1.TOP 10 BEST TRAVEL POWER ADAPTERSWorried you may not find a power outlet that suits your device’s power intake? Well, worry not for living in a tech savvy world comes with its set of perks as well! With the advent of versatile and effective travel adapters, users can now travel with ease knowing that their travel adapter is compatible with more than 150 countries worldwide!

Different kinds of travel power adapters available

Like every other piece of technology, the best of Top 15 Best Travel Power Adapters in 2019 - Complete Guidethe best travel adapters come is varying models, sizes, features as well as usages! Here are some if the common kinds of travel adapters that you are likely to come across:

Travel power adapters with detachable sockets

Travel adapters come with multiple socket options in order to comply with the country’s specifications. Some travel adapters come with detachable sockets pins while other come with a flip system. The detachable option provides users with small parts that attach to the main adapter when in use while the flip system works with a switch that enables the socket preferably used in the country of the user’s personal choosing.

Travel power adapters with USB ports and AC power outlet

The most contemporary travel power adapters today come with both USB ports as well as AC power outlets. In majority cases, there are dual USB ports given and a single AC power outlet. This allows users to easily choose which avenue to employ for charging their devices or using as subsequent power outlet only. Majority of the travel adapters don’t convert the voltage and only convert the power outlet only.

Travel power adapters with only AC power outletsTop 15 Best Travel Power Adapters in 2019 - Complete Guide

The more conventional of power travel adapters only have AC power outlets. Without subsequent USB ports means that users need to have other adapters that connect the USB devices. These adapters are then connected to the travel adapter via the AC power outlet however this makes the travel adapter very bulky in use.

Travel power adapters smart charging capacity

One of the best features of the more contemporary travel adapters is the smart charging technology that they employ. This technology detects the optimal levels of currents required by the target device. This allows for faster and effective charging as the device is charged to its maximum capacity without the adapter or the device overheating.

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Key advantages of getting a travel power adapter

Why invest in multiple adapters to match your devices power outlet when you can have a one for all deal to match with various country standards! The best of the best travel adapters ensure lightweight, compact and portable packing options without compromising on the service provided. Here are some of the main advantages of getting a travel adapter:

  • An all-rounder travel adapter ensures a safe and comfortable traveling experience as the user doesn’t need to carry bulky adapter for every country.
  • These travel adapters are extremely cost effective as investing in one leads to multiple usage opportunities around the world.
  • Travel adapters are lightweight, compact and very portable in nature which means you don’t have to worry about taking on any extra weight during your travels.
  • Travel adapters are safe as they usually come with safety shutters and inbuilt fuse systems that ensure the user doesn’t come in contact with any live socket nor does the attached device or electrical wiring get damaged due to a short circuit.

Key features of quality power adapters

The best of the best travel adapters incorporate some common important features that ensure their quality and make them some of the m

Top 15 Best Travel Power Adapters in 2019 - Complete Guide

ost sought after adapters in the industry! Here are some of the key features that one ought to keep in mind when shopping for a travel adapter:

The best of the best travel adapters are those that are compatible with majority international standards within sockets! These come with multiple socket options that can be accessed depending on the country the user is in.

  • Dual or multiple USB ports

Multiple USB ports means that users can easily charge multiple devices in a single go. These USB ports follow universal standards which mean that they are compatible with most a vast majority of devices from varying companies such as Dell, Apple, Samsung and many more.

  • Smart charging technology

The smart charging technology is USB ports detects the optimal level of voltage required by the target device to adequately and effectively charge without the adapter breaking down. This accounts for longer battery life of the target device as well as fast and efficient charging.

An inbuilt fuse system is a protective measure taken by the manufacturer to ensure the user’s and targetTop 15 Best Travel Power Adapters in 2019 - Complete Guide device’s safety. The internal fuse protects against viable short circuits which could provide harm to the user and the device.

  • Inbuilt Safety shutters and protective housing

The inbuilt safety shutters and protective housing are another safety measure taken by the manufacturer. The shutters and protective housing protect the user from coming in to direct contact with any live sockets which could lead to possible electrocution and harm.

Since the travel adapter comes with multiple plug options that match the target country’s specifications, it is important to have a locking plug feature that ensures only one plug is used at a time. This also ensures that the user doesn’t come into contact with any live loose hanging plugs that could cause harm. Moreover, the locking feature also helps hold the whole adapter in place and prevents it from angling on a subsequent socket.

With all the necessary key features of travel adapters listed above, we have also put together a list of the best of the best top of the line travel adapters found in the industry today in chronological order! These adapters incorporate all the essential features mentioned above and will cut back on the potential user’s research time by more than half!

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1.Universal Travel Adapter with Dual USB ChargerGone are the days when you had to travels with almost 12 adapters and subsequent chargers for all your electrical devices! With the Universal Travel Adapter (UK, EU, AU, US) with Dual USB Charger, all your charging needs are adequately taken care of without adding extra weight to your travels!

Key Features

8 hole universal input socket

The 8 holes universal input socket by Universal Travel Adapter (UK, EU, AU, US) with Dual USB Charger comes with a special feature whereby it ensures that you the travel adapter is compatible with international standards. With the capacity to easily shift between three to two prong plugs, the adapter can be used around the globe!

Multiple devices in one go

With the Universal Travel Adapter (UK, EU, AU, US) with Dual USB Charger you can charge up to 3 devices at one time! The dual 2.5 amp ports with a global socket ensure that devices from a number of different manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Motorola and many more can be easily charged without having to carry multiple chargers for each device.

100 to 250 Volts

TheUniversal Travel Adapter (UK, EU, AU, US) with Dual USB Charger can easily manage from 100 volts to 250 volts without affecting any of your devices! The maximum this power adapter can go is up to 1500 watts at 250 Volts with a 6amp safety fuse. The manufacturers have also added a subsequent safety fuse to the packing as well to account for any unforeseen events!

Pros and Cons


  • Internal spike and surge protection circuitry makes sure that none of your devices are harmed at any time during a power surge!
  • Ergonomic rubberized oil surface and safety shutters protects against short circuits.
  • At 2.5 inches this is a compact and portable adapter for easy and convenient traveling.


  • Does not convert voltage so make sure your devices are compatible with different voltage levels.

2.PORS-ELA International Travel Power AdapterThe PORS-ELA International Travel Power Adapter is the epitome of hassle free traveling! With its multiple internationally compatible power outlets, the users can travel without worry knowing that their devices will be well taken care of n any part of the globe!

Key Features

Versatile plugging

The PORS-ELA International Travel Power Adapter provides its users some of the most versatile plugging options available! In this compact and portable travel adapter you will come across a variety of plugging options ranging from dual USB connections to wall plugs. Now you can easily charge multiple devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and other in a single go!

Internationally applicable

Not sure where your next travel destination maybe? Well with the PORS-ELA International Travel Power Adapter you don’t have to worry about going offline at any time during your travels! This compact and portable travel adapter ensures that it is compatible with plugging and voltage options from all over the world. Ranging from USA to UK and even Australia, the adapter easily fits into any of the sockets found in these regions.

Protective fuse system

Wherever electricity is concerned, it is important that users take into account the safety regulations and measures taken by the manufacturer! The PORS-ELA International Travel Power Adapter comes with a safety shutter, plug lock and 6amp fuse that ensures the safety of your devices as well as you! The fuse system is one of the best in the industry and compliments the polycarbonate shell and thermal layers of the adapter.

Pros and Cons


  • Easily supports 100 to 240 volts of power!
  • Comes with a spare 6Amp fuse and travel pouch!
  • The built in LED power indicator light helps identify when the adapter is in use.


  • The PORS-ELA International Travel Power Adapter does not convert voltage through an AC socket and is not recommended to be used with devices requiring very high voltage such as hair dryers.

3.Travel Adapter JOOMFEEN WorldwideWhy wait for one device to get done charging before you put on another? With the Travel Adapter, JOOMFEEN the time consumed charging multiple devices reduces by a significant proportion and the user can simultaneously also you’re the AC power socket as well!

Key Features

Global charging

The Travel Adapter, JOOMFEEN allows for convenient traveling around the world. This compact adapter is compatible with the socket dynamics of over 150countries around the globe! The charger includes 4 different input plugs tightly configured into one adapter that allows for easy charging of different devices!

Triple charging in a go

If you are short on time and need to charge a number of different devices or use the AC power socket at the same time, don’t worry because with the Travel Adapter, JOOMFEEN you can use the dual USB ports with the AC power socket all at the same time!

Safety first!

The Travel Adapter, JOOMFEEN incorporates the best of the best safety measures found in the range of travel adapters! The manufacturers of this adapter have added a built in fuse protector along with shutter protectors that not only protect your devices from getting short circuited but also make sure your safety is not compromised at any time.

Pros and Cons


  • A LED light in the Travel Adapter, JOOMFEEN indicates when the adapter is in use and when it is not.
  • It is compatible with a number of different devices ranging from Apple, Samsung, Dell and many more.
  • 4 different plugs in one make this adapter one of the most versatile adapters in the industry!


  • Users complained about the adapter being too bulky and eventually tipping over if too many wires connected to it.

4.LIANSING Universal All in One Worldwide Travel AdapterA sturdy and well-built travel adapter, the LIANSING Universal All in One Worldwide Travel Adapter has the capacity to charge multiple devices in a go at high speed because of the high amperage USB ports given! This is an especially great option for devices that come with fast charging capabilities!

Key Features

Power at its maximum

The LIANSING Universal All in One Worldwide Travel Adapter is known for converting the power outlet only and has the capacity to give off 6Amp worth of power! Moreover, the travel adapter can easily manage 100 to 240 volts of power without breaking down!

Safety measures

Other than the polycarbonate housing, the LIANSING Universal All in One Worldwide Travel Adapter comes with internal shutters that protect the users from coming into contact with live parts of the socket outlet or adapter that could cause electrocution! The overall built of the adapter ensures that the devices don’t tip even if multiple are attached to it. However, manufacturers recommend not using the adapter for devices requiring high voltage such as hair dryers and flat irons.

Universal usage

The LIANSING Universal All in One Worldwide Travel Adapter is compatible to be used in over 150 countries around the globe! The adapter features 5 different input plugs tightly packed into one compact and portable adapter so that the user doesn’t have to worry about keeping different multiple adapters to match every socket around the globe!

Pros and Cons


  • Dual USB charging ports are compatible with a variety of different devices from around the world such as Lenovo, Dell, Samsung and many more.
  • Best suited for devices with ungrounded plugs
  • USB ports are f high amperage which means fast charging capacity and capability.


  • The LIANSING Universal All in One Worldwide Travel Adapter doesn’t have the capacity to convert electrical output current and voltage.

5.USB Charger Plug Syncwire 34W 4-Port USB Wall ChargerWorried about over charging or under charging your devices? Well with the smart IC technology of the USB Charger Plug Syncwire the user can sit back and fully rely on the adapter to charge the devices at their particular individual optimum speed without over heating the device!

Key Features

4 USB ports

With 4 USB ports given, the USB Charger Plug Syncwire has the capacity to charge 4 different devices simultaneously without causing a short circuit. The travel adapter is compatible with many devices that require USB outlets for charging! Moreover, with the smart IC technology, the USB ports provide a variety of devices with efficient and reliable charging!

Detachable adapters for regions

Unlike many travel adapters found in the industry today, the USB Charger Plug Syncwire comes with detachable adapters for different regions. This mean that other than the foldable US compatible plug, there are an additional two more plugs given for UK and EU regions.

Smart IC technology

The USB Charger Plug Syncwire incorporates top of the line smart IC technology that has the ability to detect the optimal level of current required by the particular device. This means that the devices that employ fast charging capabilities can now charge faster and more efficiently without the user having to worry about the battery going bad.

Pros and Cons


  • The detachable properties of the adapters reduce the travel adapter’s bulkiness and ensure fast and reliable charging.
  • The smart IC technology protects the device’s battery and provides it with constant current required for charging.
  • Built from sturdy thermal material that protects the adapter from overheating or over charging the attached devices.


  • Only supports devices that require USB ports as it doesn’t come with an AC power socket.

Looking for a low maintenance yet high delivery travel adapter? If yes then you definitely ought to try the Nekteck Nekteck Universal International Travel Power Adapter / Worldwide Wall ChargerUniversal International Travel Power Adapter! This travel adapter works well for low power devices such as cell phones and tablets without overheating or causing a short circuit!

Key Features

Three ports

Other than the two universal ports, the Nekteck Universal International Travel Power Adapter features an AC power socket as well! The USB sockets allow for dual charging 3.4 amp total speed shared between the two ports. The LED light indicator shows with the adapter is in use. The AC power socket on the other hand is compatible with devices that require 6Amp or 100 to 240 volts power. This is the perfect level of current for low power devices like laptops and cell phones.

5 outlets

Being a universal adapter has its perks! The Nekteck Universal International Travel Power Adapter comes with 5 adapter outlets that ensure that the adapter can be used around the world in different regions. Each plug is set according to the specified regions socket specifications so that at no time during your travels you are unable to charge or use your devices!

Fuse and shutter feature

The Nekteck Universal International Travel Power Adapter comes with an internal thermal fuse that protects the devices from overheating and casing damage to the devices getting charged. Moreover, there is also a safety shutter feature that allows for only one plug to be used at a time. The automatically locking and releasing structure of the adapter ensures that the user does not directly come into contact with the live parts of the socket.

Pros and Cons


  • Its portable design allows for business and well as recreational traveling trips!
  • The push and pull plugs ensure that the user does not come in direct contact with a live socket.
  • The USB ports allow for dual charging at any given time!


  • Does not work well with high power devices such as flatirons and hair dryers as could lead to possible overheating.

7.BONAZZA Universal International Travel Adapter KitWhy invest in multiple adapters that are compatible with the area you are traveling in when you can easily make do very well with one high tech travel adapter that is compatible with sockets in over 150 countries? The BONAZZA Universal International Travel Adapter Kit allows user to easily charge their devices and use the AC power socket for low voltage devices without compromising on the users safety!

Key Features

Multiple USB ports and an AC power socket

The BONAZZA Universal International Travel Adapter Kit comes with a smart current distribution system that adequately divides the current among the 4 USB ports. 2 of the ports provide 2.4Amp worth of power while the remaining two give 1.5Amp worth of power and are best suited for android devices. The AC socket on the other hand has the capacity to withstand low current devices easily such as laptops and tablets.

Fits many electrical outlets

Ranging from the US to the UK and Europe, the BONAZZA Universal International Travel Adapter Kit is known for being compatible with electrical sockets all over the world. It works best on over 150 known countries sockets! If you are traveling out of the US or Canada, chances are you will definitely need one of these compact and portable travel adapters!

Safety certification

The manufacturers of the BONAZZA Universal International Travel Adapter Kit ensure safety regulations in order to make the usage of this travel adapter safe and child secure for all! The adapter is made from high quality fire proof PC material and can resist up to 300 degree Celsius of temperature. Moreover, it includes a plug lock system which means that only one plug at a time can be used so that the user has minimum contact with any loose and live parts of the adapter. The self-repairing fuse system protects against possible short circuits and power surges as well.

Pros and Cons


  • The BONAZZA Universal International Travel Adapter Kit comes with an 8Amp self-healing fuse.
  • The USB ports come with a smart technology system that ensures fast charging of the devices.
  • The adapter can be used in over 150 countries with varying socket sizes.


  • The adapter is not a voltage converter and should not be used with high voltage devices.

8.Insten Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter PlugLooking for a traditional adapter that comes without any added pomp? Well with the Insten Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug you are well covered! This sleep and portable adapter comes with an AC power outlet which works well with low voltage devices.

Key Features

Universal application

The Insten Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug is considered as one of the top of the line travel adapters because of its ability to work in a variety of countries and regions! The travel adapter is compatible with over 150 countries and comes with designated sockets for each individually that the user can choose from easily! Ranging from the USA to UK, and even keeping in mind Australia and Europe, the manufacturers of this travel adapter have you covered for good!

Locking plug feature

Perhaps one of the best features of the Insten Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plug is that it adequately locks the preferred plug into place once it has been selected by the user according to the region they are in. the plug flips open in the unlock position and then the user can put it in lock position to ensure that it stays that way. This locking mechanism ensures the users safety and protects against coming in contact with any live socket.

AC power outlet

The Insten Universal World Wide Travel Charger Adapter Plugcomes with a fully functioning AC power outlet that can easily handle low voltage appliances such as laptops and phone chargers. The travel adapter is known to only convert the power outlet and make it compatible enough to be used with your preferred devices.

Pros and Cons


  • Comes in a sleek and compatible design which is not bulky nor tips over when used.
  • At a time only one plug can be used which ensures the safety of the user as well as protects against any short circuits.
  • Works well with low voltage devices such as laptops, cellphones and tablets from varying companies.


  • Does not include any USB ports for charging gadgets.

9.OREI European Plug Adapter Schuko Type EFA travel adapter suited perfectly for users traveling to within majority of the countries in Europe, the OREI European Plug Adapter Schuko Type E/F works well in almost 36 countries within the continent! Its compatible design allows for easy traveling and reduces the extra bulkiness.

Key Features

Majorly European

As the name suggests, the OREI European Plug Adapter Schuko Type E/F is built to work well in majority of the European countries except for Switzerland and Italy. The travel adapter doesn’t comply with these areas connectivity options and hence has been made very clear by the manufacturers regarding this. However, other than these places, the adapter works perfectly fine in all of Europe!

Double connectivity

The OREI European Plug Adapter Schuko Type E/F features two AC power outlets which mean users can simultaneously attach two gadgets or appliances! The two power outlets divide the voltage equally and charge the devices at maximum speed and efficency. Moreover, these outlets are compatible with 1, 2 and even 3 pong plugs!

Safety regulations

The new insulated design of the OREI European Plug Adapter Schuko Type E/F incorporates plastic halfway through the plug which adds to the overall safety and security of the user as well as the adapter. The plastic housing makes sure that the user doesn’t come in direct contact with a live socket or part of the adapter which could possibly lead to electrocution.

Pros and Cons


  • The OREI European Plug Adapter Schuko Type E/F works well in 36 countries in Europe.
  • Can support a maximum of 250 volts of current which is perfect for low voltage devices.
  • Allows two devices to be connected simultaneously via subsequent AC power outlets.


  • The adapter is not compatible to be used in the USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland and Italy

10.Travel Adapter Worldwide All in One Universal Travel AdaptorTraveling could not get any easier than this! The Travel Adapter, Worldwide All in One Universal Travel Adaptor is the perfect adapter for use in 4 major countries around the world. Moreover, it allows for simultaneous USB connections as well as AC power outlet to be used in unison without over heating!

Key Features

Compatible in 4 countries

The Travel Adapter, Worldwide All in One Universal Travel Adaptor is compatible with the power options of 4 countries namely US, UK, Europe and Australia. Each of the plug can be accessed singularly which means only one plug will be out at a time. This not only adds to the user’s safety but also adds to the stability of the adapter overall. However, the adapter cannot be used in Switzerland, South Africa, Italy and India as it is not compatible with the outlets found in these areas.

Many input ports

Other than the dual USB ports there is also an AC power outlet that comes with inbuilt shutters. The USB ports can be used simultaneously with the AC power outlet which means that the user can easily charge up to three devices in one go! The safety shutter within the AC plug doesn’t let anything get plugged in singularly which means your pinky won’t lead to electrocution. Also, the AC power outlet allows for 2 and 3 prong plugs to easily fit in.

Safety ensured

The Travel Adapter, Worldwide All in One Universal Travel Adaptor incorporates some of the top of the line safety measures needed for the protection of the user as well as the longevity of the adapter. The inbuilt fuse and shutter system ensure that the adapter doesn’t lead to any major short circuits that could drastically effect the devices attached and also ensures the safety of the users by keeping a distance between any live pars of the socket and the user.

Pros and Cons


  • The LED light adds as an additional safety measure and indicates when the adapter is in use.
  • Dual USB ports can be used alongside the AC power outlet.
  • Only one plug can be accessed at a time which means that the user will have no contact with any live sockets.


  • Does not convert the voltage and cannot be used worldwide.

Lining in a technologically savvy world today means having constant and easy access to electrical devices at all times! However, traveling can occasionally cause stress because of the difference in power outlets! But with the right travel adapter, anyone can now enjoy the perks of easily connecting their devices and appliances to the main electrical outlet without bringing down the electricity of the whole area!

Charge multiple devices wherever you are around the globe with Ceptics’ travel adapter kit, ideal for laptops, cell Ceptics WPS-2BPlus World Travel Adapter Kitphones, cameras and tablets. Note that the unit does not convert voltage and will only work with devices that support worldwide voltage, which is 100 – 240V. It does not support devices that run on 110V only, such as some hair dryers, curling irons or hair straighteners.

Key Features

Multiple Inputs

No more hunting for sockets around the hotel room – the Ceptics allows users to charge up to five devices at a time with only one outlet. It features two USB inputs, two US grounded inputs as well as a Micro USB cable.

Compatible Almost Anywhere

In addition to the five aforementioned inputs, the kit also comes with six types of international adapters, namely Type C, G, I, E/F and A –  making it compatible with outlets in over 200 countries in North America, United Kingdom, most of Europe, Australia, Japan, parts of Africa, Middle East, Asia, China and more, with the exception Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Chile and South Africa.

Grounded Connection and Surge Protection

Charge devices safely with the kit’s three-pin grounded connection, while a built-in surge protection prevents damage to electronics from sudden, harmful electrical surges. Helpful voltage indicator LEDs light up to indicate 110V in the outlets, or 220V when both lights are on.

Compact size

At 2.75 x 3.75 x 1.5 inches, the Ceptics ultra compact size is ideal for travel and weighs less than five ounces. A travel pouch is also included for easy packing.

Sturdy Design

While most adapter kits feature a flimsy sliding mechanism on the unit itself to switch between inputs, the Ceptics separate adapters means that it is less likely to break – although the individual adapters can be easily misplaced. It comes with a two-year limited warranty.


  • Charges multiple devices in one go
  • Includes different adapters for over 200 countries
  • Lightweight, pouch included
  • Two year warranty
  • Grounded connection for safety
  • Surge protection


  • Does not convert voltage
  • Does not work with 110V only devices
  • Individual adapters easily misplaced

Iron M’s Universal travel adapter may very well be a traveler’s indispensable companion. It is compatible with mostIron-M Universal Travel Adapter if not all USB devices, be it smartphones, laptops, tablets, digital cameras or Bluetooth speakers. It is not to be used with high-powered devices such as irons, blow dryers or hair curlers, as this will damage both the adapter and the device. It supports international voltage of 100-240V, but is unable to convert current or voltage.

Key Features

Multiple Inputs

Charge up to three devices at a time with the unit’s dual USB ports, which complement the main adapter. It has a maximum AC power rating of 6A and can handle 660W maximum at 110V, or 1380W maximum at 230V. Meanwhile, the USB power rating is at 2,500mA 5Vdc.

Compatible in many countries

The Iron M comes with US, EU, UK and AUS plugs, and works in over 150 countries including Brazil, most of Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Canada and the Middle East, with the exception of places like Italy.

Safety mechanisms

To ensure safety, the travel adapter has a single plug feature and has FCC, CE and RoHS certifications. Meanwhile, the 6.3 Amp fuse provides protection to the user as well as the devices. Built-in safety shutters prevent users from accidentally touching live parts of the outlet directly.

Attractive Design

Who says travel adapters have to be plain and boring? The Iron M sports a bright, cheerful colour scheme, allowing users to choose from the more subtle black to vivid lime green and cool blue. An LED power light helpfully indicates when devices are charging.

Easy controls

Switch between plugs easily with a sliding design that pops the plug out, then secure  it in place with a locking mechanism.

Compact Size

Measuring 3.2 x 2.2 x 2.6 inches, the adapter is lightweight at just 3.2 ounces, although it does not come with a travel pouch for safekeeping.


There seem to be quality control issues with some units, with users commenting that the main adapter is faulty, even though the USB parts work well.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Charges up to three devices simultaneously
  • Works in over 150 countries


  • Quality control issues with main adapter
  • Cannot convert voltage
  • Not to be used with high powered devices

Whether it’s to use the GPS or to snap pictures, travelers today rely a lot on their mobile devices to get around. TheVCOO Travel Adapter last thing anyone wants is for their smartphones or laptops to run out of juice. Fret not with the VCOO, a universal travel adapter that works well for charging small electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras, portable headsets and more. Like most travel adapters, it accommodates the international standard of 100-240V, and is therefore not designed to be used with high-powered devices.

Key Features

Charge Different Devices

The basic VCOO model allows for up to three devices to be charged simultaneously via dual USB ports and the main adapter. Users can also opt to upgrade to a unit with four USB ports. It is able to handle a maximum of 650W for 110V and 1,300W for 220V.

Compatible in Different Countries

The unit has four plugs for Europe, UK, Australia and US, and is also compatible with outlets in 150 countries. It cannot, however, be used in South Africa, India, Switzerland and Italy.

Each plug is clearly labeled and pops out by either a sliding mechanism or flipping.


Weighing just 3.84 ounces and measuring 3 x 1.5 x 1.9 inches, the adapter is easy to pack and carry around.

Convenient design

As everything is located within a single block, the adapter is convenient for those who do not want to carry a travel adapter kit around. When extended, plugs snap into place and sit snugly in the socket without feeling like it will come loose. When not in use, the snap back and lie flush.

Sturdy build

Despite its plastic outer shell, the unit feels reasonably solid and should hold up well to any bumps or knocks during travel.

Helpful indicator

The adapter comes with a light that indicates when it is receiving power.

Safe to use

When current exceeds 6.3A, the safety fuse protect feature automatically cuts the current. Also built-in are safety shutters to prevent direct contact with live currents.


  • Charge multiple devices
  • Solid build
  • LED indicator when charging
  • Compact, lightweight
  • Safety mechanisms


  • Not compatible in certain countries

Another one by Ceptics, the UP-9KU is an international travel plug adapter that is ideal for use with smartphones, Ceptics All-In-One International Travel Plug Adaptertablets, laptops and more. Compared to the WPS-2BPlus, it is basic and inexpensive, but still offers good functionality. It’s single block-like design is easy to pack and stow, without having to worry about separate plugs. It works with dual voltage portable appliances that accept 110V and 220V, but does not convert voltage. As with most travel adapters, it does not accommodate high powered devices.

Multiple inputs

The UP-9KU sports an AC input and two USB ports, allowing for three devices to charge at once. It is able to handle a maximum of 660 watts for 110V devices, and up to 1,500 watts for 220V devices.

Compatible in Different Countries

Utilise the two prong or three prong plugs, which convert for use in the US, UK, Europe, Asia, China, Australia and New Zealand. With the exception of a few places, the plug is able to work in well over 150 countries.

Convenient Design

The UP-9KU is easy to use, with flip or slide-out power plugs housed within a self-contained unit, ensuring that you won’t lose important pieces. When not in use, these lie flush for easy storage. The slider feels well built and operates smoothly. Appearance wise, it is minimalist and comes in a matte black colour.

Sturdy build

Despite its plastic construction, the overall build seems sturdy. However there are some issues with the plug, especially the two-pronged plug which is not very secure when mounted on a socket, and has a tendency to fall out.

Safe to Use

A built-in fuse ensures that your devices will be safe from surge currents or overheating. The unit is CE and RoHS compliant for safety.


The UP-K9U weighs just four ounces and measures 1.75 x 2 x 2.35 inches. The compact dimensions make it easy to carry around, but some users have noted that the shape and ‘bulkiness’ of the design make it difficult to mount in certain countries where the socket has low clearance.


  • Multiple inputs
  • Compatible in different countries
  • Lightweight
  • Safety fuse


Charge devices anywhere in the world without worrying about voltage with the Bestek, an all-in-one travel adapter-BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter and Voltage Convertorcum-converter. The device is able to accomodate the international standard of 100V to 240V, and converts a 220V current to 110V, which is suitable for US devices. It can be used for charging small devices such as smartphones, mobiles, laptops and power banks, but high powered units such as hairdryers should be avoided.

Key Features

Multiple inputs

The Bestek has the most number of inputs compared to the other travel adapters on this list, able to charge seven devices in one go. The inputs consist of four USB charging ports with a combined 6A output, as well as three AC ports. Placement of the ports are strategic and easy to connect to. When charging multiple devices simultaneously, the total wattage should not exceed 200W to prevent overheating.

Worldwide Compatibility

Each unit comes with an EU power cable and three international adapters for the US, UK and Australia. The plugs support outlets in over 150 countries, including Continental Europe, Japan, China and North America.

Converts Voltage

Unlike most basic travel adapter kits, the Bestek allows users to convert power from 90 – 220V to levels safe for US devices, from 110 – 120V, so you don’t have to buy a separate convertor unit.

Safe to use

The Bestek has been NRTL safety tested, with in-built mechanisms to prevent overcurrent, overload and over-heating, in addition to surge and short circuit protection. The USB outputs are also isolated from the AC power to minimise risk. For peace of mind, the unit comes with a 24-month warranty.

High Powered Conversion

The Bestek allows users to quick charge their devices, thanks to a 92 percent conversion rate that ensures effective, energy efficient transfer.

Compact design

At 6 x 3 x 1.57 inches, the unit is fairly compact and includes a five-foot detachable power cable. However, it may not be as convenient as single block adapters, since it comes with separate plugs. The entire unit weighs 1.2 lbs.


  • Converts power
  • Charges up to seven devices
  • Quick charge
  • Safety features


  • Not as compact as some models
  • Heavy

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