Why book Umrah Packages with Chahal Travels?

Chahal Travels is the new name in travelling
industry which aims at practicing innovative ways to make travel
convenient yet economical for residents of Pakistan. We take pride
in offering our highly professional services along the team of
motivated personnel to assist you in your endeavours. Our focus lies
solely in finding the low airfares, quick visa processing, and hotel
booking in the close proximity of the praying area which makes our
comprehensive Umrah packages more feasible for our clients. We
design as well as customize Umrah packages for the enthusiastic
pilgrims in accordance with their budget and needs. We strive our
best to maintain a network that make your journey stress-free in all

Economy Umrah packages

One does not need irrelevant restraints, both mental and physical when praying at the House of Allah. Our economy package makes you feel lighter, assured and more at peace when you are spending time in the most profound devotion. It is best to have your trip to the Holy Ka’aba be planned by professionals who would keep a check on your overall Umrah experience.

Low cost/Budgeted Umrah packages

Chahal Travels takes extra measures to assure the safe and relaxed travel and accommodation of Umrah pilgrims while they are on their way to the spiritual journey of a lifetime. With us, a low cost Umrah can be a value-added Umrah that not only allows the pilgrim to perform the Umrah essentials but also provide the peace of mind to think of the blessings of Allah in the Sacred Place of Worship. These Budgeted Umrah packages fit the requirements of all who want to visitMecca for Umrah.

I am not sure about how to do Umrah. Could you help me with this?

After you have made your reservations, you can ask your travel agent to forward you our Umrah Guide. Our Umrah guide is a complete manual of the procedure that instructs on how to perform Umrah and helps on every step of the way. Umrah guide is helpful as it provides necessary information in the right sequence – from entering the state of ihram to the cutting of your hair – and details every dua (prayer) that goes along with a certain step.

Could you give me an estimate of the budget that I should keep for meals and other things?

Assuming you do not look forward to fine dining in expensive restaurants, a single meal does not cost more than 15-20 Saudi riyals. To meet the needs of Pakistani clients, we only quote prices of Pakistani restaurants and takeaways in Saudi Arabia. No need to worry about the portion size. Restaurants in Saudi Arabia serve in larger portions as compared to restaurants in Pakistan.

The cost of three standard meals and water bottles can reach as far as 50 Saudi riyals (per day). For a 10 day stay, keep 500-550 riyals for just that. Keep at least 375 riyals for souvenirs like dates, toys, and clothing. Garments and toys can be had for a lot less if you browse cheap Pakistani stores and flea markets.

Which are some of the low-cost restaurants in Makkah and Madinah?

Most Pakistanis prefer to eat at the Abraj al Bait shopping mall in the Kingdom Clock Tower. The third floor of the mall houses a large-scale food court with plenty of options to choose from like Burger King, or the famous Faisalabad Restaurant which attracts Pakistanis and Saudis alike. The Ibrahim Khaleel Road offers a variety of restaurants that are not at all expensive. Al Baik Restaurant is well-known for its continental cuisine and the quality of its food.

Al Baik Restaurant has another flourishing branch in Madinah characterised by a variety of dishes, large portion sizes, and affordable rates. Al Baik is conveniently located on King Faisal Road in Madinah. Abu Khalid Restaurant on Al Siteen Road and Broast Express on Abu Baker Seddik Road are other affordable options.

What is biometric verification and is it compulsory for Umrah pilgrims?

Commonly known as the fingerprint verification system, the biometric system keeps a precise record of every Umrah pilgrim. Recently introduced, in effect since February 2018, biometric verification is made compulsory by the Saudi Embassy and only children under 12 and adults over 70 are exempt from this rule. Get your biometric verification done from the nearest Eitmad office (offices only in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi). Biometric verificationis not free and will cost around 600 rupees.

How long will it take to process my Umrah visa?

There is no limit set to the time it will take to process an Umrah visa. The standard procedure takes 4 to 5 days. But it can take as long as 2 to 3 weeks if there are complications in the matter. To save time, make sure that your documents are in order and nothing is missing. Get your biometric verification done in advance as this saves time as well.

How do I split my days between Makkah and Madinah?

The most common practice is to split your stay in half. Say you are planning a stay of 10 days; this leaves you with 5 days in Makkah and 5 in Madinah. If the stay is extended, you can stay 4 nights in Makkah, 5 nights in Madinah, and return to Makkah for 2 more days. This is common among those who are departing from Jeddah Airport.

A more traditional approach is to spend 8 nights in Madinah and 2 days in Makkah. The stay is planned in this way so as to allow for the 40 prayers at Masjid Nabwi.

Umrah-A Holy Pilgrimage:

Umrah is to perform lesser pilgrimage at any given
time of the year except from 9th to 13th Zil-Hajj. Pilgrims set off
by getting themselves in state of Ihram from Miqaat and go the Holy
Place of Kaaba, perform Tawaf, pray two rakat at Muqam-e-Ibrahim and
then perform Saee between Safa and Marwa. Moreover, for a person who
has the finances and other means to travel to Makkah Al Mukarramah,
Umrah is Sunnah Moakaddah (must).

When is the best time to perform Umrah?

While planning to perform a lesser pilgrimage, the
first thing is to decide at what time of the year you want to travel
from your country. Owing to the religious significance of months in
Islamic Calendar, the first half of Ramadan is highly recommended.
Other than that, Rabi-Ul-Awal and Shabaan are considered as peak

On the contrary, off-season would be the most
appropriate time for budget-wise travellers to perform Umrah i.e.
right after Hajj in the months of Muharram and Safar. Subsequently,
booking in advance with a proper strategy in mind might help you in
scoring the best deal possible.

In spite of all the facts stated above, also keeping
in view the different pocket sizes but passion to perform the holy
pilgrimage, Chahal Travel musters up all its capacity to assist you
in tailor-made Umrah package in accordance with your needs and

Which airlines operate Umrah flights between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia?