Everyone in our team sincerely lit idea, are passionate about their work and really wants to make this world a more beautiful

Oleg Gaponyuk
Founder of AirPano project

Born in 1970. Currently lives in Moscow, Russia. I graduated from State Nuclear Research Institute “MEPhI” (Moscow Institute of Engineering and Physics) with major in engineering and applied mathematics. My hobbies include photography (especially photo panoramas), skiing, windsurfing, kiting, scuba diving, playing guitar and a keyboard, PocketPC, computers, jokes, tequila and world travel… I am ready to travel to the other side of the world for a good picture. My sense of humor helps me see fun and unique side of every situation; and I won’t even mention the degree in which tequila helps me!

My photographs are available for viewing here and here.

Andrey Zubetz

1962 – 2015. One of the founder of AirPano project.

He graduated from Saint Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television. Loved photography, computer technologies and designing new gadgets. One of the pioneers of panoramic photography, especially in spherical panoramas. Published a series of articles in Russian to promote this unique photography style on the edge of fine art and technology.

Sergey Semenov

Born in 1983. My first conscious acquaintance with photography happened in 2003, when a simple digital 1.3Mp hand-held camera landed in my hands. I was highly impressed with the fact that a photo appeared on a screen right away! After that I became a fan of photography and dedicated all my spare time to it. I graduated with honors in International Economy, and spent 7 years working as an economist in International Business Affairs field. However, the crisis changed everything for me: my office file turned into home and travels; my business suit turned into a fleece jacket; my leather case became a camera bag; my office notebook transformed into a desktop computer with two enormous screens; and Excel and SAP software got replaced with Adobe Photoshop 😉 I joined AirPano.com to share my photographs with those who can’t travel due to different reasons.

You can find my photos here and here.

Dmitry Moiseenko
Photographer, traveller

Born in 1966 in Kaliningrad (Konigsberg) near Baltic sea. Like many others before me, I started my career in photography in a middle school photo studio. I shot with “Smena 8М” camera, kept my photo enlarger in the bathroom and took part in regional school photo contests.
I left Konigsberg, the most Western city of Russia, and moved to the capital to study Bio Chemistry in one of Moscow universities; later on I also graduated from an International Law school.
Koyaanisqatsi, the movie by Godfrey Reggio, became a turning point for me. At that moment I thought that these incredible and extremely beautiful landscapes were shot all over the world… And so I promised myself to see them all with my own eyes.
I spent 2002 and 2003 working for NTV broadcasting company, running “Journey To Far Away” TV show. Running a business was easy comparing to what I had to do for the show: I was a travel planner, a videographer, an anchor, a journalist, a video editor, a scriptwriter, and a host, telling stories about my travel adventures for the audience on air!

You can find some of my photos here.

Mike Reyfman

Born in 1961 in Kharkov, Ukraine. I graduated the Art College, specialization — portrait, then graduated the architectural faculty of the Institute. 
The first my teacher was the father who was in love with photography.
During the period of Perestroika together with the partners I founded a small printing business which then was transformed into the largest printery in Eastern Ukraine. The need in a creative self-expression, the ardor for photography and travels “to the ends of the earth” finally won and, having left the beneficiary business, I could drastically change my life. It was a complicated but well-timed and right decision.
Together with my wife Margarita we opened and are efficiently developing the advertising agency. My publications appeared in photo and travel magazines. I began to take part and win in the international contests and exhibitions.
I travel much, organize and lead photo-expeditions for the people like me addicted to photography.
Author’s site: www.mikereyfman.com.

Max Guzovsky
Photographer, diver

Born in Russia, Ural, Ekaterinburg (Sverdlovsk) in 1972. Graduated from Moscow State University as an engineer-geologist, hydrogeologist. My travelling, motorcycle, active sports and diving hobbies were bonded with photography. The acquaintance began with the Smena 8 camera, that belonged to my father. It became a working tool of a geology student and introduced me to the photo-magic of the film development smell in the lab, nights, spent with my friends in the red twilight and the miracle of the picture appearing in the development bath.
After the black & white Smena came the Pentax and color, and the digital revolution arose with the Kodak DC50 in 1997 with the resolution of only 0.4 megapixels as a business tool for taking photo samples for catalog items. In 2002 when the Canon 60D DSLR camera came into the world of art photography, the film went away.

Since then the “arms race” changed photography beyond recognition and happily settled in the cellular phone sphere. Nevertheless, the beauty of the still moment of life, nature and light effects dazzles even more and now you can see this magical world from the air and the ocean depths. Digital photography revealed to me vast technical decisions and allowed to make panoramas for AirPano in a bathyscaph 300 meters deep and in antigravity also. What’s next? Only the best from AirPano. Some of my latest travel photos I publish here.

Ádám Plézer

I am an economist working in Brussels for an international organization. I have been living here for almost fourteen years, but as a native Hungarian I fly to Hungary almost every single weekend. I have always liked photography in all its forms, but last year finally I found what really is for me: aerial photography with a drone. The very first spark was given when I was searching for pictures about Raja Ampat in the internet, and I saw a picture from AirPano. I thought to myself, how cool would it be if I learned to make this specialty of photography? So this is how I ended up learning to fly a drone.
My main motivation in photography is to see the world from above, and to photograph my favourite places, and also places which are very remote, hard to access. I have still a lot of places and projects in mind and I do hope to realize them in the near future so that I can share the results with you through AirPano and also my own website.
You can find some of my photos here.

Sergey Shandin
Photographer, video-operator

Born in 1973. First took an interest in photo technique when I was 3 years old. It was my grandfather who taught me how to put a film in a camera in a dark room and take my first pictures. Since then I have changed a lot of cameras, but I am still interested in both new and old technique. I have a small camera collection, some devices are older than me.I graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University with a degree in “Optical equipment for scientific research”. Having worked in different fields, I finally chose photography because of the opportunity to observe something new and meet outstanding and interesting people. Since 2002, I have been teaching photography in photo schools of Moscow. For around two decades have been working as a freelance photographer. Collaborated with “Gazprom”, “Sibur”, “NTV Plus”, ABBYY, Nestle, AGA, different publishers, magazines and advertising agencies. Over the last few years, I have started organizing photo-trips to different beautiful corners of our planet. I love to observe life in its various expressions and capture them.I love travelling and photography, so that’s why I joined AirPano team in 2014.Some of my photos you can find on my website Picto.ru, while my latest travel reports I publish here.

Varvara Panina
Project manager

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1994. Received education in the field of publishing industry. Apart from traveling and photography passion, which unites all members of AirPano, my interests lie in sincere art and literate Russian language.
Joined AirPano in 2013. Since then I manage the website: for example, I combine panoramas in virtual tours and prepare other content for publishing, communicate with numerous clients and visitors of our website, look after YouTube channel and I also participate in organizing the work process. My tasks may change, but the mission always remains the same — to give anyone the opportunity to take a virtual travel to the most interesting places on Earth.

Anastasia Barinova

Born in 1967 in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and studied in Leningrad State University, the Faculty of Philology. In the 1990-ies, I got acquainted with Oleg Gaponyuk through one of the online playgrounds. Already then he was involved in the photography activity and needed some texts to describe the pictures, so I started writing them. Thus, by 2006 when AirPano was founded, the project had already had the writer and editor. Certain life circumstances have occurred since then (for example, I moved to Belgrade in 2014), but the essential elements have remained the same: the family, music, travellings, computer games and, certainly, AirPano. I carry on checking and editing descriptions for the shooting process written by our photographers and creating original texts telling about captured places and events.

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