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Alternative forms[edit]

Proper noun[edit]


  1. (dated) Initialism of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
    • 1951, Atoll Research Bulletin, page 100:

      1966a Exchange of notes between the government of the UKGBNI and the government of the USA concerning the availability for defence purposes of the British Indian Ocean Territory. [] 1966b Exchange of notes between the government of the UKGBNI and the government of the USA concerning the US tracking and telemetry facilities in the island of Mahé in the Seychelles.

    • 1985, Hussey, Christopher M., The Mountain Can Move![1], Dublin: Dunesk Press, page 131:

      The closing period of the second World War saw the huddle of victorious allied vultures taking place in February 1945 in Yalta — the old summer watering hole of the Czarist Court in Russia’s Crimea. Between Roosevelt of the USA, Churchill of the UKGBNI, and Stalin of the USSR, slips of paper were passed around bearing the names of other nations not present.

    • 1991 June 25, Mike Moore, “Flat in Prague (Request for Repost and Info)”, in, Usenet, message-ID <[email protected]>:

      If anybody can recommend a good general history text on the area that can be picked up in the UKGBNI(*) then I will be most grateful. [] * UKGBNI – My abbr.: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

    • 1996 December 16, Seamus, “Re: Compensation”, in, Usenet, message-ID :

      Given that the LEA in question was in breach for at least three years this is a pretty limp response by the HSE. A complaint is on its way to the European Commission about the failure of the UKGBNI government to enforce EU Safety and Health Directives.

    • 1997, Association for Geographic Information, Geographic Information: Exploiting the Benefits: Proceedings of the AGI ’97 Conference Held at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England, 7-9 October 1997, as Part of the GIS 97 in Association with AGI Conference Event, →ISBN:

      Following the Boundary Commissioners Report (HMSO, 1995) the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UKGBNI) was divided into 659 parliamentary constituencies. [] • Creating a map for every constituency in UKGBNI by running a MapBasic program outputting WMF graphics files which were subsequently converted to GIFs by Paint Shop Pro.

    • 1999 January 28, JeffWorks, “Re: “Robot” (First Tom Baker story) locations?”, in rec.arts.drwho, Usenet, message-ID <[email protected]>:

      What’s going on with the Titanic Exhibition in UKGBNI?

    • 1999 June 21, Ken MacLeod, “Re: Arisia & fan lounges”, in rec.arts.sf.fandom, Usenet, message-ID <[email protected]>:

      >…is a name for a political entity (England + Scotland + Wales), not an / >island. Right? Or am I missing something? / > / Yes.  / The island is Great Britain, Grande-Bretagne as distinct from Bretagne (Brittany). The political entity is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain was here before the UKGBNI and will still be here if the UKGBNI is ever dissolved.

    • 2003 February 6, Curt Fischer, “Re: BETA-KAROCHIN versus BETA-KAROTEN”, in sci.lang.japan, Usenet, message-ID :

      > em, they’re Scottish – not British, and you may be surprised to / > learn, many Scottish people take offence to being called British. / > (Media/Press/propoganda thing) / But isn’t Scotland part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? What do you call people from the UKGBNI, if not British?

    • 2003 July 11, Larry G, “Re: Another contrastive focus reduplication”, in alt.english.usage, Usenet, message-ID :

      The name game for the UKGBNI is a no-win situation, lol. I loathe mentioning the name to anyone from there. I don’t want to offend the nationalists or those who are duly proud of their country. In the meantime, these are the same people who refer to us “merkins”. I once made the mistake of calling it an archipelago (which it is) and got corrected for that. It can drive one mad, I tell you, lol. Like when I say “Britain”, I mean the whole UK, though in practice when if I’m talking to a Scot, a Welsh person, or a Northern Irelander I try to use their country if I can avoid any British or UKGBNI terms, just to avoid offending the person.

    • 2005 March 29, J.G.Harston, “Re: O/T British”, in comp.sys.acorn.misc, Usenet, message-ID <[email protected]>:

      > The “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland” would indicate / > that Ulster is separate from ‘Britain’ and therefore its inhabitants are, / ‘Britain’ is different from ‘Great Britain’. Great Britain is the largest of the archipelago of island off the north[-west] French coast called ‘The British Isles’. / And ‘Ulster’ is seperate from ‘Northern Ireland’. Two (three?) counties of Ulster are in the Irish Republic, / Going from largest to smallest: / [] ‘Great Britain’ – the largest of the British Isles. Most of the UKGBNI is in Great Britain, the part made up of the three constutuent parts of England, Scotland and Wales. / ‘Ireland’ – the second largest of the British Isles. The Irish Republic and the part of the UKGBNI that is Northern Ireland are on the island of Ireland.

    • 2013 February 22, Sam Wilson, “Re: OT – US High Speed Rail”, in uk.railway, Usenet, message-ID :

      > And ISO 3166 is silly, anyway. That the codes for the UK are GB and / > GBR is wilfully ignorant, … / No, it’s a recognition that GB and GBR are much more internationally recognisable abbreviations for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland than UK and whatever three-letter abbreviation might be chosen. (Grande-Bretagne, Gran Bretaña, Großbritannien, Gran Bretagna, Groot-Brittannië vs Royaume-Uni, Reino Unido, Vereinigtes Königreich, Regno Unito, Verenigd Koninkrijk etc.) / > … and it was only quite recently that UK was / > reserved so as to avoid the shambles that would have occurred had / > (say) Ukraine been issued UK officially. / I can’t find a history of the ISO 3166 process, but Ukraine has been using UA for years, and the rumour was that they were not using UK for precisely the reason that it might be wanted by UKGBNI.


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