Should you Be Trapped in a windless land walkthrough and rewards
Should You Be Trapped in a Windless Land is a Story Quest in Genshin Impact. Learn how to unlock this Quest and where it is found, as well as its rewards and a full walkthrough for completing the Quest.

Quest Type Story Quest
Location Mondstadt, Mondstadt



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Reach Adventure Rank 36

At the feet of the Anemo Archon Statue in the plaza in front of Mondstadt Cathedral, you and Paimon discover a little girl playing with her imaginary friend…

Quest Objectives

  • Head to a certain spot in the Anemo God Statue Plaza
  • Check in with Flora
  • Go see Timmie
  • Drop in on the adults in the tavern
  • See how Ellin is doing
  • Destory all the training dummies
  • Talk to Ellin
1 Head to the location in front of the Cathedral.
2 Venti Quest_Flora.jpg

Talk to Flora at the Flower Shop.
3 Venti Quest_Timmie.jpg

Talk to Timmie at the bridge of Mondstadt.
4 Head over to the back of the tavern.
5 Venti Quest_Ellin.jpg

Talk to Ellin at the back of the Knights of Favonius headquarters.
6 Destroy all the training dummies on the training ground.
7 Venti Quest_Ellin.jpg

Talk to Ellin again.

While investigating imaginary friends with Venti, Ellin asked you to search for the adventurer Jack within the Temple of the Lion. It seems he is traveling together with the legendary adventurer, Stanley.

Quest Objectives

  • Head to the Temple of the Lion
  • Look for Jack and Stanley
  • Rescue Jack and Stanley
  • Complete the Domain
1 Venti Quest_Temple of the Lion.jpg

Travel to the Temple of the Lion.
2 Venti Quest_Temple of the Lion Door.jpg

Enter the Domain The Great Adventurer.
3 Progress through the Domain until you encounter Jack and Stanley.
4 Defeat the enemies.jpg

Defeat the enemies and speak to Jack and Stanley.
5 Leave the Domain by completing it.

Jack wants to search for Stanley’s old weapons in secret, as they are the sword and shield passed down from the Lion of the South, and thus fascinate Jack greatly.

Quest Objectives

  • Search for the Sword and Brilliant Valor
  • Defeat the hilichurls conducting a ritual
  • Retrieve the Sword of Brilliant Valor
  • Seek the Shield of Magnificent Honor
  • Cut a deal with the hilichurl
  • Defeat the attacking hilichurl
1 Travel to the marked location in Dadaupa Gorge.
2 Check the Hut for the Sword.jpg

Check the Hilichurl hut to find the Sword of Brilliant Valor.
3 Defeat the Hilichurls.
4 Hilichurl with Shield.jpg

Head to the nearby locattion to find the Shield of Magnificent Honor.
5 Hilichurl Negotiation.jpg

Talk to the Hilichurl and convince it to give you the shield. You will need to pick the right choices to make sure you you do not anger it and have to defeat it.

Jack returns home satisfied after a round of adventure. But Venti finds Stanley’s behaviour odd, and decides to investigate further…

Quest Objectives

  • Wait for night to fall (18:00-23:00)
  • Head to the Angel’s Share
  • Sit behind Stanley
  • Try to make a conversation with Stanley
  • Head to the “usual place”
1 Time and the Wind_Time.jpg

Wait until 18:00 – 23:00 to start this quest. You can also adjust the in-game time in the menu.
2 Venti Quest_Angels Share.jpg

Go to Angel’s Share in Mondstadt.
3 Head to Stanley’s table.
4 Mondstadt Archon_Statue.jpg

Meet with Venti at the “usual place”, on the hand of the Statue of Barbatos in front of the Cathedral.

How to Destroy the Dummies.jpg
The easiest way of destroying the training dummies is to deal damage to each of the dummies until all their health is low. Once they are low enough you can use an area of effect attacks like Amber’s Explosive Puppet.

Negotiate with Hilichurl.jpg
When trying to get the shield from the Hilichurl you will need to choose the right answers to make sure it does not end up fighting you.

The correct choices are:

  • Vin plata dada!
  • Please take this Sweet Flower I picked.
  • Venti sing song, you give shield, okay?

Mondstadt Archon_Climb.jpg

The usual place can be tough to get to. You can climb to the top of the Knights of Favonius headquarters and glide onto the hand of the statue.


Mondstadt Archon_Sit.jpg

Sitting on the Anemo Archon statue’s hand will get you the achievement Beloved of the Anemo Archon.

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