Swiss army knives, they started making luggage in 1999. They brought the same attention to detail and build quality to their luggage offering and that is why they keep on growing. Easily one of the top 10 luggage brands in the world.

With fantastic build quality and materials, they produce a range of hard and soft cases, as well as a range of stylish accessories.

Their popularity is reflected in their feedback and online user reviews. At a higher than average price their brand desirability remains strong. For business travelers and those looking for real quality construction, have a look at the Victorinox offerings.

View the Victorinox range of products here…

top 10 luggage brands in the world victorinox
Courtesy of Victorinox


  1. Away

One of the newer companies, don’t let that put you off. They are making big waves producing high end luggage at economy prices. They really are a big deal…and getting bigger. Other companies better watch out.

Away represent luggage with intelligence. It is luggage 2.0. It’s all about the options and design that is produced to deliver convenience. So, we are talking about integrated USB charging, integrated TSA approved locks and intelligent storage solutions.

They act like a modern nimble company too, bring out new colorways quickly and delivering new collaborations that catch the eye.

Priced incredibly well, you will be nothing short of impressed with their line ups. Definitely check them out.

View the Away range of products here…

top 10 luggage brands in the world away
Courtesy of Away


  1. Travelpro

A favorite of many a frequent flyer, this mid-priced range has a strong reputation for durability, great quality and all at great value.

Travelpro invented rolling luggage when the founder and pilot Bob Plath got tired of carrying his bags through busy airports. The rolling luggage was born.

They offer solutions to suit all. From hardside cases to softside luggage, two wheel rollaboard to four-wheel spinners.

They may not be the best-looking luggage on the planet but be rest assured of their durability. If you are a frequent flyer, this is a brand that is worth your attention.

View the Travelpro range of products here…

top 10 luggage brands in the world travelpro
Courtesy of Travelpro


  1. London Fog

We couldn’t have a top 10 without offering you something different. London Fog is just that, something different. In a world where design can become generic, their designs stand out…almost in a retro classy way.

With a history started in waterproof coats, they launched a range of luggage and never looked back. Their popularity is there to see and the feedback at retailers like Amazon, is amazing.

They are not for everybody and the suit older demographics, they are definitely worth your attention.

View the London Fog range of products here…


top 10 luggage brands in the world london fog
Courtesy of London Fog


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