Attending travel trade shows and
conferences is not only time consuming but can be very
costly as well, so choosing which to attend is paramount
to the success of your business.

You cannot attend them all, and nor would you
want to. At we now try and attend the smaller, much more
focused shows where we hope to meet sellers from the emerging
destinations of a country, people you would not normally meet and who often do not have the budget
to attend the world’s largest travel trade shows in Europe or the
Americas, for example.

Some travel trade shows do host buyers, covering
airfares and hotel etc., so it is always worth asking whether that
is an option and how to apply.

Hopefully the below information will help
you to make the right decision about which travel trade shows you should attend
in the future.

For Asia, the ASEAN
Tourism Forum
, or
as it is more commonly known,
is an excellent show to attend, especially as it rotates
between ASEAN countries every year, allowing you to experience the
destinations you are selling. It is also a great way to make
contacts and see old friends at the beginning of the year. This
year it took place in Ha Long, Vietnam and in 2020 will be in
Brunei. In 2021 the ASEAN Tourism Forum will take place in Phnom
Penh, Cambodia – a very exciting destination and definitely
something to look forward to.

The Thailand Travel Mart
Plus (TTM+)
has improved enormously over the years and is now
an excellent show to attend as it is very focused and gives buyers
the opportunity to meet with a wide range of Thai sellers who they would not normally meet.
The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has done an excellent job in turning this event into an
extremely valuable and must attend travel trade show. In 2019,
TTM+ was held at the Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Jomtien, Pattaya.
The venue is perfect for an event of this size as it is close to
three international airports (BKK, DMK and UTP), is by the beach,
there are plenty of hotels within walking distance, and there is
an abundance of nightlife, shopping and places to visit for
delegates to enjoy. If you sell Thailand, you really have to
attend the TTM+.

Thailand Travel Mart (TTM+) 2020 – Exclusive Interview with Chiravadee Khunsub
of TAT and

HD Videos from Thailand Travel Mart Plus (TTM+) 2019.

2019 2019 2019
14-18 January

Tourism Forum

Ha Long, Vietnam
18-20 February AIME Melbourne,
6-10 March ITB Berlin Berlin, Germany
26-30 March LIMA Langkawi, Malaysia
24-27 April ATM Dubai, UAE
15-17 May ITB China Shanghai, China
28-29 May Mekong Tourism Forum Yunnan, China
5-7 June

Thailand Travel Mart +

Pattaya, Thailand
17-23 June Paris Airshow Paris, France
18-20 September PATA Travel Mart Astana, Kazakhstan
24-26 September IT&CMA / CTW APAC Bangkok, Thailand
8-11 October inter airport Europe Munich, Germany
11-13 October

Cambodia Travel Mart

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
16-18 October ITB Asia Singapore
23-25 October HICAP Hong Kong
24-27 October
Tourism Expo Japan
Osaka, Japan
29-31 October IATA AIRS Bangkok, Thailand
30 Oct – 1 Nov ILTM China Shanghai, China
4-6 November
WTM London
London, England
17-21 November  Dubai Airshow Dubai, UAE
2-5 December ILTM Cannes, France
2020 2020 2020
11-15 January ASEAN
Tourism Forum
11-16 February Singapore Airshow Singapore
17-19 February AIME Melbourne, Australia
2-3 March

CAPA MEA Aviation Summit

Amman, Jordan
4-9 March ITB Berlin Berlin, Germany
24-26 March IT&CM China Shanghai, China
22-24 April MeetGB Newport, Wales
4-8 May Mekong Tourism Forum Bagan, Myanmar
13-15 May ITB China Shanghai, China
18-20 May


Belfast, N. Ireland
18-21 May ILTM Asia Pacific Singapore
1-3 June

Thailand Travel Mart (TTM+)

Phuket, Thailand
20-24 July Farnborough Airshow Farnborough, England
22-24 September IT&CMA / CTW APAC Bangkok, Thailand
?-? October

Cambodia Travel Mart

21-23 October ITB Asia Singapore
26-29 October IATA AIRS Vancouver, Canada
5-7 November WTM London, England
2-3 December

CAPA World Aviation
Outlook Summit

London Stansted, England
2021 2021 2021
19-21 January ASEAN
Tourism Forum
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
10-14 March ITB Berlin Berlin, Germany
?-? March LIMA Langkawi, Malaysia
21-27 June Paris Airshow Le Bourget, France
5-8 October inter airport Europe Munich, Germany
?-? October

Cambodia Travel Mart

?-? November WTM London London, England

The Cambodia Travel Mart
takes place in October every year and
attended for the first time in 2019, the third time the event had
taken place. The Kingdom of Cambodia has HUGE tourism potential.
It has some amazing beaches, mountains, jungle and plenty of
architectural wonders – such as Angkor Wat and others. Having said
that, the Cambodia Travel Mart needs to focus more on the B2B
market and get more support from the large international hotel
chains and regional tourism bodies. It is very important that this
event succeeds, as it is far better for overseas buyers and media
to visit Cambodia to attend CTM, than for sellers to travel to an
event overseas and compete for their attention against all the
other destinations. Cheaper too. CTM is still young, and I think
it will grow in the years to come. Should you attend? Definitely,
you will meet sellers that you would never normally meet, and get
to experience the country at the same time.

HD Videos from Cambodia Travel Mart 2019.

2008, Messe Berlin, organisers of the mammoth ITB
Berlin, together with the Singapore Tourism Board, put their full weight behind the inaugural
ITB Asia. Over the years, it has
grown and grown, and continued to grow – at least the events
around ITB Asia has. While all this expansion
may seem like a good
thing, in our eyes – as a media outlet – there is too much going
on, with conferences and seminars covering every imaginable topic
taking place at the same time. We no longer attend ITB Asia, which
takes place annually in Singapore, as
we prefer to attend more focused shows such as TTM+, ATF and CTM.

Another important travel trade show in the
region is
Tourism Expo Japan, formerly known as JATA Tourism Expo. This trade show has the
ambitious aim of becoming the biggest in Asia and with Japan being
such an important outbound market, even with a weak global
economy, then this will always be one of the most important events
on a calendar year. Traditionally JATA and the World Travel Fair,
also in Tokyo, rotated annually. Now they have combined, and a few
years ago they set up an inbound component to the show. This was
very big news, as JATA had always been about the important, and
lucrative, outbound market, and, had pretty much ignored the
inbound. The
Tourism Expo Japan takes place annually in
September, and is a show you should attend. There are many
delegates not just from Japan but also, Asia Pacific and around
the world.

The Mekong Tourism Forum
rotates annually between countries on the Mekong, so from that
perspective it is very interesting to see different cities and
get updates about the local tourism industry in that area. This
event has a lot of potential, but is still trying to figure out
the best format to use. It is not really a travel trade show as
there are no buyers meet seller appointments – a pity perhaps, nor
are there any exhibitors – again a pity, as it would be
interesting to see and meet with small hotels and tour operators
in that area. The MTF is more of a conference to promote
sustainable tourism.

ITB and
WTM, held each year in Berlin and London
respectively, are two of the oldest and still the biggest travel trade shows in the world.
We used to attend both religiously for many, many years, but now, of the
two, only attend the WTM. Make sure you book flights and accommodation well in
advance as both Berlin and London get very busy.

The EIBTM and
IMEX are without a doubt
the best MICE shows in the world, although AIME in
Australia is also a good event aimed at the MICE market.

Arabian Travel Market is an excellent show
if you are interested in selling the Middle
East or attracting customers from the wealthy Middle
Eastern markets. To
make the most of this show try and do sales trips after or before the show
to some surrounding areas such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar,
Abu Dhabi, Bahrain

For luxury, the ILTM
series which started in Cannes but has grown in recent years to
include Japan and China among others, is one of the best.

To add your trade show to the calendar
of events above costs just US$199 per show per year and
includes a direct link which opens in a new tab /
window. Send us an

email to add your show.

Conferences / Seminars /

In addition to the major travel shows listed
above, there are also hundreds, if not thousands, of conferences,
seminars and workshops which cover every topic imaginable.

 These conference-type
events are not dedicated exhibitions – even though they may have a
small exhibition area to increase revenue – instead they tend to have speakers,
panels and discussion groups, and can be very expensive to attend.

 As with anything, some are useful, such as WIT Singapore, but the majority are just pure
money making exercises for the organiser.

 We have attended some,
but they are rarely worth the thousands of dollars that the organiser tries to charge. Some events have so many speakers
that their entire audience is made up of speakers! Plus, a lot of
events pick the same companies and the same ‘experts’, so there is
an awful LOT of repetition going on.

To combat this growing trend, of what is
ultimately competition, a lot of the
leading travel trade shows such as the
ITB Berlin,
ITB Asia,
JATA Tourism Expo,
etc. have conferences attached to the show, some are
official and some not, so do check with the organiser what
conferences are available.

To add your trade show to the calendar
of events above costs just US$199 per show per year and
includes a direct link which opens in a new tab /
window. Send us an

email to add your show.

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