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Im here today to talk to you about a company Im really hyped up about called Momentus.These guys are doing some really awesome shit out here providing last mile services for space transport, implementing new high-efficiency propulsion technologies for inter-planetary travel and shipping, and they’re positioning themselves to be in on the GROUND FLOOR of *Permanent Space Infrastructure* and the permanent space economy. These guys rule. This is the first publicly traded space infrastructure company.

Dont even fucking kid yourself about this: If human beings dont blow themselves into the stone ages, space is *i n e v i t a b l e*. We’re looking at $415Billion in revenue in the space industry currently, with Bank of America projecting the industry to expand upwards of $1.4Trillion in the near future.

As excited as I am about these guys, I’ll do what I can to give you the information I’ve been able to dig up so you can check em out and see if you’re interested. I personally think they have some short term hype potential (which I’ll explain later) but Im buying calls now to lock in a price for this company to eventually exercise and hold for the full trip around the fucking moon

Friends First: Momentus Confirmed Partners

Currently, Momentus has confirmed and active partnerships or provides services to NASA, Lockheed Martin, and our favorite billionaire meme-lord papa Elon via Space X. They are already confirmed to be participating in the (hopefully) January 14th 2021 first-ever ride share rocket launch in partnership with Space X. They’re launching 4 different times with Space X in 2021 including an already-booked full vehicle in December of 2021 so they are already out there making plans and getting shit moving. Besides these big names there are many others they have current accounts and partnerships with including Global Ground Station, Relativity, Albaorbital, and others. And just as a little sugar on top, the President of SpaceX prefers the types of space-tugs offered by Momentus over small rockets (wouldnt mind em giving me a lil space tug myself ifyanowutimsayin)

The Men Behind the Mission

The president and founder of Momentus is a man named Mikhail Kokorich. This guy was born in Siberia and studied physics in Russia where he finished his degree with honors while simultaneously starting a company. He has formed and headed several successful companies starting at age 19 with one that provided explosives and chemical services to Siberian mining companies. After that he founded and ran a chain of domestic merchandise retail stores, second in size only to Bed Bath & Beyond, successfully scaled and sold one of the largest consumer electronic retail chains as well as one of the biggest timber companies in the world.. He finally moved back to his childhood dream of building a space company. The rest of their team includes people with previous experience in aerospace, propulsion, and robotics as well as others. Plus, Mikhail is Russian and they beat the US into space so he’s already got a leg up. Also, Chris Hadfield (the astronaut that did an autistic David Bowie cover from the ISS) is on their Board of Directors, so thats pretty cool.

The Company, The Vision, The Mission

Momentus as a company currently has customers for space transportation services including last mile delivery, payload services that will decrease the costs across the board for launching and developing satellites, as well as fixing those puppies up and refueling them *while they’re in orbit*. They have a proven groundbreaking water propulsion technology that is significantly cheaper than any current offerings, is reusable, and is already working since a successful test flight in mid-2019 thats still going to this day. No pushing the satellite down a hill and turning the camera bullshit here. They put their money where their mouth is and shot that fucker into space just to prove they could, and its still going. Currently they have >$90M of signed contracts and 4 confirmed Vigoride (thats what they’ve named their first model) launches on Space X Flacon-9s. They already have a product roadmap with 3 different models to be offered by 2024 providing both small satellite all the way up to 20,000kg transportation. They will have limited commercial launches starting in the first half of 2021 with full commercial launches going live by Q4 2021. They are compatible with Space X, Blue Origin, GK Launch Services, and Relativity with active launch deals signed with all except Blue Origin currently. They’re also in negotiations for over $1.1B of contracts including with NASA and the US government. Companies like Starlink, Amazon, Apple, and Google already have plans to create their own satellite networks and Momentus is the first in line with proven technology to service all of these future plans with big and long lasting tech players. They have a clear path to profitability and >$1B in EBITDA. Lastly, they’re already looking to the future and working on plans for in-space solar energy generation, water and resource harvesting from asteroids and other planetary bodies, as well as all sorts of other cool sci-fi shit that (I hope) humans will be capable of before Im fucking dead.

TL;DRMomentus is a bleeding-edge space infrastructure and technology company with a successful and passionate founder, a proven currently-in-space revolutionary water propulsion technology, active partnerships with Space X, NASA, and others, and already have good finances and a clear path to profitability and growth. They’re going public via a special purpose acquisition company with an enterprise value of $1.2B which will later be relisted under the ticker $MNTS.

Momentus was founded by a Russian (the first country in space), already has working partnerships with Papa Elon, and wants to build a future where getting to and moving around in space is cheap, renewable, and profitable. This guys are going to the fucking moon and back several times on a tiny, water-propellled 🚀 with or without you, so I’d suggest you grab a seat early and hold on tight

Positions1/21 20c and 25c (ticker-rename and first Space X launch hype)

2/21 20c (to lock in my price, exercise and hold)

edit* Apparently gay mods hate good DD, $1.2bn enterprise value mergers, and the entire possibility for human beings to permanently inhabit space cause they banned the current ticker. Its confirmed for January and it’ll be MNTS then but right now you’ll have to just google Momentus SPAC

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