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Around the World Attractions & Landmarks Guide

A round-the-world trip is truly one of the most unforgettable travel experiences. Visiting multiple countries and continents, you gain a deep understanding of hundreds of cultures, and forge wonderful connections with people around the world. A small ship or ‘expedition’ cruise is one of the most popular modes of travel for a world trip. Also popular are Overland tours, which many young people opt for, both because of budget and the community style.

How long should you go for?

Your around the world trip should definitely not be much shorter than 1 month. With 1 month to go around the world, you’ll probably stick to one broad region. This is a great way to really learn the nuances and extensiveness of human and geological history and how pronounced they can be in a relatively small area. You’ll also gain a unique insight into fascinating cultural similarities and differences.

Most trips around the world are a bit longer than one month, typically at least between 2 and 4 months. These will usually use a few different modes of travel, including small ship, airline, and train.

The number of countries and continents you’ll visit on your tour around the world varies quite a bit. This will depend largely on how you get from place to place, and the length of excursion allotted for by the itinerary.

How much does a Trip Around the World Cost?

One of the benefits of traveling on a package tour around the world is the cost cutting aspect. At least some of your meals will be covered, as well as a good amount of transportation, and almost all accommodations (this is a very good reason to book a small ship cruise).

In addition, your tour will have many activities planned to explore the culture and history of each destination, as well as enjoy the natural beauty, with hikes and other exciting outdoor ventures. These activities are not always included in the price, which can be a good thing if you’re really not interested and would rather explore on your own for the day.

Typically airfare to and from the start city and ending city to your final destination is not included in the price of the tour, but after that, you can expect to save a lot in expenses.

Some cons to this to consider are: you’ll be around the same group of people for a very extended period, and your ability to be flexible in each destination will be limited. If you want to stay longer or shorter, this isn’t really up to you.

Planning to take a trip around the world on your own is an entirely different ball game. The biggest cost eaters are transportation and accommodation, so you’ll need to consider carefully how you budget for these. Using resources such as couchsurfing, and a willingness to stay in budget hostels will definitely help, however these can get tiresome after a while. Be sure to have a reserve fund for when you just need a break in a private hotel room.

There are certain airlines that offer special round the world tickets, and this is probably the most useful way to book an independent trip around the world – if you have miles to cash in. If not, you’re a bit stuck with the one way ticket route. Try booking smaller airlines and shorter flights to keep costs manageable.

You can also avoid paying too much by sticking to cheaper countries. Consider Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, parts of Africa and South America, and the Caribbean rather than Western and Northern Europe. Everything from accommodations to food will be vastly cheaper.

How to pack for a trip around the world

It’s ironic that for a longer journey, you actually will be better off packing less than more. As you’ll be on the move, you want a lighter suitcase and backpack to deal with. It’s both more comfortable to move, and far easier to store in lockers and under trains.

One major benefit of traveling by cruise when you go around the world is the luxury of only unpacking once, and being able to do laundry on board. You can lock your stateroom so there’s no worry about theft as you roam the boat and enjoy your shore excursions.

Key things to remember:

1. Winter vs Summer weather – it can be easy to forget that your tour may cross hemisphere lines more than once. Because of this you may experience warm highs and very cold lows during your trip. Bring a lot of clothing that can layer easily. Remember that large winter coats take up a lot of room, so try to focus on pieces that help retain heat, but aren’t super bulky.

2. Shoes – Another thing that takes up space in suitcases is footwear. Bring no more than 3 paris, and only 1 that will take up room (such as hiking boots). Women, consider a sturdy pair of sandals that have good support, and ideally closed toed. Many sandals nowadays are designed to be both functional and fashionable, so these can easily double as a “nice” pair of shoes.

3. Dress like a local – The beauty of a trip around the world is the opportunity to visit many far flung places, not always included on itineraries in the interest of time. This also means, you will encounter many different cultures, some with specific expectations of dress. In most Middle Eastern countries, women should make sure to dress conservatively – shoulders covered and have a scarf handy for head covering. This is also a good rule for touring many religious establishments.

Things to Know Before You Go

When considering an around the world tour, determine the regions that are most important to you, and the maximum length of time you’d like to spend traveling.

Packaged tours around the world can be anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months, covering many different themes and regions.

Options for Tours Around the World

There are many options for traveling around the world, but perhaps the most popular is to travel via cruise.

Cruises pose a number of advantages, especially only unpacking once. And you’ll also enjoy personal service, numerous excursions to choose from, meals on board, getting to know your shipmates and making new friends over the course of your journey.

If you get seasick, it might be best to plan a longer cruise, to give yourself enough time to get used to the movement and actually enjoy your trip. The crew on board will be able to help with many remedies. Munching on some crystallized ginger is a wonderful natural solution that has proven very successful.

Overland tours are another popular multi-country travel type, though they aren’t for everyone. This mode of travel is generally most enjoyed by young budget travelers. Overland tours are community focused, meaning that everyone – travelers, guides, drivers alike – pitches in to assist with meals, set-up and break-down of camps, and anywhere else needed.

Travel is mainly in value to premium level coaches, and you’ll be roughing it. Exhilarating for some…extremely uncomfortable for others.

Packing for Your Around the World Tour

Packing for any extended vacation is never easy, let alone a multi-month trip. When traveling around the world, one important factor to keep in mind is the weather. Since you may very well be crossing the equator, the weather will shift from Summer to Winter or Spring to Fall so be prepared!

Bringing lightweight layers and a solid rain jacket – also useful for excursions across the water – is going to be key.

Footwear should be limited to no more than 3 pairs. Bring a good pair of hiking boots or tennis shoes as you’ll probably be walking a lot, over many different surfaces. A pair of beach shoes or sandals will also be essential.

Also consider the many different cultures you’ll be encountering. For exploring Muslim countries, make sure you have some conservative clothing items to wear, and a head covering. Women especially should take care to dress modestly.

When touring many religious establishments as well, make sure shoulders are covered and pants or skirts are below the knee.

If you are traveling on a round the world cruise, this can be a great way to avoid having to unpack and repack constantly. It will also mean you can bring heavier items, perhaps more camera gear or an extra jacket or two.

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